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Godzilla (Shin) vs. Ultraman Orb
It is the last thing you would expect the capital of Japan to be. It was not natural for a metropolis like Tokyo to be as silent as the reaper itself. It was the new norm for the country’s centre of all operations after a terrible catastrophe. Its population, reduced in number after the incident, took extreme care in their day-to-day activities, respecting the entity that owned the capital. Tokyo was a city governed by fear, denied the chance to repair and grow in the wake of disaster, for its own protection, for it lived in the shadow of a fallen god.
The crimson devil known as Godzilla.
The creature’s frozen body towered over districts and blocks, blotting out the sun as it cast a shadow of despair and terror across the land. Its motionless image was no less terrifying to those who had seen the destruction it had wrought first-hand. It was amazing how such a titan of impossible origins and power had been stopped by the brave people of Japan, a
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The Warrior and the King Teaser 3
Booming thunder and howling winds sounded as Ultraman ascended through the dark clouds. Bolts of lightning zapped his shimmering form, useless in deterring the warrior’s flight. At last, the clouds gave way to an empty void, peppered with specks of light. The vastness of space greeted the interstellar defender as he left the comfort of Earth’s atmosphere. Raw solar energy engulfed Ultraman’s form, recharging his celestial power. With this time, Ultraman observed the blue planet below him. This was not the first time that he had seen the Earth like this, but the beauty of the sight still remained to this day. Many religions believed in a higher power, watching over the planet and its people with love and compassion. Despite the power he wielded, Ultraman was no god. He has been born with the power of light, but the warning light on his chest was a constant reminder of his mortality and the goal of peace that his kind strived for.
Ultraman and his kin had been wa
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