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Saint Tail

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I remember watching the show while in China! SU-WEET!

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Very beautiful!!! ^__^

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Waow this is so extremly beautiful! Love the nightsky and Saint Tail is so cute and sneeky!

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my word you're way too good at this, these are all amazing
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It's so beautiful Erio Touwa Smile Emote 
Saint Tail is the best! ^__^
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Saint Tail ^____^ <3
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Really cute:3 I love Saint Tail
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ooohhh, cute. I liked the manga and anime!
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a very nice Pic. Keep it up! 
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So much pretty:)
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Wow. pretty neat!
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I love it *-* & that sky... <3
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omg i love this anime i was watching it yesterday (again for like the 5th time <3 i have no life Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Whew Sigh) [V3] )
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Oh wow! I remember this anime! This is a great pic :)
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Wow, I haven't seen Saint Tail in a long time!
great job!
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Ah, Saint Tail! It was one of the first-ever mangas I've ever read and completed. It's definitely a part of my childhood. ^^

And she looks really cute here! :D I also like the background. ^^

Great job! :D
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Woah, this is nice! I never heard of Saint Tail before.
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Dude, this was my show when I was 12. I was all over Saint Tail. I got it on VHS and watched it over and over and over again.

Thank you for the nostalgia. :heart: 
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