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Perdido the pirate by Mo-fox Perdido the pirate by Mo-fox
Updating some characters for my pirate story. Working on final characters, designs, and such. Perdido is staying in, as far as I know. He at least has a design now.

Pray, just pray. That’s all he knew. Words and nonsensical phrases uttered from Perdido’s mouth. His eyes welled with tears. He could hear the riots outside, the buildings burning. The windows were orange with the flames, the only light that could be seen.
Perdido gasped with more prayers, his eyes falling to the only god statue left standing, a tall man with long, sweeping wings wrapped around him. He held a sword. the god of war, the only god left. Could he not only start but stop wars?
“This is a really bad place to be right now,” a female voice cracked the air from the back of the church.
Perdido looked back at a witch with nearly glowing green eyes. 
“Who-“ Perdido shook.
“Captain Wolf, a pirate ship captain who is here to save you. Apparently one of your gods is listening. I could use that,” Wolf said and walked over. “There are some small idols I have on the ship that weren’t selling. Some of them look like these.” She walked over to the failed statues and picked one of the faces up.
“What? A pirate but-“ Perdido flinched as the church began to fall behind him.
“Come on, I’m here to save you.” Wolf held her hand out to the male.
Perdido looked at her and slowly moved his hand to hers.

Name: Perdido
Gender: Male
Species: Avain
Position on the Ship: Second Gunman
Info: Perdido surprisingly settled well on the ship. Wolf had been the one who found he was at least half decent at shooting a gun. He does not always like confrontation, but has grown used to it.
Perdido is fluent in feather speech, the language of the Avians, and can always be heard praying to his many gods and goddesses around the ship for luck, fortune, good health, and safety. He cares deeply for his shipmates and is never afraid to help them out.
Perdido is very clumsy, however, his oversized wings almost always have spills on them or something caught in them. As much as he tries to keep them tucked away, he can’t help but knock into things and knock things over.

Perdido and all of the other pirates are all characters in a book I am writing, of which I plan on publishing. I will not be giving out too much information on the characters or story until after I have successfully published the book.

Art and character is mine, do not use without permission.

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