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Corrion Pirate full body ref by Mo-fox Corrion Pirate full body ref by Mo-fox
One of the characters who keeps changing personalities, Corrion. I think I like him fine like this though...

The barrel fell over as the young Fire Elemental ran through the alley way. He panted, holding his final throwing knife close. One knife wasn’t enough for four pursuers, two of which tripped over the fallen barrel. At least, that’s what he heard, he refused to check back behind him.
“He’s heading to the dead end!” One man shouted.
Dead end? Not if Corrion had anything to say about that. His free hand lit in fire. He continued forward and soon saw the wall. He nearly froze. That was a wall, not the wooden fence he had expected. Of all the alley ways he could have run down, he had to choose the only one that had a wall.
There was a sudden yell. Corrion’s eyes flew behind him, finally. A blue pulse had just dissipated against the building and all four men were unconscious.
“Quite the skills,” a witch with burning green eyes walked over to Corrion, her long ash hair swaying behind her. “I could use you on my ship. My name is Wolf, Pirate of the nameless fleet.”

Name: Corrion
Gender: Male
Species: Fire Elemental
osition on the Ship: Second swordsman
Info: Corrion is a skilled swordsman, loving his two handed broad sword to any other blade. He is known to carry at least ten throwing knives with him at all times, however. He is a dangerous shipmate if he is a stranger, but luckily he’s friendly to the rest of the crew. 
Corrion loves to play with fire, and his longest game with his flames, is attempting to light his broadsword on fire to fight with it. He always stops and listens to Wolf, however, though it some times seems to be more out of fear than respect to her as a captain.

Corrion and all of the other pirates are all characters in a book I am writing, of which I plan on publishing. I will not be giving out too much information on the characters or story until after I have successfully published the book.

Character and art are mine.

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June 11, 2017
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