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Collie prate full body ref
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The pacifist who is on the ship against her will. She is the only design I don't like by can't fix either... Oh well.

Collie stood strongly against the pirate crew in front of her.
“You’re not going to fight?” A half-shapeshifter challenged, grinning at Collie. 
“No, Violence goes against my beliefs.”
The female gave a loud laugh at the idea. “Violence? Come on! It’s so much fun!” She smiled more.
“Alala, let’s not spill any more blood, now,” the Captain spoke as she walked forward. Her nearly glowing eyes looked into Collie’s.
Collie recoiled slightly, seeing the woman was a witch, and not one her white witch powers could defend against. 
“Your ship is sinking, ma’am,” the Captain spoke calmly. “Why are you staying so calm?”
“I’ll die before I let a pirate get what they want.”
“What we want is all ready on the ship,” Alala piped up from the back. “Looks like you’ll have to defend it there.”
The Captain looked back at her first mate. “There’s a thought… We could use a woman like her.”
Collie opened her mouth to protest before a hand was pressed over her mouth. She looked back  to see the green eyes of a warlock. 
“Got her!” the male called.
“Good, now, don’t hurt her, Bel, but let’s bring her to the ship.” The Captain smiled once more at Collie before she turned and led the way back to the dark, small ship.

Name: Collie
Gender: Female
Species: White witch
Position on the Ship: Navigator
Info: Collie still feels as though she is a prisoner on the ship. She does not like, nor does she trust Wolf. She fears the witch, however, and keeps her nose clean around her.
Collie refuses to fight and hates the idea of violence. She and Alala are almost constantly at odds becasue of this fact. She finds the Half-shapeshifter lesser and disgusting. 
Collie is a kind soul, though, and has become an unofficial medic on board, caring for the wounded shipmates as they come to her. She cares for the younger members of the crew and always finds herself patching them up after a raid.
Collie and all of the other pirates are all characters in a book I am writing, of which I plan on publishing. I will not be giving out too much information on the characters or story until after I have successfully published the book.

Character and art are mine.

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