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Captain Wolf -full body Ref- by Mo-fox Captain Wolf -full body Ref- by Mo-fox

No ship is complete without its captain! And what better Captain than Wolf? She's a good, strong Captain who has some magic powers to help her crew.

The sea breeze pushed against the sails of the dark colored ship, a figure at its helm. Her bright green eyes swept over the empty waters, and she couldn't help but smile at the clear skies. This was her life, a dream realized. Her young crew hurried around her in a bustle, preparing for the long journey. Nothing was left undone. Laughter, talking, and some off tune singing filled the air around the Captain as the chores were completed. It was perfect.

Name: Wolf
Gender: female
Species: Witch
Position on the Ship: Captain
Info: despite having a young, and relatively new crew, Captain Wolf and her pirates have no issue in their profession. She speaks about her profession as if she had been doing it for centuries. (which is impossible, as she looks no older than 25.)
As a witch, Wolf is very adept at magic, able to pull of complex spells, enough to mask the entire ship for a quick get away. She isn't one for gloating, however, and only uses magic as it is needed.
Wolf is known for her fair judgement on everyone. She is never the first to draw a blade, nor the first to attack any ship that acts peaceful, or is merely a traveling ship. She holds life in high regard, and even during fights, she tends to avoid killing unless she sees the person deserves it. Her entire crew (minus Collie and Leon) were people she rescued from dangerous situations or life styles. Her promise to keep them safe on her ship has never faltered, and they continue to live there, knowing they are safe.

Wolf and her pirates are all characters in a book I am writing, of which I plan on publishing. I will not be giving out too much information on the characters or story until after I have sucessfully published the book.

Art and character are mine.

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