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Alala pirate full body ref by Mo-fox Alala pirate full body ref by Mo-fox
No story is complete without a cat girl, right? Wait, that's only Anime? Well, looks like one is stuck in the middle of the ocean, too. Alala is the first mate of Wolf's ship and is another character I absolutely love.

Alala jumped back and away from the strong female. She panted as she stared into the green eyes of the witch. She was certainly skilled with a sword. More so than so many others she had met. Even from her clan of warriors, she had never met her match so well. 
The witch smiled at Alala. “Have I proven myself yet?” she asked calmly, her sword slowly falling to her side.
“Yeah, in a fight, but I still ain’t convinced about joining you,” Alala grinned.
“No?” The witch blinked. “May I ask what you have left to go back to?”
Alala paused and looked back at the forest she had ben exiled from from breaking laws. “I have enough…” Alala spoke before she heard the witch walk closer.
“I want to give you a place to go,” the witch spoke, her voice welcoming. 
“Putting a cat on a Pirate ship?” Alala laughed. “Just how crazy are you?”

Name: Alala
Gender: Female
Species: Half-Shapeshifter
Position on the Ship: First Mate
Info: Alala is a strong headed female who’s first answer is to fight and ask questions later. She has the skills to match her mentality, though. She has undeniable skill in both sword play and hand to hand. Her cat-like abilities from her Shape shifter half, gives her agility and balance that helps her fight everywhere and any style. 
Alala comes from a clan of Half-shapeshifters of the feline variety. All of them were skilled and trained warriors, proud of their strength. Alala was working her way to becoming their leader when she broke laws by fighting out of line with the alpha, never making an official declaration of take over. She was exiled, and after a week of living on her own, she was invited to live on Wolf’s ship.
Alala was given the position of First mate quickly, and found it pointless to fight Wolf on becoming the Captain, respecting the witch and her natural leader abilities. She learned that she loved the sea, despite being a cat.
ince her years on the ship, Alala has helped Wolf rescue others and found places for them on the ship, and even has learned how to be a better leader in the process.

Alala and all of the other pirates are all characters in a book I am writing, of which I plan on publishing. I will not be giving out too much information on the characters or story until after I have successfully published the book.

Character and Art are mine.

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