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Bular vs The Ultimate Predator
Bular from Trollhunters vs The Ultimate Predator from The Predator 2018. I would love to imagine this fight. A troll vs a alien, Who will win?
Long ago, there in a magical land,there are five gods that ruled the land, they're leader gods was the Worldsoul and her four gods Kellel the sun god, Dinanna the mother god of earth, Atmahn the shadow god. Together they bring peace to Metru Nui a beautiful land between humans, cybertronian, ponies, kaijus, and many more, It holds six lands, Equestria, Tau Volantis, the Wastelands, Iacon City, Mustafar, and Monster Land. The gods bring joy and happiness to the land everyone was happy, or it seems, one have other plans. In the land of Mordor is ruled by Zak the Shadow of Morgoth and leader of the Dark Kaijus, alone he created a evil essence his son name Aku, he gather orcs from the land and resurrected the dead orcs to life, he has allied himself with the Precursors to serve him. The Worldsoul and her Trinity face against Zak. Zak was stronger than the gods, he murder the Worldsoul, the Triniyty retreated and later they had a meeting with the High Council talking about how to stop him, they can't defeat Zak, he's more powerful than any of them, they had no choice but to fight him. Now Dinanna challenge Zak, Aku just watch as his father battle against the god of earth. He was powerful he broke her lasso and blast her to oblivion. Atmahn also face against the demon, two dark gods but there can only be one dark god. Zak battle against the dark beast, he took out his soul and his body died, Zak laugh that he is the true dark god. Kellel was the next to join the brave, the sun god was stronger than him but Zak was unbeatable, he hold out a kryptonite dagger and stabbed him in the chest, his only words to him was "I rise, you fall." Kellel the sun god was dead. The High Council was shock in fear to hear that Kellel, Dinanna, and Atmahn have fallen. The High Council were shock in fear and don't know what to do. They need help, and so a group called the Monster Force being lead by Gojira king of the monsters battle against Zak and his army. Victory was close, but he cannot be denied. Gojira battle against Zak, later on, Gojira unleashed all of his power and blasted Zak, it wasn;t enough. Gojira than transform into a new form, he became a Super Kaiju, no one have seen or heard of a Super Kaiju for thousands of years, Gojira battle against Zak with that awesome power. Then...Zak the enemy of Metru Nui was defeated. Gojira bring peace to the land, when they need him the most, he vanish. Even Aku got away and Zak minions still remain, they still bring destruction to the land. Now the Monster Force is still there to protect, one side must win and yet the battle continue... 

5,000 years later... a young kaiju boy name Godzilla Junior hoping he'll protect the humans from evil, even his big brother Minilla now became the new Godzilla 2014, he is now the new leader of the Monster Force. The members are Kong, Godzilla best friend, George the albino gorilla, Ralph the flying wolf squirrel, Lizzie the hungry crocodile, and Venom the symbiote creature. Now all six of them sworn to protect and save the world from the evil Dark Kaijus. A beautiful day Godzilla Junior relax the day and he see something coming.

Godzilla Junior- Who goes there?
Godzilla- You dare stand against me, little brother?
Godzilla Junior- Of course I damn dare you. (laugh) It's good to see you again, Minilla!
Godzilla- Ah, you too. And you are doing good on your fighting pose. How about we go home, back to the village.
Godzilla Junior- Sure!

They head back to the Sandover Village, where only humans and magical creatures live together, Godzilla walked to this skull house and knock on the door.

Kong- No thank you, I don't want any trouble guest in my house here.
Godzilla- And what about very old friends?
Kong- Godzilla?
Godzilla- Kong, my old friend. It's been a while.
Kong- Oh, Godzilla, welcome back! Welcome! Oh, have you heard of the festival? I got tickets for me and Junior and the others.
Godzilla- Hmm, sounds fun.
Kong- I'll go tell the others that your back.


George- What? Godzilla is back? That's good!
Ralph- Gosh, it's good to see him again. He must have a long trip.
Lizzie- Godzilla should do his atomic breath again. His is the best.
Godzilla- Hey guys!
Godzilla- Wow, it's great to see you guys again. Hmm? Oh, hey Venom.
Venom- Godzilla, it's good to see you again. Hell, it's been a while since I train your baby brother Goji.
Godzilla- Really?
Godzilla Junior- It's true, I was training with Master Venom and he teach me.
Godzilla- Well good for you, kiddo. Let's go to the festival.

They talked and talked about how they been doing after 2 years. Kong studying and been training and George, Ralph, and Lizzie were destroying enemies. Godzilla laugh to hear the incredible stories. They all sat down and ate.

Godzilla Junior- So where you been? And what have you been doing?
Godzilla- Well, I was training with my teacher, a good teacher name Itassis, one of the Ten Terrors, and reformed. It all started I I seeking a teacher to go deep in the mountains, and there she was Itassis is more like a sphinx.
Godzilla- Um, excuse me, or you Itassis?
Itassis- Of course I am, Minilla, or should I call you Godzilla.
Godzilla- Um, Godzilla. I'm suppose to be training by you, was it?
Itassis- Yes, indeed. But I must tell you, there is great evil will rise.
Godzilla- What do you mean?
Itassis- The Dark Kaijus are growing and evil across the land are growing powerful. If you want to save this land, you must become a Super Kaiju.
Godzilla- That's impossible. A Super Kaiju? My great great great grandfather Gojira was the first kaiju to become a Super Kaiju, and it never came back to him again. It's been years and not even a kaiju become a Super Kaiju.
Itassis- But it can, a kaiju like you will become that hero.
Godzilla- But how?
Itassis- It takes time, unless I teach you your skills. I will teach you the Kaio-Ken attack.

Days turn into months, Godzilla been training with Itassis. He's been meditating and he try harder and harder to fight and he master the Kaio-Ken atttack.

Godzilla- And She teach me the Kaio-Ken Attack.
George- Kaio-what?
Godzilla- The Kaio-Ken attack is a special attack, super speed, you become a super self. But you need to get the job done or it will damage every bone in your body.
Itassis- Well done, Godzilla. You master the Kaio-Ken attack, but you must hurry finish it, if not, the power will damage your body.
Godzilla- Of course, Itassis. I understand. With this new technique, I will make it done quick.
Kong- You mean it can kill you?
Godzilla- Almost, but not really, I'll get some cramps.
Venom- I've been training Godzilla Junior at Geyser Island.
Venom- Godzilla Junior, you need to learn to control your temper.
Godzilla- Just shut the hell up and teach me.
Venom- Still stubborn. Here I come!
Godzilla Junior- Stop blocking!
Venom- Focus! You need to control yourself, if Godzilla is gone, who will protect you when your alone?
Godzilla Junior- RRAAGH!!!
Venom- Goji! Stop!
Godzilla Junior- I'm sorry, but this rage is out of control.
Venom- I guess we're done for today.

Venom fighting Godzilla Junior, he can't control his rage. He was growing stronger.Venom was surprise and he was glad Junior Godzilla done well, but he need to control, his rage.

Venom- Almost 5 months of training, and your still pissed.
Godzilla Junior- Venom I--
Venom- Don't, it's okay. Sometimes the young ones are always angry. Even the elders, they don't need the rage. But calm and will is strong.
Godzilla Junior- Even the great evil Zak is filled with rage.
Venom- Zak has no anger, no love, no fear, only hatred. That's what makes him stronger.
Godzilla Junior- I see. The hatred is darker and stronger. But I did good today?
Venom- You did fine, Godzilla Junior.

Godzilla- Oh, I see. But you really do need to control your temper.
Godzilla Junior- Yeah, Minilla. I will.
George- Come on, guys, let's go have some fun!

They all have fun at the festival. Hours later, Godzilla Junior wanted to talk to his big brother of something.

Godzilla Junior- Minilla, I want to ask something.
Godzilla- What is it?
Godzilla Junior- Dark Kaijus are rising, for what purpose? They attack cities. When will it ever stop?
Godzilla- It will stop until we destroy them all.
Godzilla Junior- You don't think it could be HIM?
Godzilla- Hey, kid, he's dead. Our great great great grandfather Gojira defeated him many years ago. He became a Super Kaiju. And one day you'll be one too. But it takes time Itassis said that to me.
Godzilla Junior- Yeah, but still, no Godzillas became a Super Kaiju. They say it's a myth.
Godzilla- Don't worry. It'll work out.
Godzilla Junior- I know, I just-- (sobbed)
Godzilla- Hey, what's wrong?
Godzilla Junior- I just... I missed Dad so much.

Even Godzilla remember that day Godzilla Sr. saved his younger son Junior from death against the Dark Kaijus. He died of meltdown. Godzilla Junior was revived and Godzilla took him safe. Even he still missed his mother more. Azusa Gojo. He still doesn't know what happen to her.

Godzilla- Hey, Goji, it's okay. I'm here now. Hell, I know we had a rough time with our brother and sister Biollante and Spacegodzilla. But you won't see them again.
Godzilla Junior- Yeah, at least you got my back, big brother.
Godzilla- Say, after training, how about we go to a buffet to eat?
Godzilla Junior- Aw, shut up, Minilla. We're gonna go to the ride and your asking me to eat?
Godzilla- But I'm really hungry. So--
Godzilla Junior- I'm kidding, I'm hungry too. But later, right?
Godzilla- Yeah, later.

Elsewhere, George, Ralph, and Lizzie went in the Funhouse and Kong see dolls and Venom just watch and was happy. They were all done and went back home. Kong want to know Godzilla skills. Back home Kong and Godzilla wanted to train in the Sentinel Beach.

Kong- Godzilla, let's see how your fighting skills been doing for the last 2 years.
Godzilla- Sure, but remember, this Kaio-Ken is strong. But I won't hurt you badly.
Kong- Come on, Godzilla. Let's fight.

Godzilla and Kong been fighting and fighting. Godzilla unleashed the Kaio-Ken and punch Kong in the face, Kong was surprise that attack and he punch him back. They still continue fighting. Godzilla and Kong fist punch like a thunder.

Kong- Hah, so this is the Kaio-Ken. Amazing speed.
Godzilla- Itassis taught me this incredible power. Super punch can pound you.
Kong- Huh, your skills is impressive, I will use my Lightning Fist at you! LIGHTNING FIST!!!!
Godzilla- ATOMIC BLAST!!!!!

A blast struggle and Godzilla blast Kong. Godzilla won the battle, and he was tired.

Kong- Well done, Godzilla. Let's head back to my house and drink.
Godzilla- Well, I was gonna go to a buffet with Goji to eat, you wanna join in?
Kong- Sure, I'm a bit hungry. I haven't eat anything since the festival.

Later they ate and laugh. 

Godzilla Junior- It's nice to see you here, Kong.
Kong- Sure thing, kiddo. How's Venom?
Godzilla Junior- Good. Venom says I'm good.
Kong- That's good to hear. Your big brother was amazing, he was growing strong.
Godzilla- Yeah, (crack) OUCH! I think I feel a cramp. Oh, that's a big lobster.
Godzilla Junior- So, Kong, how you been doing?
Kong- Well, good actually. I still feel alone, you know. I know you lost your father, and your mother is somewhere.
Godzilla Junior- Your still okay? After the death of your parents?
Kong- I'm okay, I feel alone.
Godzilla Junior- Your also family with all of us. Minilla see you as a brother.
Kong- Yeah, he's a true friend. 
Godzilla Junior- Your are also like big brother to me too, Kong.
Kong- Really? Thanks.
Godzilla- Sorry I'm late. So what I missed?
Kong- Nothing, we were talking.

They ate and heading back home. Kong been scanning Godzilla power level, it's off the chart. 

Kong- Amazing, your power level is amazing. I scan your energy is growing. Maybe you'll become a Super Kaiju.
Godzilla- Yeah, how about I take you to Itassis and you'll become stronger too.
Kong- Sure thing.
Ralph- Um, guys? There's something going on. You gotta see this.

The Monster Force are at their base, they see on the news something is attacking Ta-Metru. Everyone vanish. So Venom is going to check it out. Venom arrive at the scene, he see noting, but he see someone walking out holding a hostage.

Venom- Who are you? There's something I sense within you. I sense screaming and horror. Why?
???- You'll find out, soon.
Venom- Let the him go, this is our fight.
???- Very well, then.

The innocent man was free, but suddenly he was turn green and vanish, he turn into a chi source and went back to the monster.

Venom- What did you do to him?
???- You'll soon find out, Venom.
Venom- What did you call me?
???- You heard me.

Venom battle against this Chi Taker monster. He was shock to see that he had two blade chain swinging and attacking him. He then slice off Venom left arm. He was in great pain and he see the monster is strong.

???- Oh, look. You lost your arm. Your chi will be mine, just like my victims.
Venom- (gasped) Monster! You took the chi of all innocent people. Why would you do this? Who are you? What are you?
???- Very well, before I take your chi, you must know who I am. I am General Kai, I am a Spirit Warrior.
Venom- Oh, I see. But why do I sense Godzilla, Kong, me, and the others within you.
Kai- Let's start the beginning shall we? I was defeated by the Dragon Warrior. During my defeat, I sense great powers from another realm. I sense the mighty Godzilla and Kong King of Skull Island, and yours. Their chi is more stronger I manage to get them. I somehow survive.
Venom- So you died in another realm and you somehow sense ours to come to our realm. But why did you chose this realm?
Kai- I sense more power of chi. Even this realm is more power. And soon, I will take the chi of Godzilla and Kong.
Venom- WHAT FOR?! Your already powerful. Why seek too much power?
Kai- I want the power all to myself. The power will be mine alone. Now, are you ready to join, Venom?
Venom- Of course. Or should I say. (Venom regrew his arm) I just needed more time to regrow my arm.
Kai- What?! Why you--
Venom- It's not too late. The Monster Force will stop you and make sure stop.
George- Venom! What's up?
Ralph- Did we miss the party?
Kai- WHAT?!
Venom- I activate the signal to my team. Even they now hear every word you just said.
George- So who or what is he? Is he the one who wipe everyone at Ta-Metru?
Venom- Yeah, he's the one. And just remember, stay away from him, he'll take your chi.
Kai- Grr, damn you, I will make you pay. But we'll meet again.

Kai vanish in green dust. Venom, George, Ralph were shock to see he's gone.

George- He's gone! Great. Now what? A monster taking souls, how are we gonna stop a guy like that?
Ralph- Hey, don't sweat it. Godzilla know what to do.
Venom- Well, Kong is here.
Kong- I'm here. What happen here?
Venom- I'll explain it, but first we need Godzilla, Godzilla Junior, and Lizzie here.
George- There's some kinda bull monster. He's really big and have long horns and have two chain swinging jade blades. And he's hungry for power.
Ralph- Hey, look. Their here.
Godzilla- Venom. So, what happen here?
Venom- All right, I'll start from the beginning...

Hours and hours later Venom explain the others about this new foe their up against.

Venom-... and that's why he's here, to take your chi.
Lizzie- Well, on the bright side, Godzilla Kaio-Ken can stop him, right?
Godzilla- I don't know, even his power level is amazing.
Godzilla Junior- But Minilla, you have to stop him.
Godzilla- There is a place where we can train for only one year for a day. It's at Itassis temple.
Kong- What?
Godzilla- That's how I been training by Itassis for 2 years.
George- Didn't you say one year?
Godzilla- I went in there, twice. And the real world I been walking to find her for almost a year and study for another year.
Venom- Huh, well, that almost explains a lot. 
Godzilla- All right, I have a plan I need to train in the room again to get more stronger and who else want to be strong?
Kong- I'll go. Your gonna need the help you can get to fight this guy.
Godzilla Junior- I'll go too. My rage is still out of control and I need to train again.
Godzilla- All right, what about you guys?
Venom- No. Someone has to stop Kai before he takes more lives.
George- I'll come too.
Lizzie- Count me in.
Ralph- Me too.
Godzilla- All right. Let's go.

Godzilla, Kong, and Godzilla Junior travel deep high to the mountains and they see Itassis Temple.

Itassis- Oh, Godzilla, your back. And you brought your brother Godzilla Junior, was it?
Godzilla Junior- Yes, well, he's the big brother and I'm the younger brother.
Itassis- I see, Oh, and you must be Kong, king of Skull Island. Your parents must be proud of you. You protect your land and the innocents.
Kong- Thank you, Itassis. And we didn't come here to say hello. We came here to train.
Itassis- Let me guess, there's a great evil attacking the land?
Kong- Yes, and we need to train. Godzilla mention a place to train in a room for one year but outside a day, was it called?
Itassis- The chamber room is called The Hyperbolic Time Chamber. The room inside you spent only one year and outside only 24 hours. So, who wants to go first?
Kong- I'll go. I need to grow more strong and maybe when you go in, I'll buy you more time to get more strong.
Godzilla- Thanks, Kong.
Kong- Whoa, amazing. The room, the background is space, and the air is a little cold but good. And it's amazing to see the view of space. Well, let's begin.

Kong now enter the chamber to begin his training. Godzilla and Junior waited outside with Itassis. Meanwhile, Venom and the others are still trying to find Kai.

Lizzie- Damnit, we still can't find him. He's too fast for us. We need to split up.
George- What? Lizzie, this kai is dangerous. You don't know what he'll--
Venom- She's right. We need to split up, it's fast for us before he take more lives.

And so, the Monster Force need to split up to find Kai. Venom travel deep in Ga-Matru, he search and search and there he is. Kai still taking lives, to make him stronger.

Venom- Kai! That is enough. Fight me!
Kai- Ah, Venom. So glad you found me. Now let us begin our fight.

Kai and Venom battle against each other. Back at the temple Itassis, Godzilla, and Junior can sense the battle. Godzilla Junior is a bit worry for Venom. 

Godzilla Junior- Venom, Minilla, can you feel him?
Godzilla- Yeah, Kai is strong, but not for long. Venom will try and stop him.
Godzilla Junior- How long will Kong get out?
Itassis- He has 12 hours now.
Godzilla Junior- What?! We waited half a day now?
Itassis- Time is a bit fast.
Godzilla- She said it.

Venom still battle against Kai and he was too strong for him. Venom unleashed his attack. But it didn't work, Venom was shock to see he's a true monster, Venom tired to jump attack him and he punch him hard. Kai lift Venom up and throw him at the lake. And behind him was Lizzie came surprise with a tail attack. Now, Kai and Lizzie brawl against each other. Kai grabbed Lizzie jaws and he throw her down. 

Lizzie- Huh, your really though tough. But not for long. I'll make you pay for what you did to Venom.
Kai- You will try, and remember, this  won't be pretty.

Godzilla Junior and Godzilla can still sense Lizzie is still fighting him.

Godzilla Junior- How long do we have to wait?!
Itassis- Patience, young one. Kong time's is almost done.
Godzilla- Kid, remember what Venom said: "Control your rage."
Godzilla Junior- I know, but-- we have to do something.
Godzilla- I know.

Lizzie is panted and panted and she's not going to make it. Kai is about to take her chi. Then someone came back for more, it was Venom.

Kai- So, your still got some fight left in you, huh?
Venom- My legs are still standing. Lizzie, you okay?
Lizzie- A little. I can't even beat this asshole.
Venom- Let's combine force, and maybe we'll take him down.

They both charge at him. He dodge and attack from behind, Venom and Lizzie were hit and came back in to attack. He kept dodging their attacks and he kept punching them. Kai almost won the battle. Back at the temple.

Godzilla Junior- That's it! I'm going to save them--- (PUNCH) ...Ow... Minilla? Why?
Godzilla- You still need to control yourself. Your to quick to temper.
Itassis- Godzilla, it is time. Kong is done.
Godzilla- Kong, how did it go?
Kong- It went well. It felt like I was gone so long and outside only a day. I'm ready to fight Kai and to give you guys more time to train. So, what's going on?
Godzilla Junior- Kai, he's attacking Venom and Lizzie at Ga-Metru. You need to hurry!
Kong- Alright, I'm on it.
Itassis- Godzilla, you just hurry get in the chamber and save them all.
Godzilla- Right, okay, Goji, let's go.

And so, Godzilla and Junior are now entering the chamber to train.

Godzilla Junior- Wow, the room, it's a huge space background, and the air is a little cold, but good. So this is where you train, Minilla.
Godzilla- Yeah. So let's begin then.

Kong is more stronger and faster, he's running through the mountains to hurry and save Venom and Lizzie, he tried to call George and Ralph to help and they respond. Kai is about to take their chi and came out of nowhere, Kong arrive the battle.

Kai- Kong. At last we meet.
Kong- And I guess your Kai, and I'll make you pay for what you did to them!
George- Kong! We're here!
Kong- Ralph, George, take Lizzie and Venom back to the temple. I'll give you the beacon.
George- No, Kong. Let me help too.
Ralph- I got Lizzie.
Venom- Don't worry about me. I'll make it back. Good luck, Kong. And be careful, he's dangerous.
Kong- I know, now get outta here. And hurry.
George- Well, let's take this guy out.

Kai and Kong and George battle! Kai fight Kong and he used his lightning attack at him. 

Kai- What? How are you getting this much power? Your not Kong.
Kong- I am beyond that power. I grown much stronger.
George- Gosh, that's a lot of power I sense inside you. How'd you get that much strong?
Kong- I train in a chamber room for one year and outside only a day.
George- What?
Kong- It's a long story, but let's take him out first.
Kai- I see, you really are strong. But I even have a hidden power that will make me more stronger!
Both- WHAT?!
Kai- I will show you, my hidden power!
Kong- What? There's... there's must be thousands of them inside of him.

Kai unleashed his hidden power and his power was amazing. Meanwhile back at Itassis temple, where Itassis recovers Venom and Lizzie and they sense a great evil power..

Itassis- I can't believe it, I can feel that power. What does this means?
Venom- We're FUCKED.
Lizzie- Yup, we're fucked.
Itassis- Language, please.
Venom- Sorry. But how's Godzilla and Goji doing?
Itassis- They have only 14 hours left inside there.

Inside the chamber, Godzilla and Junior been training for half a year.

Godzilla Junior- (pant) (pant).
Godzilla- Come on, again. You need to fight me.
Godzilla Junior- How am I suppose to beat you? I can't punch you and you dodge them!
Godzilla- Your still angry. Let go that anger and you'll understand.
Godzilla- Goji, I understand. But there was nothing you can do. I know how it feels. But we have each other now.
Godzilla Junior- ... I guess your right.
Godzilla- So, let's get back to it then.

Kai and Kong still brawl against each other. Kong lightning power against Kai chi power growing stronger.

Kong- I am impress. You are getting stronger. But not for long.
Kai- We shall see. The mortals power is mine.
Kong- What?! What do you mean yours? You stole innocent lives.
Kai- They mean nothing to me. Their chi is what I needed.

Kong and Kai arm struggle against each other. Kai is too strong for Kong and he may be no match for him. Kai kick Kong side body and throw him down. Kong tried to get up and blast him, he dodge his attack and broke his left arm. Kong was shock to feel his arm is broken and George was shock to see it!

George- NO!!! KONG!
Kai- Now, I shall take your chi to make me more stronger.
George- Not gonna happen.

George punch Kai and grab Kong and they both flee the scene. Kai was angry and he need to go to Po-Metru to find more. Ralph and Lizzie were shock to see George got Kong and his arm is broken. Itassis hurry nurse him.

Kong- Grah! I thought I had him. He unleashed his hidden power. His power was amazing. He has stolen thousands of innocent lives.
Ralph- How are we gonna beat this guy?
Venom- I don't know, but Godzilla will know what to do.  
Itassis- The time is up. Their about to get out.

Godzilla and Godzilla Junior got out the chamber and they've change. Their power level is stronger than Kong.

George- So, Godzilla, how do you feel?
Godzilla- I feel like I've just got extra muscles. BUT CAN WE EAT, PLEASE?!
Itassis- Um, I'll get the plates.

Godzilla and Junior ate almost 15 plates of food.

Lizzie- Hey, Godzilla. During your training, wasn't there enough food in the chamber?
Godzilla- (food talking)
Venom- Okay I think you need to speak with all that food in your mouth. (Godzilla swallow the noodles) DISGUSTING!
Godzilla- What I was saying was, Goji and I tried to cook the food, but sadly we used our atomic breath and the food burn too much.
Lizzie- Oh, I see.
Godzilla Junior- Minilla teach me better, Venom.
Venom- I see.
Ralph- Gosh, you guys are funny while your eating so fast.
Kong- Hmm, what are they doing? Godzilla is even a stronger kaiju and he's really hungry. Godzilla, In the meantime, we need to stop Kai. He's heading toward Po-Metru to take more victims.
Godzilla- Right. I need to get to it. All right, I feel much stronger and We're going to stop Kai.

For 8 days later, They are all ready.
Itassis- Kong, your arm is healed and better than ever.
Kong- Alright, I'm going to make Kai pay for breaking my arm.
Godzilla Junior- Venom, how do you feel?
Venom- I'm fine. Thanks for asking, kid. 
Godzilla Junior- It's been a little hard to train.
Venom- I understand. Even you are getting better.
Ralph- Alright, guys, are we ready?
Godzilla- Yeah, let's go.

Now the Monster Force are ready to leave and are heading toward Po-Metru to stop Kai. Kai was still terrorizing the city and he see they arrive.

Kai- AH, you must be Minilla. Or you rather be called Godzilla.
Godzilla- And you must be Kai. You'll pay for hurting my friends.
Kai- So, the great Gojira is ready to challenge me. Are you ready?
Godzilla- Goddamned right I am.

The Monster Force watched as Godzilla and Kai battle against each other. Godzilla and Kai punch and punch harder, Godzilla blast Kai and he swing his blade at him. He dodged and kick one of his blades. He unleashed his Atomic Blast at him and Kai unleashed his hidden power again and they clash, Godzilla used his Kaio-Ken attack and he punch Kai really hard and kicked him, but he his his chi energy and smack him back. Godzilla and Kai charge each other and a huge explosion. All the team stand back and see great power. Godzilla kept trying and trying his energy and he's not going to make it.

Ralph- What's wrong with him? He's loosing energy fast! We need to give him an energy health.
Kong- No, leave him be.
Ralph- For what? For Kai to kill Godzilla?
Kong- Godzilla is a true kaiju. He is the strongest kaiju ever. I know him very long, he always finds a way, always.
Kai- I can feel your energy, Godzilla. What's wrong? You look tired. The world want to see a true champion. The next fight will be your last.
Godzilla- Heh, your right about one thing, Kai. The world do want to see a true champion. It's over, Kai. I give up. There's no reason to continue this fight, I can't beat you.
Kai- HUH?!!
Kong- You coward!
Lizzie- No way, Godzilla never gives up.
Ralph- What? Godzilla is turning his back on us?
Godzilla Junior- No, Minilla... you can't...
Venom- No! You can't let Kai win!
Itassis- No, he can't let it end this way. Why?
Godzilla- It's over, Kai. You win and I hope your feeling happy right now. Even I can't even beat you. Fighting you should me there's still a lot I have to work for. We may be enemies but we...
Godzilla Junior- What's he doing?
Ralph- Godzilla lost it, Kai must've knock his skull loose.
Lizzie- Quiet, Ralph! I can't hear what he's saying.
Godzilla- ... it's pointless for us to continuing this fight.
Kai- Surely your joking. You can't just say "I give up." and expect to walk away.
Godzilla- Sure I can, you beat me. I give up.
Kai- Godzilla, the great and mighty leader of the Monster Force sworn to protect and your giving up, like a coward. You may as well give up and I will take your chi as well.
Godzilla- Not so fast! I may be given up. There's one more fighter to challenge you.
Kai- What? Who? One of them? Who is it? Kong? Venom? or Lizzie?
Godzilla- So you don't mind I get to pick now, do you?
Kai- You actually intended to go through this?
Kong- What are you thinking, Godzilla? There must be a plan behind this-- this-- insanity crap.
Godzilla- I know this sounds crazy, the monster I'm about to pick is a lot stronger than me. His power is incredible.
Kai- His chi you mean is incredible? Very well then, now where is he? Where is this great monster?
Godzilla- Oh, he's here. He doesn't know it yet.
Kai- Grr, I'm loosing my patience, Godzilla. SAY THE NAME!
Godzilla- Alright, I will. Guys, I need someone down here to win this. That someone is you, bro.
Godzilla Junior- What?
George- Huh?
Kong- Godzilla!
Venom- Goji? He's going to get his own brother kill, that fool!
Godzilla Junior- He wants me to fight, I mean if Godzilla can't beat him, how can I? It's impossible!
Godzilla- You can do it, right?
Godzilla Junior- Me? Fight with Kai?
Kai- Disappointing. He promise me a challenger and he gives me nothing but a child.
Venom- Godzilla, stop this! Think of what your saying! Think about what's going to happen! If Goji fights with Kai, he's going to die!
Godzilla- Listen, I didn't say he would win. I just know he can do it. Listen, kid, did you see me fighting or was it too hard to see?
Godzilla Junior- No, I can see it all. Even though, you and Kai are too strong to fight. I don't know I could--
Godzilla- I don't care about that, but I was giving my all. Even you can feel the power within you is still stronger than me.
Venom- What? Is this true, Goji?
Godzilla Junior- Yes, sir.
Kong- I don't believe it. He's too young and his rage it-- IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!
Kai- Hmm, any day now.
Godzilla- What do you say, kiddo? Just beat this guy and we can go home.
Godzilla Junior- Alright, I'll do it.
Venom- Goji, I hope your ready, your not going to get a second chance.

And now Godzilla Junior is ready to fight Kai. He unleashed his rage power!

Itassis- Oh, my, Young Junior is even more powerful than Godzilla!
Kai- So, kid, are you ready?
Godzilla Junior- I'm ready. I will make you pay!

Junior and Kai brawl against each other. The others are very worried and Godzilla knows he can do it. Kai punch Junior and he tried to block his punches and he tail swipe at him. Kai was surprise and he attack him.

Kai- I must say. You have some skills, for a boy.
Godzilla Junior- It wasn't always like that. When I was young, I was scared, until my father found me, I was afraid of my evil brother Spacegodzilla. I saw him hurting Minilla and I somehow unleashed the rage inside of me. Even that rage, I was out of control. Venom and Minilla tried to teach me to control it and I still can't control that rage. Even you wouldn't like to see what will happen to you.
Kai- Well, I intend to see it. Why don't you show me that rage of yours.

Kai throw his blades at him, chain him up and about to absorbed him. The others watch helpless and Godzilla knows he can do it.

George- Godzilla! You got to help him now!
Venom- Godzilla, if your not going to help him, I will.
Godzilla- No your not. Just wait a bit more.
Venom- For what? For Kai to kill your brother?
Godzilla- Goji is about to release his hidden power. Just you wait.
Kong- Has Godzilla gone crazy? How could he put so much fate in the boy?
Venom- No, your wrong about his power. Junior may have that power, but he's not like you!
Godzilla- What?
Venom- Do you know what he's thinking? He's not thinking about wisdom or honor, he's wondering why his big brother standing there letting him die. And he is nothing filled with rage and he can't be control.
Godzilla- That's it, I'm coming in!

Godzilla and his friends join in. Kai see they're about to attack him. H e battle against them all. He went power up. He punch and kick George, Lizzie, Ralph, Venom, Kong, and Godzilla. Junior was shock to see he beat them and a tear came out of his eye. He unleashed his rage! Kai turn around and sense such awesome power. The others look and Godzilla see Junior became a Super Kaiju Rage, Junior Godzilla is the first monster kaiju after thousands of year to become a Super Kaiju. He had red hair cover his eyes and burning meltdown body and he is angry. Kai tried to punch him, but it had no affect. He punch back at the face hard and a kick in the stomach. He felt that pain.

Kai- I don't understand... how could he? Why may I weak?
George- Did you see that? He's a Super Kaiju!
Kong- More like a Super Kaiju Rage.
Venom- He is. He's more powerful than ever.
Lizzie- He could beat him.
Venom- No, remember until he is down.
Ralph- I don't wanna jinx, but Lizzie may be right.
Godzilla- That's it, Goji. You can do this.
Godzilla Junior- All this power, I have become a Super Kaiju. All this power, and all you did was pissed me off. And now I'm pissed.
Kai- Your nothing but a boy! I will have your chi!

Kai battle against Junior new form and he unleashed his fury! Junior punch Kai and he beat him. Kai tried to get up and he's not down yet. Kai release his hidden power and power-up against Junior. Junior and Kai brawl. The others are shock to feel that much power. Junior is stronger to beat his energy. Junior kick Kai far out. He's ready to finish him off, by using his Atomic Blast. Kai tried to use his attack and now it's a blast struggle.

Kai- Foolish boy, you will feel my power!
Godzilla Junior- I'm not done yet!
Venom- We've got to help him!

They all tried to blast at Kai and he blast back at them. Kai is still holding and came out of nowhere, Godzilla blast him from behind.

Kai- Godzilla?!
Godzilla- NOW, GOJI, NOW!!!

Godzilla Junior use his Super Kaiju Rage at full power and blast Kai to OBLIVION. He was gone. Junior won the battle.

Ralph- Oh, man. Is it over?
Venom- I can't sense Kai energy. He's gone.
George- So, we won?
Lizzie- I think so.
Godzilla Junior- (pant) (pant) I did it.
Godzilla- Good work, kiddo. Kong, you okay?
Kong- I'm surprise. Junior was become a Super Kaiju after thousands of years. He may become a true warrior.
Godzilla- I know.
Kong- But what about you? Are you going to become a Super Kaiju?
Godzilla- I don't know, maybe. Given time, actually. Let's go home.
Itassis- Godzilla Junior has become a Super Kaiju. And now he will save the world from a great evil.

The Monster Force celebrate and are heading home. Elsewhere in a dark land. Two evil see in the magic crystal ball the battle.

Olympius- So, this boy has become a Super Kaiju. After a thousands of years, since the great Gojira become one. Should we attack them, my dear?
Nightmare Moon- Very well, then. This so-called Monster Force must be destroy. This boy will feel my wrath. The master will be most pleased with us.

To be continue...


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