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Monster Force and G-Force vs Dark Kaijus
These are the characters in my story Monster Force. Good against evil. The characters are:

Monster Force
Godzilla, Kong, Rexy, George, Ralph, Lizzie, Jörmungandr

Gipsy Avenger, Saber Athena, Guardian Bravo, Bracer Phoenix, Titan Redeemer, Valor Omega, November Ajax, Metroplex, USS Argo

Dark Kaijus
Zak/MnstrFrc (ME), Kai, Obsidian Fury,Raijin, Shrikethorn, Hakuja, Hraezlyr, Trypticon, Ultron Sigma, Destoroyah, Lythos, Hydros, Pyros, Stratos, Cumber, Psycho Red, Psycho Blue, Psycho Black, Psycho Yellow, Psycho Pink
Combat of Giants Monsters
A game idea I made up only in PS4. The Monsters you play as are:

Godzilla, Kong, King Ghidorah, Mothra, Rodan, Skull Crawler, MechaGodzilla, Shin Godzilla, Scylla, Methuselah, MUTO 3, Behemoth, George, Ralph, Lizzie, Slattern, Leatherback, Otachi, Knifehead, Scunner, Raiju, Trespasser, Mutavore, Onibaba, Raijin, Shrikethorn, Hakuja, Mega-Kaiju, Drone Kaiju, Kraken, Kronos, Colverfield.
It's been 8 years since the battle where Godzilla Junior has defeated Kai and the Dark Kaijus master Lord Zak is forever trapped. Minilla, well Godzilla now doing more training with Itassis. Kong still getting stronger. Toothless and Light Fury will return with their new recruit. George, Ralph, and Lizzie were having so much fun at the beach. Anite teaching Blue to speak and she's getting there. Rexy is resting. In another realm, in Equestria, Godzilla Junior the Goliath Unicorn, the Kaiju Prince looking the view along with his girlfriend Luna Princess of Darkness.

Luna: You okay, Goji?
Junior: It's been 8 years since I was gone. Do you want to come back to Metru Nui with me?
Luna: Well, of course. Is there something going on?
Junior: Minilla, called me and said; there's a big tournament at the Coliseum. He also called Toothless to bring his new recruit. 
Luna: Really?
Junior: Oh, and Predator Wolf and his crew will be there.
Luna: Oh. I might wan to tell my sister to come too.
Junior: Sure.

Celestia: A tournament? That sounds a dangerous fight.
Luna: No. I won't be there to fight, Goji will be there.
Junior: Yes. And I want to see how's Minilla and Kong doing with their Super Kaiju power.
Celestia: Very well. I will join to watch.
Luna: Thanks, Tia!
Celestia: Heh, okay, Lulu.

They now go back to Metru Nui at the Monster Force base. They see a spaceship is there. That means Predator Wolf and his crew are there.

Godzilla: It's good to see you Predator Wolf.
Predator Wolf: You as well, Godzilla. My team and I are here for real now. Monster Force, meet my crew. That's Predator Falconer my trusted hunter, and that's Luca a brute gorilla.
Luca: Hello.
Predator Wolf: And the little toy is Robot. But we call him Toy Robot.
Toy Robot: Hi.
Antie: He's a cool looking toy.
Blue: He sure is.
Kong: Hey, Antie, how's Blue speaking doing?
Anite: Good. She speaks well.
George: Where's Goji? Is he here yet?
Godzilla: Don't worry. He'll be here soon.
Junior: Soon enough.
Godzilla: Heh, what? You didn't call, right? It's good to see you again, little brother.
Junior: Hey, Minilla.
Kong: How you doing, kid?
Junior: It's been a while.
Kong: 8 years it's been long. You haven't age. But we did as well. Except Antie and Blue. How you doing, princesses?
Celesita: Good, Kong.
Kong: And hi, Princess Luna.
Luna: Hello too.
Junior: Antie! How you been?
Antie: It's good to see you, Goji!
Junior: Yeah, huh? Oh, hey Blue!
Blue: It's good to see you again!
Junior: Oh, you can speak!
Antie: Yeah, I've been teaching her to speak. Godzilla has been helping me.
Godzilla: Yep.
Ralph: So, Goji. You strong enough?
Junior: Hell yeah.  What about you guys?
Kong: Godzilla and I have been working so hard to ascend to the next level.
Predator Wolf: So, we all ready to go to the tournament?
Godzilla: Yeah, I'm ready for a fight. But I think we need to eat first. PLEASE?!

The team see Godzilla, Junior, and Kong eating a hundred plates and they're so hungry!

Jörmungandr: I don't think I'll get use of seeing them eating.
Lizzie: Man. They're hungrier than Rexy.


Predator Wolf: I knew it. I knew Val-Yor was out of his goddamn mind. God, he's such an asshole.
Godzilla: Well, that monster killed him and he's not coming back.
Predator Wolf: Serve him right. And your absolutely sure Zak is trapped.
Godzilla: I'm sure. I sense his energy is still trapped there.
Ralph: Hey, guys. Toothless and his girlfriend are here. And looks like they brought someone with them!

They see the Night and Light Furies brought a friend from Midgard, the World Serpent Jörmungandr.

Godzilla: Ah, Toothless. I see you brought Jörmungandr with you for the tournament.
Antie: You know him?
Godzilla: Jörmungandr is a Jötunn mean Giants. He is the last of his kind.
Jörmungandr: It's been a while, old friend.
Godzillas: Yeah, it is.
Kong: Good to see you again.
Jörmungandr: You as well.
Toothless: Guys, who are we going to fight in the game?
Light Fury: Toothless, I want you to be careful.
Toothless: Hey, sweetheart. I always am.
Ralph: Gosh, they're so romantic.
Predator Falconer: Predator Wolf. You sure you want to fight at the tournament?
Predator Wolf: No. I don't need to. I don't want to fight this powerful Super Kaiju. I might get hurt real bad.
Junior: Well, the game should be starting.

Announcer: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Today we have these great warriors from other worlds are here for the tournament fight! We also have the Monster Force to join the fight! There are three kaijus in the Monster Force have the ability to become Super Kaijus! Can any of you champions have what it takes to fight? Let the tournament begin!

Ultron: Interesting organic kaijus. I thought they went extinct.
Old Man: No. They manage to escape from my army.
Sigma: My lord, we are ready for the tournament.
Old Man: Yes. But not yet. Wait until that kaiju boy grow more stronger. His energy is all I need to regain my strength. All I need is a blood sample. One of you must take the shot.
Ultron Sigma: It will be done, master.
Old Man: And I promise you two, the Reality and Space Stones will bends into your will. The rest I need for energy power.

The area is starting to begin. Itassis, Light Fury, Luna, Celestia, Antie, Blue, Predator Wolf and his crew watch and see Godzilla, Kong, Junior, Toothless, George, Lizzie, and Ralph are in the fight. They clash against great warriors. Ultron and Sigma join the fight. Godzilla and Kong want a rematch.

Kong: So, I see you want that rematch. Let's go!
Godzilla: Even we should've ascended just like Goji. I think we need to get more angry.
Kong: Than I hope Goji is way better than you. (Godzilla gotten so mad he transform for the first time Super Kaiju 2 with lightning) Well, at least your stronger your brother when he fought Kai. How about-- THIS?
Godzilla: Huh? (Kong too transform into a Super Kaiju 2 too. The others see two Super Kaijus with lightning) Wow, Kong. I guess we ascended now.
Luna: What? They're much stronger than Goji? IMPOSSIBLE!
Itassis: I believe it is. Super Kaiju are evolving and trying to reach the next level to becoming stronger.
Predator Wolf: She's right. Even how many levels are there now?
Itassis: I don't know. Maybe so many.
Antie: Whoa!
Blue: No kidding. 
Junior: Huh? They've ascended. They're much stronger than me.
Toothless: Goji, you might want to focus.
Junior: Right!

Godzilla and Kong clash against each other with their new powers. Godzilla use his tail slap at Kong, he hurry dodge his tail and punch his face. Godzilla fire breath at him, Kong jumped up and gave him a lightning strike, Godzilla dodge Kong's attack, he than kick him, they both did an arm struggling, they keep headbutting each other harder and harder. Junior is still fighting, he see two machine challenge him. Ultron and Sigma challenge the Kaiju Prince. They charge up, punch his body, he gotten so angry, he unleashed his Rage of the Kaijus. They all see that's the kaiju who defeated Kai 8 years ago. Ultron and Sigma much get his energy, they charge, Junior tried to fight, Sigma grabbed him while Ultron get a shot of a sample. Junior roar in pain, Ultron got the sample quickly. Sigma punch Junior. Luna see something wrong with him, he's hurt, that gotten her worry.

Junior: What the hell?
Sigma: He sting you and you should stay down, kaiju.
Junior: Not without a fight!
Ultron: Foolish kaiju. Your weak since I stung you.
Godzilla: Hey, what's wrong with Goji?
Sigma: A challenge. So be it.
Ultron: (sigh) Very well.

Godzilla and Kong charge at Ultron and Sigma. Junior is hurt, but not that bad. He see Godzilla and Kong fighting against Ultron and Sigma with their full attack. They beat Ultron Sigma fast. Ralph, George, Toothless, and Lizzie see Goji is hurt.

Tootless: Goji! You okay?
Junior: I'm fine. I'm just-- UGH...
George: Your energy has been drained. You need to regain your strength.
Ultron: You will try.
Kong: I don't know who you freaks are, and you illegally hurt a young kid.
Sigma: He's a kaiju and kaiju must be exterminated. 

Godzilla and Kong fire blast at Ultron and Sigma. They defeated them. And yet the area is a draw, Junior is hurt.

Luna: Goji! Are you okay?
Junior: I'm fine...
George: His energy has been drained.
Kong: Those two robots. Huh? They're gone.
Ralph: Who or what are they?
Toothless: We're worry about that later. Right now, we need to get Goji to a hospital.  

Later, all the Monster Force see Junior Godzilla is in the hospital.

Doctor: He's going to be okay. He just need some time to rest.
Luna: Oh, Goji, I'm so worry for him.
Celestia: Don't worry Lulu, he'll be okay.
Godzilla: Relax. He's strong like me, he'll make it.
Predator Wolf: What about those machines that attacked him? I saw one of them take a shot at Goji and I saw he's taking a blood sample.
Kong: That's weird.
Luca: Why would they take his blood for?
Kong: I don't know. But we're going to find out.
Godzilla: Okay, we'll split the team. George, Ralph, Kong, Lizzie, your with me. The rest of you stay with Goji.

The team see the two machines walking, than they disappeared.

Kong:How did they just disappeared like that?
Godzilla: I don't know. But we'll see them again soon.

Ultron: My lord, we have the kaiju sample.
Old Man: Exactly.

The Old man gain the kaiju power, combine the kaiju power with his dark powers he become more stronger than ever. The old man is Zak all this time! He is fully strong!

Zak: Now we must go find Krona, he will be some use to us. This planet will be mine, and you two will have your own as well.

Celestia: Luna, I understand you still have feelings for him.
Luna: I know. It's just strange. Since we first met we were enemies and he had feelings for me. He even saved my life and I thank him.
Celestia: You have faith in him. I sure you-- AGH!!!
Luna: Tia, what's wrong? Godzilla! Kong! George!
Kong: What's wrong?

Celestia felt another vision, she see Zak has return and he's about to release Krona from his torment. Ultron and Sigma join Zak to bring destruction to Metru-Nui.

Celestia: It can't be...
Godzilla: What did you see?
Celestia: Zak has return. He's back!
George: What? That's impossible!
Toothless: Yeah, Goji destroyed the Breach Portal when Zak almost got out.
Ralph: Wait. Did you not see he came out, princess?
Celestia: Somehow Zak knew I saw the future, he must've escape while Junior Godzilla destroyed the breach. He's been hiding ever since. How did I not foreseen this? I failed...
Luna: Tia.
Godzilla: This isn't good. What else you see?
Celestia: Those two machine Ultron and Sigma.
Predator Wolf: They're responsible for stealing Junior's DNA.
Predator Falconer: For what?
Godzilla: I know. So he can gain the kaiju power to combine his dark power. He's now more stronger than ever. This isn't good.
Jörmungandr: Princess, is there more you see?
Celestia: He's going to free Krona.
Godzilla: Oh, no.
Antie: You know this Krona?
Godzilla: Krona is an mad scientist who seeks power. He was one of the Trinity enemies including Zak. Now Zak and Krona team up, they'll gain the Infinity Stones. We must not let them get the Stones.
Ralph: What's the plan?
Godzilla: I need to go back with Itassis to train again. Kong, I want you and the team to train more. Predator Wolf, I don't know what your going to do?
Predator Wolf: My team is stealth, we'll contact you when something bad happens.
Ralph: Sounds like something bad is happening.  
Godzilla: It won't. Luna, tell Goji when he wakes up I'll be back.
Luna: Okay. I will.

Godzilla follow with Itassis, Kong and the rest of the team need to go back and train. Toothelss, Light Fury, and Jörmungandr decided to stay and help them. Luna see Goji unconscious, she places her huff at his face, she know they were enemies once, she now starting to fall in love with him. Junior wakes up...

Junior: Hmm...?
Luna: Goji! Your okay.
Junior: I'm fine. Grr... What happen?
Luna: Careful. You lost a lot of energy during the fight.
Junior: Those machines, were they?
Luna: Yes, and I'm afraid we have terrible news. Zak is back.
Junior: What? I stopped him, did I?
Luna: Afraid not. He knew we've come.
Junior: Where is he now?
Luna: At space, trying to free Krona.
Junior: Oh, no. I gotta stop them...
Luna: Careful. You need some rest.
Junior: So, what now?
Luna: Godzilla is going back with Itassis to train, Kong and the team have to keep fighting.
Junior: And your sister?
Luna: She needed to stay to help us.
Junior: So weak...
Luna: Relax. I've been thinking we should go somewhere.
Junior: Hmm? 
Luna: It's almost our anniversary together.
Junior: Really? In a time like this now?
Luna: Don't worry. We'll go somewhere, it'll take two days to come back.
Junior: Well, I guess.
Luna: Where you want to go?
Junior: I was thinking about Ko-Metru.
Luna: Ko-Metru? The place where we angrily fought?
Junior: You were so cute when you were angry.
Luna: I wanted to kill you for that.
Junior: I know.
Luna: Heh, so you want me go tell them?
Junior: Yeah.

Itassis: If your going to train, Godzilla, than we need to go to planet Morklon, it is where you'll get more concentrate.
Godzilla: Than I'll do it. I hope Goji will be okay. I have to stop Zak at all costs.
Itassis: Zak may be more powerful than ever. He now posses Godzilla Junior power.
Godzilla: Hey, he beat Kai when he gotten stronger, he may have a chance to unlock his true potential.
Itassis: I heard stories kaijus absorb radiation power to grow stronger.
Godzilla: You think we find radiation on Morklon?
Itassis: Perhaps. 

Luna: Tia, I wanted to tell you something.
Celestia: Go ahead.
Luna: Goji and I are going to Ko-Metru together. Because it's almost our anniversary.
Celestia: Are you sure? Zak is coming back soon.
Luna: It's okay. We'll be back for two days. He need some time to regain his strength.
Celestia: Okay.
Kong: Your sure? We don't know when Zak be coming.
Luna: I know. But I need to help Goji.
Kong: Hmm, okay. But be careful out there. Ko-Metru is a blizzard.
Luna: We will!

Kong: Alright, Goji. You'll be back, right?
Junior: Of Course we will. I bet I can take this guy myself.
Kong: Zak is too powerful, you won't stand a chance.
Junior: We'll see. See ya.

The team see Junior and Luna got all their package and ready to go to Ko-Metru. Can the Monster Force be ready for Zak? Find out on Monster Force!

To be continue... 


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