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My Bio
Hello there, my name is Mykaila!!! As you can see, I am an artist. I love it dearly with burning passion :love: even though I don't really do it much, but when I have free time and inspiration, I just pick a pencil and paper or iPad and stylus and draw ( 0 ▽ 0)/

I love any visual story telling: Movies, TV shows, some video games, manga, etc. I have been a huge fan of Star Wars and Transformers since middle school. I've also been fond of any kind of animation (whatever looks pretty or unique), but my personal best goes to Anime and some well-thought-of 2d animation like Don Bluth. Also Disney! LOL

As for other don't think I just draw and watch things right do you?......well, honestly it's kinda true.

I enjoy good music: like scores, Jpop, metal, elctronic, rock, vocaloid....just whatever sounds really good, melodically and lyrically.

I am not a hard core gamer. But I do love those with a story (Beginning, middle, and end). Gives me reasons to play it again. SO games like (to name a few) Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, some Transformers games, Uncharted, etc. are a hoot to play. I plan to buy more games in the future. I have a Nintendo 64, Nintendo DSi, PS2, PS3, and PS4 slim.

My favorite foods always consists with balnce...or just whatever works for my taste buds. I always loved smoothies. My favorite fruit is peach. MInts have always given me a satisfying refreshing taste, especially from chocolate chip mint ice cream. Cheesy products have also been tasty for me like Doritos and Fishy Crackers. I always drink milk and I occasionally drink orange juice or 7UP or Sprite.

My best kind of day will always have sunsets and sunrises. I just adore the colors it gives on the clouds and the shapes become so creative. But it is always best during or after a rain storm. Rain is my life. Everyday where I am at now, is always sunny. It's not so bad, but I love the fresh cool smell and feel the rain gives me (cross fingers and one day I will move near Seattle). I've also come to realize I kinda like winter....because it gives me reason to love warmth by snuggling into my blankies LOL However, Spring is my most favorite because it is both warm and cool to me.

My life in the internet is somewhat stable. All I do is check deviantART, Tumblr, facebook, Youtube, some Twitter and watch Nostalgia Critic weekly.

I am also kinda unemployed. Commissions sheet is in the process, so stay tuned. Till then, if you like my work enough, go head and buy me some coffee. Click on the button below.

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Personal Quote: "Happiness to all and to all a good day."

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FIGHT (Undertale Stamp) by Falcosartcorner ACT (Undertale Stamp) by Falcosartcorner SAVE (Undertale Stamp) by Falcosartcorner Item by Falcosartcorner MERCY (Undertale Stamp) by Falcosartcorner

TF Stamp by Moesakaru Stamp: Transformers Prime by Rynndig TF Girls stamp by Metallikato stamp_proud autobot by Nightcathybrid Kingdom Hearts | Stamp by StarlitEspresso KH stamp by Dbzbabe Kingdom Hearts Stamp by winter-ame Sea-Salt ice cream stamp by DarkMythril Stamp by Keyblade-Warriors TFP Optimus stamp by Imber-Noctis FMA Brotherhood | Stamp by StarlitEspresso:thumb404776399: TFP Optimus Prime Fan stamp by TMNT-Raph-fan DEATH THE KID by 80avatarfan80 Axel fan stamp by AnimalSam KH Birth by Sleep ~ Aqua ~ Stamp 1 by KiraiMirai KH 358/2 Days ~ Axel ~ Stamp 1 by KiraiMirai TFP Megatron stamp by Imber-Noctis I love Jack stamp by WaterLily-Gems-Art Clone Wars Master Yoda Stamp by dA--bogeyman DETERMINATION (Undertale Gif) by Falcosartcorner Undertale Stamp: Sans the skeleton by alpakami Clannad | Stamp by StarlitEspresso

I Love The Rain by Wearwolfaa

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Favourite Visual Artist
Hard to say, there are great artists out there ^^
Favourite Movies
Transformers, Nightmare Before Christmas, Kung Fu Panda, Star Wars, Summer Wars, Beauty and the Beast, etc.
Favourite TV Shows
Transformers Prime, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Soul Eater, CLANNAD, etc.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
J-Pop artists (like Mamoru Miyano and Megumi Nakajima), Hatsune Miku, Linkin Park, Paramore, Steve Jablonsky, Yoko Shimomura, etc.
Favourite Books
Transformers Autocracy Trilogy, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ancient Magus Bride, Kingdom Hearts, etc.
Favourite Writers
Those who make good fan-fiction ^-^
Favourite Games
Kingdom Hearts (all of them), Transformers Devastation, TF: War and Fall of Cybertron, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Undertale, Hanafuda...
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS4, PS3, Nintendo 64, PS2, Nintendo Wii...
Tools of the Trade
Procreate, SnapSeed, Photoshop Touch, Paint Tool Sai
Other Interests
Drawing, Singing/Music, videogames, movies, Anime/Manga, computer time, sunsets/sunrises, rain....

Update 2121!!

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There actually isn't much going on, but just a small update for the heck of it. I previously mentioned in my last journal that I have temporarily taken another job due to the COVID conundrum last year, Welp, I was offered full time and decided to pursue it. Because of that, admittedly, due to the longer hours I had, my motivation to draw anything becomes so slim. If anything, I actually sketch for myself and have no plans to share with the world. That being said, if I have any form of art work finished, I will be sure to share them here as always. I do have some projects I want to share at some point. This will especially be a lot easier now that I have a laptop!! You have no idea what a relief it was just to finally share my artwork more conveniently instead of my phone. I also want to share a possible upcoming thing I wanted to try doing. The main reason I wanted a laptop was simply so I can start streaming videogames at some point. Specifically on Twitch (maybe youtube if it
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UPDATE 2020!!

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Hey Everyone!! So....yeah.....guess you’re wondering what I’ve been up to recently. I have moved to another place again and had to settle...though it’s very likely that I’ll move again (luckily in the same area, but just a heads up). I’ve also been working at a different place during the COVID conundrum, which is more physically demanding that my other job. So, submitting art here might be less frequent than before. Speaking of such! I want to express my biggest apologies in something. For those who follow my comic “The Closet”, I want to express how grateful I am that you enjoy it. However, if I
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~primelaplz ( :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz::iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconmovietoeglompplz::iconprimeawesomeplz: ☆ ~MAIN TOPIC STUFF~ :new:I have never been good at updating my journal entries here, but I thought I will give you all an update on what's been going on and what is to come. Some of you may not know, but I moved to another state about a year ago, I had a hard time trying to find a job during the summer. Luckily, I was able to attend a great event that is
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Hey there! Long time no chat!

Hey there! I saw you met Jess Harnell at FanX in Salt Lake City. Nice! Been going since 2017 to that con

I actually met him in Phoenix Comic Con in 2016 😅 But regardless, still a wonderful guy to meet ^^

Oh yeah! He's such a sweetheart! Check out my da page and see who O met when you get the chance and I followed you XD

Hello. Are requests open or no?

Hey there! Sadly, I will not be accepting requests. I apologize :(