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May the 4th: Celebrating Star Wars
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My Bio

This is MNSprime21 reporting!

I grew up drawing for as long as I can remember. I started to realize I loved drawing back in 2005 with my first successful piece I did of Master Yoda. Throughout my school years, drawing has been my escape. I mainly draw fanart on my favorite media. I've done Star Wars, Transformers, some anime, and currently Kingdom Hearts. I normally start with traditional pencil then work my way with line art and coloring digitally with Procreate.

Favourite Visual Artist
Tetsuya Nomura
Favourite Movies
Transformers, Nightmare Before Christmas, Kung Fu Panda, Star Wars, Summer Wars, Beauty and the Beast, etc.
Favourite TV Shows
Transformers Prime, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Soul Eater, CLANNAD, Ancient Magus Bride, etc.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Utada Hikaru, Vocaloid, Linkin Park, Paramore, Steve Jablonsky, Yoko Shimomura, etc.
Favourite Books
Fullmetal Alchemist, Ancient Magus Bride, Kingdom Hearts Manga, etc.
Favourite Writers
Those who make good fan-fiction ^-^
Favourite Games
Kingdom Hearts (all of them), Ocarina of Time, Undertale, Final Fantasy (VII, IX, XV), The World Ends With You, Pokemon Snap (Switch), Breath of the Wild, Animal Crossing New Horizons
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS4, PS3, N64, PS2, Nintendo Switch
Tools of the Trade
Procreate, SnapSeed,
Other Interests
Cooking, photography, sunrises/sunsets, keychains,

Update 2023!!

4 min read
Back at it again with another annual update!! Much like the last 3 years of this kind of journal update, nothing life changing worth expressing on the Internet. However, since this is likely still followed by many Transformers fans, I'd like to gladly report that I did indeed watch Rise of the Beasts and I LOVED it! I MAY draw something related to that, but even that's not entirely concrete since I have yet to find that kind of motivation to draw robots again (they are a bit daunting to do these days). I'm thinking I should wait for the DVD release of the movie and that will very likely spawn a LOT of videos on youtube to help me have a better close-up of Optimus to help me have a much clearer reference to draw this version of him. From then should I have the chance to draw Optimus, I feel that is when I can express my thoughts in full detail of how I feel about the movie. In case some of you MAY not notice, but Optimus Prime is a very special character to me (hence my name is
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Update 2022!!

3 min read
MNS Reporting again! Another year has passed since my last journal entry! Much like last year, not much going on...I think. Still working and I'm slowly adding some more artwork whenever motivation kicks in. I also try my best to sketch out my fantasies, which stays with me and will not be seen by the internet. Guess a couple of big things that are happening. If any of you were keeping updated with the current artwork I added, as I post this journal update, is that this year marks 20 years of the Kingdom Hearts series. It is a series I'm currently obsessed with and wanted to celebrate. The artwork post I shared of my KH journey tells the whole tale, but that is my major focus. I'm currently replaying the series as we speak. However, I also try my best to cleanse my palate by playing some other games for myself like Tales of Arise and some Nintendo Switch games. The biggest announcements related to Kh is that KH4 has been confirmed and the trailer has been out since April and
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Update 2021!!

2 min read
There actually isn't much going on, but just a small update for the heck of it. I previously mentioned in my last journal that I have temporarily taken another job due to the COVID conundrum last year, Welp, I was offered full time and decided to pursue it. Because of that, admittedly, due to the longer hours I had, my motivation to draw anything becomes so slim. If anything, I actually sketch for myself and have no plans to share with the world. That being said, if I have any form of art work finished, I will be sure to share them here as always. I do have some projects I want to share at some point. This will especially be a lot easier now that I have a laptop!! You have no idea what a relief it was just to finally share my artwork more conveniently instead of my phone. I also want to share a possible upcoming thing I wanted to try doing. The main reason I wanted a laptop was simply so I can start streaming videogames at some point. Specifically on Twitch (maybe youtube if it
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Happy Birthday!

Hey there! Long time no chat!

Hey there! I saw you met Jess Harnell at FanX in Salt Lake City. Nice! Been going since 2017 to that con

I actually met him in Phoenix Comic Con in 2016 😅 But regardless, still a wonderful guy to meet ^^

Oh yeah! He's such a sweetheart! Check out my da page and see who O met when you get the chance and I followed you XD