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Escher Stairs

This is a test to see how easy it is to re-create some of escher's most well known work/ideas. The original features a group of monks continuously walking up/down stairs. I will at some point create that image, but that can wait! This is an impossible staircase, just try walking to the top in your head?! Please comment.

And could someone please tell me why and when people download it?!
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Now there's a lovely little trap...
This is one of Escher's drawings which can actualy can be made 3D! Its model is a flat top, with each step tilted a little, so actually the steps are not really horizontal. The model was made by a famous contemporary mathematician.
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THAT is... really weird lookin'.. O.o; cool! i <3 pixel art..l
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Great work, I luv escher´s works...
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thanks, this was the beginning of the whole image, but haven't got round to adding the buildings or the monks yet.
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Downloading is the same thing as full views for images, in case that wasn't already answered.
And the stairs are awsome!
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Aha, Escher's focuses!

Cute representation!, I like it! :)
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I prefer walking down the stairs mentally, it's less effort :P
Were all the bricks / stairs meant to be different sizes of is that an accident?
Nice pixelling by the way :) I'll have to have a go sometimes, I like the clean lines and utopian cities you get :)
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Originally the stairs weren't meant to be different sizes, I will have to redo it at some point. JUst so the effect worked I did it whichever way I could. I'm either going to make it more random or clean it up a lot!
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