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Red suit

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Being beamed in a red suit is bad enough but being bound and gagged likely means certain doom....or worse.  ;)
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Great Job, Nice, Hi

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Your welcome, and Can I Have Requests please

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Ouch! This might be the most painful looking reverse-prayer binding that I've ever seen. Poor ting. And her sad, glossy eyes definitely reflect the humiliation and discomfort. Thanks

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Thanks. This was a custom made binding that I put together. I was definitely meant to be an extreme tie.

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How  much  do  you  bet that  she  is  being  beamed  over  to  a  alien  ship  as a  short  of  gift  .

 Once  on  there  they  take  the  things  off  her  before playing  with  her.
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I think the only things coming off are her clothes.  LOL
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It seems that she´s about to have a hard time...would love to see her further adventures

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That´s a position her arms should be welded in permanent steel bonds...
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Sounds like a form of Klingon torture!
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beam her down 
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Better yet, beam it in her.  Or is that a George Takei thing?
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A really interesting way to bind a woman. But this must lead to horrible pain after a short time. But makes her absolutely helpless and with that gag it is very humiliating too. A very impressing picture.
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This is one of those special poses I put together to do something a little different.  Has worked great in this and many other images over the years.
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You´re right. It doesn´t only work great, also to have the idea to bind the woman in such a way is remarkable.
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You are most welcome. 
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Encouraging picture with bound gagged doll; nice.Love 
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Love it! Great job on the transporter room. She looks absolutely fantastic! I envy the villain who gets to lay his (or her) hands on her! :D
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What has this girl done to deserve such peril? She doesn't even look like a heroine...
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The enterprise was taken over by hostile aliens.  Guess they had no reason to keep her around.
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