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Seven, They Were Seven...

It is completed! I’m..I’m so…happy! :iconhappytearsplz:

Here they are, the Seven from Sarah Ash’s “Tears of Artamon” trilogy: Za‘afiel, Sahariel, Nilaihah, Belberith, Khezef, Adramelech and Nagazdiel. It is a little weight off my shoulders to have the series done finally. These fellows have been looming over my head for months…And now, I’m happy to unleash them upon the world. XD

Go forth, my glowing, scaly brethren!

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I love what you've done in painting these Bad Boys. Just saying...   Heart 

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Woooooooooo it's beautiful ♥
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What a beautiful collection *A*
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This is the essence of awesome… I love this. The Tears of Artamon is probably my favorite series of books.
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Thank you so much! :la: I'm glad to meet another fan. They're such underrated books for how great they are. Also, we have a fan-group! :iconthe-serpent-gate:
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freaking good! love it!
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:la: Thank you!
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these are amazing <3 x
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Thank you so much! :D I'm pretty fond of the seven of them myself :D
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Damn your extraordinary contribution to your fandom! And why aren't you already more famous than that one chick who does those mediocre fairy paintings-- YOU KNOW THE ONE! I blame The Man.

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Amazing!! You did a wonderful work with this series, I can't decide which one is my favourite! Each one has beautiful and perfect colour shades and composition, and the technique is superbe! If I really have to decide.. maybe the white is my favourite. The white drops on darker background is really elegant :heart:
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:highfive: Thank you so much! :la:

I'm glad you like them, and that they've been so well recieved. XD I have to admit, I'm prund of how the white one came out. It's strange trying to "paint white" without making it look BORING.
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OHMYGOSHHH!!! The series is complete!!!! :wow: :love: :faint:
I don't know the book, but your work is very hard and cool!!!!!!! :love: :wow.
I love all of they! Congrats!!! :clap:
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Thank you so much! :dance: You've been with me all the way through it. Now its over :la: I am filled with joy!
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This are really pretty! I love them! So nice! :heart: They are all SO PRETTY!
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:la: I'm so glad you like them! :glomp:
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these seven are powerful indeed, i'm impressed.
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I just love matching sets of things ._. you should try to sell these or something! or at least put 'em on your wall. they ought to be admired all together!
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I love sets of illustrations too :heart: I'm already planning on a two illustration set based on another book series by a different author @,@ GOALS! I HAS THEM.

My intent was to sell *this* set as a post-card set at Yaoi con in October :imhappyplz: I hope they sell well.
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wooow, finally finished! =D so exciting! ! =D they are all very beautiful, and especially together =) really well done! ^^
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