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I'm sure many ftms among us are pretty short(sorry to say), often looked around the tall guys and been pretty down bout it. Well, for ftms who're still on puberty, I'm here to give some personal tips on how to grow taller. Well, if you're an mtf, you can...i dunno, do the opposite?
I was reluctant to give these tips cus many ftms are taller than me, but you know what, screw that.
*Note that these are just personal tips. I've searched on google for some advice and tried them out as well as to mix my own methods of growing taller, and advice I've collected around other people.

1. Get out of the computer and work out
If you've been sitting down on the computer all day, well get your ass out and get moving! I mean, I know ftms use the computer to boost their confidence/distract themselves. That's a good thing especially when you have your own lgbt community, but at least work out occasionally. Don't let the computer damage you. You've heard about the radiation and how it could damage you right? Well get this, sitting in front of the computer and staring at the screen too long affects your brain's growth. That's why you see kids nowadays being well... no offense but it's true.
well I've strayed off a little so moving on. Working out daily gives your body a chance to grow even more. Do some stretching exercises and hang onto some bars. Maybe some pushups and sit ups, who knows. Sweat a little more. Jump a little more(some people say it works but I'm not sure). The more you do em the more it'll be effective. Don't forget to drink more water before doing them.
Oh one more thing. Don't exercise while you're sick. You can't achieve maximum effect if you do that. rest more if you need.

2. Sleep more, have a regular sleep routine.
Yep. Sleep is of outmost importance. I would recommend resting early(9 or 10 plus). Your system will repair the necessary stuff that you need, and this will enable you to grow faster. Plus when you sleep, gravity ain't holding your height back.
If you can't exercise due to handicaps(my bro couldn't cus he needs to take medicine that will risk heatstroke) your next best bet is to sleep more.

3. Right diet(and eat more of the right foods)
You often hear your mom say "stop eating those cookies!" "stop eating too many sweets, they're not good for your health!"
well start listening to them. Cus first of all, they will indirectly affect your growth. If you take those cookies or sweets or chips and whatnot, soon your stomach will be full of em, and you have less time and opportunity to stuff in healthier foods that will help you grow into your mouth.
Take more vegetables. Take dark green vegetables, they'll help you grow taller cus of their bone nutrients. Fresh potatoes and starchy foods help too.
If you're a vegetarian(even if you aren't it's recommended), you should take more vegetables that have protein on them(in my country we have tofu and beancurd for that). Oh, and beans and peas help too. I know you guys despise them to the max(especially peas, though I don't see why) but they're an excellent plant based source of protein.
Speaking of protein, take more meat. Not gettin enough of protein-rich foods(which has zinc in em by the way) could lead to growth retardation. Foods that're rich in zinc are oysters, crab legs, pork, beef, chickpeas and cashews,so take more of em.
NEVER take coffee or alcohol. They reduce your chance of growing taller. I've taken alcohol and regretted it so much til this day.

4. **MOST IMPORTANT TIP** Don't let stress or depression get you down!
Yep. This is one of the most important tips to grow taller. Why, you may ask?
Stress and depression, those negative emotions will definitely affect your height growth. Chronic stress can disrupt the normal levels of chemicals in the brain such as serotonin. This chemical is necessary for the feeling of well-being. I know that many ftms over here will often stress themselves out with all that bullcrap about your crappy body, but it's not worth it. I understand that you guys sometimes look at the mirror and really get so depressed you can't stop crying, or get annoyed at people who address you as 'she', but don't EVER let that get you down. Instead, keep your hopes up and distract yourself with more positive stuff. Try not to let your mind wander off to emotional things(its tempting but try not to) and instead train yourself to focus on more important or more positive things. Abandon whatever drama is in your head, leave whoever is stressing you out(or just tell them to stop stressing you cus it's gonna affect you wholeheartedly) look for some tips on google on how to deal with your emotions, and move on.
Also, if you look at the tall guys in the train or streets, tell yourself "I'm going to grow tall. Not as tall as those guys but at least taller than the girls." I know you're gonna be like "that's not true, my emotions won't feel that way even if i think of that", but don't fret.
Let me tell you this little fact. Some people actually have an extremely late growth spurt. You might even start growing when you least expect it, so never give up. Instead do whatever you can to keep your hopes up and be happy about your life(no matter what kind of shit it tries to give you). Plus even if you lament and dwell on those problems, you can't change unless you take action can you?

5. Have confidence in yourself
Both emotionally, mentally and physically. If you're insecure and all that(I totally get that feeling, I was exploring myself and stuff), tell yourself that you're you, and no one is going to stop you from being you. I repeat, no one is EVER going to stop you from being YOU. This includes things like society's perception and views. Shut them all out, and hold your head high. No matter what kind of society, what kind of people you live in and with, or even your own bodies and personalities, be proud of yourself. Don't be proud of what you are or what you've become, be proud of who you are.
For ftms, you can also look up on some tips in google on how you can bind and pass to increase your confidence.

On to some minor tips.
-straighten your back. DON'T slouch or hunch your back no matter what. It will affect the growth of your spine. I know some ftms are too poor to afford binders and stuff, so try to make your own binder, well or do anything to both boost your confidence and allow you to straighten your back at the same time.
-when you work out, it's recommended you do it alone than when you're with friends who know you as a girl. This will really affect you if they treat you like a girl. For people who accept you wholeheartedly as trans, you could hang out with them more to make you happier.
-stop suffering by yourself. If you keep everything within yourself you'll have heavier emotions and it'll affect your growth. Instead find a trusted friend or write a diary. Keeping a diary is not girly, don't hesitate cus it'll justify on how much of a 'girl' are you. Remind yourself that growing taller is of outmost importance, and that your identity can wait later.
-Dysphoria. That painful, painful word. Don't let it get to you. NEVER let it get to you. It will destroy everything in your path. I've lost friends cus of this little thing and it got into me so much it affected my well being. Whenever you got this dysphoria, rant it out to a trusted friend or a diary. Don't rant too much on public journals, it'll affect your emotions and insecurity more if you do that. Distract yourself with better and more productive activities you love doing.
-DON'T SMOKE. Smoking seems cool but it stunts your growth. Plus all those ash entering your lungs... you don't want that do you? If you're addicted to smoking, try looking up tips online, or set some targets; whenever you're tempted to smoke, stop yourself and reward yourself with some sweets if you manage to stop that temptation.

Alright that's all what I can think of right now.
Hope I've helped you guys on those tips. I'm not sure if it'll be effective but it is to me. I mean, if you guys think these tips don't work, then ok, search for other tips that might help you. Don't give up on your own height and be despondent, it ain't gonna do anythin.

And remember, start early, and don't stop dreaming. You have time, and while you can still grow, don't waste it.

As quoted from someone I've forgotten, A day without a smile is a day wasted.
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