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'won't look like a tank'



That dress made your flank look ginormous.. seriously..

Do i have any GGG ponies in my gallery (yet.) ?

Have a GGG Rainbow Dash.
I'm having an affair with SAI, photoshop is actually good with shading.
That grape necklace was a pain.

now, I go! sleep!

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art: *Mn27
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Excellent job, I would like to point out that the edges seem a bit rough in some areas on the her wings.
The bead/whatever is holding her mane kind-of sticks out to me, the reflection on it seems a bit off.
The wings seem a tiny bit too far up on her body.

I *could* use a bit more detail in the wings, might I suggest adding some feathery detail?

I think my favorite part about your work on this piece is the absolutely splendid shading job you did!

VERY good work, you should be known more! I hope to see more from you!