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FREE BRUSHES, 80 Super Stars

MMP-Stock Brushes Are Free To Use With the Following Rules:
1) You must Fave if used.
2) You must credit
3) You must link back.
4) You must tell me you used them, send me a note, or comment in original posting.
5) If used outside of DA, please send me a sample (links are okay too).

Brushes are designed for Photoshop CS2 Software only.
As long as rules are abided, you may make prints of your creation that use these brushes.

Visit my art gallery
© 2006 - 2021 mmp-stock
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Jimmyflame-Artworks's avatar
Used your brush here-Saint Legacy: SoG-Logo. It's just what I needed :D
atulperx's avatar
Sir I have shared your brushes on my blog collection but download link is diverted to your this Page , so you can get credits . I hope you will like my collection - Photoshop Star Brushes – 35+ High Quality Stars Pack

Thanks :blowkiss:
MLeighS's avatar
I used here, [link] just what I needed. thanks
MLeighS's avatar
not sure that linked worked. sorry. hope this is right, [link]
Senoviya's avatar
I used ur brush here [link] thanks !
iAquaCupCake's avatar
Wonderful =O I'll link if I use them ^_^
leal84's avatar
Nice brush set. I will see what I can use it in. Will credit you when used and will link what I used it for. Thanks.
topazcloud-si's avatar
AWESOME! i plus faved cause i might use them.... i just don't know when yet ^^; lol but this is really helpful for me.
Dei--dara's avatar
x3 wonderfull brushes!
aww only for CS2 :(
i only have 5.0
if you wouldn't mind...could you tell me how you make these? x3
Thank you for sharing.. ^^
ax21's avatar
thanks for ur wonderful brushes...
id downloaded ur brush and used it here... stars
PunkGraffiti's avatar
I'm going to use these, or at least attempt to, if that's alright with you?

itsumo-momiji's avatar
very very useful!
would make a great background with these brushes! ^O^
ax21's avatar
nice! perfect stars for my wallpapers! weeeee!
alyssa-is-on-crack's avatar
I will link when I use them!
thank you :3
they're great! thanks so much. will link if i sue them :)
DarkClone's avatar
lol, this is a pretty funny typo.

No offense, :D
nooges-art's avatar
nice brushes I haven't used any before but I've faved and downloaded yours and will experiment through my school break :D credit and link if I use them :D
SagePavel's avatar
So wonderful stars!!
It's such an amazing job!
I'll fave them, and later use them.
Thanks so much!
mmp-stock's avatar
Used here [link]
mmp-stock's avatar
apparently you're account has been deleted. sorry.
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