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I'm reading this manga (Gamaran) and I'm all "WHOA, THIS IS INTERESTING".


Once I get to chapter 29 it suddenly takes a shift towards super-special-ultimate-sure-kill moves and has a scene that mirrors Naruto's chuunin exam.

My reaction:
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Seems like that happens with ever series that starts interestingly. The author gives up and just starts giving everyone super speshul powers.
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I don't think the authors give up but they just have to resort to old tricks in order to keep their series afloat.

Like how after a while Katekyo Hitman Reborn turned into a classic team-battle story.

And I take it back with Gamaran, he only learned one move and the story is still mostly original.
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KHR was one of the ones that I was thinking about actually, though I feel like it was a team-battle story from pretty much the start, it's when the boxes and the animal-spirit things started getting involved. But even then, it doesn't forget what kind of story it's trying to tell. One Piece is another one, it's got a buttload of unique characters and battle moves but the core of the series hasn't deviated much from page one...

Compare to a story like Bleach or Naruto, both series hit their storytelling peaks early on and now just seem to be coasting by on unique characters and battle moves.

The difference with those two shows, and One Piece and KHR, is the focus. Like, all four shows are shonen battle shows. They all have a diverse cast. The first two remember to do things like develop characters and show moments of plot unrelated to battles, so that we the audience still care about them. Naruto mostly forgets this, and I think Bleach all but gave up since after the end of the Shinigami arc.

/end ramble before I legitimately run out of space. See what you did!
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You've got a point with KHR. I guess I just didn't expect it to go supernatural and lose its realism when boxes hit and school life was forgotten. I noticed a shift though and I liked where the story was before.

I do agree that Bleach and Naruto lost something special. I stopped reading bleach after Ichigo started invading hollow-land and saw the same "damsel in distress" idea being reused, I can't speak for that story.
Still, Naruto seems to bring some (sometimes quasi-corny) life lessons out. Naruto also has a feel similar to DBZ that I like, plus the attacks are cool. What can I say. Though Naruto changed I think it was for the better. It got darker and the characters seemed to mature as I matured.

Eichiro Oda has shown some genius in One Piece though. I still think that series is 80% gold if not more.
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Better make that 100% before I cut you :T

Well, even OP had its moments where you're just like WHAAAAT but I really can't say what they are, I'm too biased. Oda is my idol. :3

I do like Naruto, I just haven't been able to get into it the same since they timeskipped. Maybe I should give it another try. I do like the character designs.

Bleach is still just...ehhhh. I stopped reading after I realized I didn't know who was fighting who and couldn't bring myself to care, haha. Plus the xanatos gambits on top of xanatos gambits, holy crap. That chapter where Aizen was like "WE PLANNED THIS FROM PAGE ONE" you didn't, Tite Kubo, stop lying.
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Hey, you'd better put that knife down before somebody gets hurt.

"Yeah? Who's going to get hurt?"

That'd be me.

...I've got a bromance going with Oda.
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o_o your crotch internally combusted? ...OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! yeah i don't know where i'm doing with fact...i'm not sure i really wanna know. XD
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No, I started pissing flames!

...and forgot to take my pants off -_-
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rofl your icon plus this comment made me lol...also...noodle is snoring.
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