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Rainbow Tour 015

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Hey y'all finally breaking my hiatus! it's been awhile huh

- Koffing gas is slow acting- Phoebe and Aquila started to feel sick sometime overnight. In high concentrations it can be lethal, otherwise its very similar to a stomach bug.
- Because Pokemon communication is telepathic and not verbal they can intentionally exclude others from hearing them
- I think I mentioned this once on a reference sheet, but Agnes is one of Eva and Phoebe's Mom's pokemon, and she is much, much older than them.
- Phoebe is at youngest 9 in these flashbacks, at oldest 12. Speaking of, all the flashbacks take place in and around Vermilion, where she spent her summers as a kid. The emo looking kid is Eva at around 15

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Star! Thanks for reading! Hopefully will be able to do somewhat consistent updates through the rest of the year. I don't think I ever announced this on DA, but because it's my senior year of school I'm a bit busy with capstone, work, and hard classes on top of it. With this in mind I'm no longer updating on a strict scgedule like I've done for the comic so far. Pages will be put out as they're completed, and I suspect that the pace I make them at will slow to a crawl. I still very much enjoy working on this project though so I don't intend to leave it on indefinite hiatus!

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A-KTheLittleFairyHobbyist General Artist

I absolutely love the environments and backgrounds in this update so much!! Nice to see this pretty comic back again!

riverplath's avatar
riverplathHobbyist Digital Artist

i kept going back to re-read this cuz gosh miz you do such a wonderful job at settings. i could practically hear the cicadas in the first panel, and all the RV scenes look great.

and! i'm so excited for more backstory on phoebe! she's such a delight and now i'm super curious what made her quit. (also, agnes just looks fantastic idk what it is but she just stood out to me)

mmizart's avatar

ahhh thank you!! excited to get into some more backstory in this chapter :D

keltii-tea's avatar
keltii-teaHobbyist Digital Artist

Your backgrounds are so nice I am in awe!! Takeshi (Heart Eyes) [V1]

mmizart's avatar

Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] thank you!!!

MandyMiriana's avatar
MandyMirianaHobbyist General Artist

Ahhhh your art is so pretty and I'm really invested in the world you've built! The pokemon talking via telepathy is a neat idea, don't think i've seen that anywhere before :> Can't wait to learn more about the characters and the world

mmizart's avatar

Thank you! I think I have read a few runs that do it this way? Maybe chiaki's? I cant remember oops

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ShindiSamaStudent Traditional Artist

Her Espeon looks so cute! And everything you have here looks so vibrant, it's a really nice style!

mmizart's avatar

Thank you! Painting backgrounds is both my passion and my burden

WildfireWhim's avatar
WildfireWhimStudent Digital Artist

aaa what a good page!! I love the world building and learning more about Eva!!! I'm very worried to find out what happened to her espeon though.... (just a hunch but I'm guessing it's why she's not interested in battling anymore)

ALSO the backgrounds are absolutely gorgeous and aaaa the cameos are all super cute!!! thank you for including my characters!!!!

mmizart's avatar

yee np! thanks for lending them cameos are always fun

TheLastUnicornInOz's avatar
TheLastUnicornInOzStudent General Artist

I cant even these backgrounds are incredible and I just really like that little detail you added with the Antidote, ia lways love little details like that as they help to make the world feel more real in allot of ways.

I....worry about what happened to that Espeon, by the way they were talking almost sounds as something bad happened....

mmizart's avatar

Thank you!! I try to give it a real world road trip feeling where I can

GECKO-Nuzlockes's avatar
GECKO-NuzlockesHobbyist Digital Artist

Venonot. That's amazing

That may be the cutest Espeon I've ever seen. It definitely died and that's why she gave up training. Calling it now

mmizart's avatar

┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌ yes no maybe so

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AssistantLobsterHobbyist Digital Artist

I would honestly die for Procyon. For some reason the fact that they were unusually powerful makes me think of some connection to mew?? Idk at this point i’m just throwing possibilities out,,,, anyways Read Rainbow Tour!!! : DDD

mmizart's avatar

yes i love hearing theories!! makes me excited to see where people think the story is going

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YuriakashuHobbyist Traditional Artist


mmizart's avatar

lmao catch me crying as im writing my pokemanz fanfiction

EraOfThirteen's avatar
EraOfThirteenHobbyist Digital Artist

backstory time!!!! im glad to know a bit more about procyon now, though im worried for what happened to him ;w; its also good to hear more from eevee! he's such a prickly little guy and i like him a lot :>

also thank you for the cameo! they look really cute <3

mmizart's avatar

yeee np! thanks for letting me borrow them

justsnooze's avatar
justsnoozeProfessional Digital Artist

UUWAH im so glad to see rainbow tour back QvQ i adore all the details and aesthetics of your environments. its such a unique feeling for a nuzcomic and feels very grounded in the real world (which really helps your roadtrip vibes tbh!!) gotta say i adore the antidote reinterpretation especially!!

also OOF ive got some bad feelings about procyon and what may have happened to him.... cannot wait to see more of phoebe's past revealed

mmizart's avatar

eeee thank you!!! luckily i have been blessed to enjoy drawing cars n shit so im looking forward to future pages where i get to show off the more urban side of things

spacesriot's avatar
spacesriotHobbyist Digital Artist

FUCK YEAH RAINBOW TOUR!!! LOVING THIS!!!! this tasty phoebe backstory.... (eats it up) that espeon. what happened huh. hm. also i STILL cant get over how you draw pokemon theyre absolutely wonderful!! and good luck with your senior year!

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