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Rainbow Tour 014

By mmizart
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And that's... Chapter 1, folks. This was a fun page. I missed having Eva and Phoebe interact.

No real game notes for this page, but some commentary
As of making this page I got a new computer with a much better screen! I don't expect it to make a big difference in my art, but the colors are so much clearer now.
That Caterpie (my viridian forest catch) will get a proper introduction in a little :)
Also I imagine Phoebe didn't mean to slam the car door but she did and made things seem 50 times worse than they are

I am going on a short hiatus to make up for the time I spent developing chapter 2, making references, and taking a break due to school this past fall and winter. I'll make a more formal post later , but I'll probably be back in the fall. Thanks for reading as always!

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sunnyindoorsHobbyist Digital Artist

Those first three panels made me laugh out loud! Who wouldn't want to squish a charmander if they had one?

Also, I just read through this comic and it is beautiful! I'm absolutely in love with your art style! Can't wait to see more!

mmizart's avatar

*v* thank you!!! Im glad you think so, these pages take a long time to make

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A-KTheLittleFairyHobbyist General Artist

Hehehe that's one way to catch a new Team Member and your version of caterpie - cute!

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KaligemStudent Writer
Caterpie is so adorable.

Squishy charmander is the best charmander
DrewRaichu's avatar

i love this comic so much already, the art, the pokemon, the edge

mmizart's avatar
ahh I'm glad!! ^^
GECKO-Nuzlockes's avatar
GECKO-NuzlockesHobbyist Digital Artist
I want that little Caterpie to hide in my hair too <3
riverplath's avatar
riverplathHobbyist Digital Artist
god you're probably used to hearing this but i l-o-v-e the way u color stuff. it just looks SO pretty.
the caterpie in phoebe's hair is just..aaaah. it's big beautiful dumb eyes and how it's stuck in her curls it's so cute
mmizart's avatar
Heart lol its always nice to hear. thank you!! 
Mizu-Hoseki's avatar

bwahahaha!!! i had to go and see if i could tell which page caterpie was grabbed and looked like 9 around when she threw off the weedle... that amuses me, as does the squishy charmander!

can't wait to see whats next

mmizart's avatar
omg i didnt  think anyone would pick up on that because it was so little...
Mizu-Hoseki's avatar

well you gave us 2 teeny tiny hits after the 'encounter' just the barest hit in her hair, that could almost be mistaken as hair you didn't color right... another teeny hint right before going into the cafe on 10, 4 bigger and one more teeny on 13, before finally pulling it out on 14, i say all around, well done!

.....yes i'm crazy enough to go back and double check things to satisfy my curiosity

ok, i'm done now, peace out

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WildfireWhimStudent Digital Artist

I love Eva and Phoebe's interactions they're so interesting!! and your backgrounds are lovely as always!!!

also Helios squish... so cute....

mmizart's avatar
*o* thank you!!
critterlingz's avatar
critterlingzStudent Digital Artist

gosh I forgot to comment earlier but your backgrounds and colors are really just SUBLIME and vibrant! the character body language/poses and things are delightful and really tell a lot about their personalities, too. I cant wait for chapter 2!

mmizart's avatar
AHHH that means a lot coming from you, I love your character expressions (´。• ω •。`)
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WintersPheonixHobbyist Interface Designer
Excuse me I love that caterpie so much they so ccuuuuute.
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Fat Worm  worm time
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YoctoCrunchStudent Digital Artist
I will never get over just how stunning all your comic pages look! The colors and the paneling are just superb <3<3
mmizart's avatar
ah thank you! i was really proud of how this page came out haha
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ShamditionerHobbyist General Artist
mmizart's avatar
hes a long boi!!! he go squash
Shamditioner's avatar
ShamditionerHobbyist General Artist
thatguybrody's avatar
oh just you wait. the summer has only just begun.
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