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Rainbow Tour 013

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this is one of those pages that in retrospect probably should have been split into two or made longer because there is a lot going on. also accidently made it later at night than i meant. live and learn!
Next page will be the end of chapter one, and then the comic will be on a small hiatus for the summer. Thanks for reading!

Anyway, page notes:
- uH yeah thats proton, one of the few canon characters in this comic. I only know the game canon, I imagine he was in rocket before it disbanded.

- It's been a while since pokemon communication was explained in-comic so for clarification: Pokemon use telepathy magic to talk with humans, and it can only go through if there is 1. some kind of emotional bond or motive and 2. the recieving end has emotional control. for example in this update, Phoebe can't hear Aquila because she is emotionally unresponsive. Goddammit why did I make this so complicated I could have just gone the "pokemon talk to people route" why
    - side note, agnes' occasional grammar screw ups are not errors!

- Changed Aquila's um.. "emphasis" font, hopefully it reads well. I wont subject you to my bad cursive anymore

- That closes up eevee's flashbacks for this chapter : )

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Rockets! Of course. The idea of gassing is terrifying but so glad Junebug finally decides to join! Yay!

Pcaara's avatar
AAAAAAA HE TALKED!!! Also that panel with the fire got me like 👀👀 I love the small layers were getting to eevee's backstory these past few pages. Here's to him finding his place on the team proper!
Pcaara's avatar
Also just read the note on communication and that clears things up!! That's also a really cool way of doing it :O although I can imagine it's very difficult to keep track of
TwistedEerie's avatar
Me eyezooming and crying at the lil Caterpie OIGUGHHG
Also love all the pokemons interactions, they make a great little team I love them all criess <3
mmizart's avatar
we got a hitchhiker situation...
and thank you!!!!!!!
Velink's avatar
Oh no! looks like someone is poisoned!
Oliverri's avatar
Such good colors!!! That fire stands out so nicely! I really like your team so far, they play off of each other in such an interesting way (including their trainer) it's really hard not to want to know where they'll end up
mmizart's avatar
Thank you!! I was proud of that panel, tryin out some more clashing colors since a lot of my backgrounds tend towards monochromatic
riverplath's avatar
wanna kiss eevee's face and put a bandaid on him
GECKO-Nuzlockes's avatar
that is the happiest little Koffing I've ever seen! I love them! The Rocket members are hilarious too. Love your characterization
mmizart's avatar
yeah!!! he's just vibin he doesnt care
WildfireWhim's avatar
AAA wow the wildfire panel is breathtaking!!!!! I love your backgrounds sm!!!

also I'm so intrigued about proton and the person with him.... what are they doing in these ruins......
mmizart's avatar
<3 ah thanks!!
wish i could spit these pages out faster so you could see
YoctoCrunch's avatar
Haha I see a new friend has decided to tag along with Pheobe
Noblejanobii's avatar
Oooh cool appearance from Proton. Wonder if he'll pop up again.
ganonboars's avatar
they r walking
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