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I'm kind of frustrated about my job.

A good friend of mine is very close to getting fired, and I think that my boss is being illogical about the entire scenario.

My friend (who will be referred to as Shelly) has been unable to work very much for the past few months.  She participates in a lot of school activites and she has been very busy.  Before this period of relative inactivity started, she informed my boss about it and my boss was ok with it.

Right now, Shelly is ready to come back to work.  Her one major conflict has now ended and she has one week left of activities before she can return to a regular working schedule.   However, she has to work at the election on Tuesday.  When she gave our boss early warning, the boss threatened to fire her.

It doesn't make any sense!  Why would my boss wait patiently for three months only to fire Shelly a week  before she was able to work again?!  It's all very frustrating, and no matter what the outcome is my opinion of my boss has lowered drastically.

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Submitted on
October 28, 2004