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I'm very proud of myself right now.  I'm also artistically excited.  College is amazing!  Chemistry is satan.  And you'll get to see my awesome new work soon...
Plus there is only one month until college.  I can't wait.  Life rawks.

Back again, for a time.

Sat Mar 5, 2005, 4:11 PM
"Hey havent talked to you in a while."
chit007 and probably a lot of other people...

The truth is that I haven't talked to anybody in a while; I've been pretty silent.  Hopefully that is about to change.  I've started painting darned actively and I dream about a life where something like this is constant.

I've got some more stuff in production and more ideas, and I have three months of classes left to get me into the habit of doing art on my own.  So far it's been assignments and once and a while something personal, and I want to transition to totally personal work.  We'll see how that goes.

School sucks, except for art class, and that's about it for now.  Have a nice day.

Stomp to your own beat.
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Sat Feb 12, 2005, 9:40 PM
its... whippy.


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Scannin mah pics

Sat Jan 29, 2005, 10:47 AM
Ok, so I really want to put my recent work on DA but I can't find a way to get the images into my 'puter.  I've been working larger than 8.5"x11", so scanning my work has become an artwork in itself :P.

Anyway, I went out to Kinko's today and they have an oversize scanner, but it's only black and white and I have to roll my images through it.  It's not flatbed.  So not only would I have to take my sketches out of my sketchbook but there is no way to scan my paintings!  I'm starting to see a few serious disadvantages to working on streched canvas.

So just to hype things up a bit:  I have two GYNORMOUSLY good paintings to show, but they can't find their way onto the site yet.  This is very painful for me.  TTYL.

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Higgledy Jibe

Thu Nov 11, 2004, 8:19 PM
Have you ever cleaned both ears with the same side of a q-tip and then worried about cross-pollenation?

as the wailing ship goes
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I saw "The Incredibles" today and it's Pixar's best yet.  It almost surpasses description.  If Pixar ever fails to be totally original, completely funny or surprising in any way, it will truly be a sad day.  The Incredibles is entertainment, congealed into its most pure and concentrate form.

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as the wailing ship goes
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I remember going to see some movie a long time ago, and I saw a preview for some travesty called "28 Days Later."

I was not impressed.

Not only did the preview seem to jump genres faster than an arcade goth playing Dance Dance Revolution but it seemed to be your run-of-the-mill horror-movie cannon-fodder special.  The testemonial tv commercials were running rampant and were annoying, but when the movie came out one of my good friends said that it was not very scary at all.

"Well screw that then," I said, and proceeded to not go and see the movie.

Well, I was wrong.  I saw "28 Days Later" tonight at a friend's house and it was one of the most refreshing sci-fi movies I've seen in a while.

I think the problem is that many movie preview directors need to be dragged out into the street and shot; many movies which are not bad movies (or, conversely, are not good movies) are misrepresented by their previews and attract exactly the wrong audience.  "28 Days Later," which is not a bad horror movie but a good sci-fi one, looked terrible, whereas "What Women Want" looked absolutely hilarious and then made me want to hang myself from one of the THX-certified speakers.

I've kicked myself repeatedly when I make fun of movies that turn out to be good.  I did it to "Blue Streak" and I did it to "28 Days Later" too.  One would think that, having the capacity for abstract thought, I would form conclusions and modify my behavior.  I am now certain, however, that I am one of those people who cannot form mental connections.  I will forge through the rest of my pitiful life acting the same way in every situation because I cannot see any reason to change.

I... I think I have something in my eye...
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I'm kind of frustrated about my job.

A good friend of mine is very close to getting fired, and I think that my boss is being illogical about the entire scenario.

My friend (who will be referred to as Shelly) has been unable to work very much for the past few months.  She participates in a lot of school activites and she has been very busy.  Before this period of relative inactivity started, she informed my boss about it and my boss was ok with it.

Right now, Shelly is ready to come back to work.  Her one major conflict has now ended and she has one week left of activities before she can return to a regular working schedule.   However, she has to work at the election on Tuesday.  When she gave our boss early warning, the boss threatened to fire her.

It doesn't make any sense!  Why would my boss wait patiently for three months only to fire Shelly a week  before she was able to work again?!  It's all very frustrating, and no matter what the outcome is my opinion of my boss has lowered drastically.

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All my prints are now priced below $30 for your convenience. ;)

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