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Tricycle by mmiller8 Tricycle by mmiller8
I am in Love with Prismacolor. This was done using some of their FINE colored pencils. I hurried with the background because I was sick of working on it. I wish I hadn't now, but thats the way things usually turn out with me so... eh, whatever.
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VIPANCHI Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2006
beautiful colours&beautiful idea

but drawing is :thumbsdown:
lady-maree Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2004
colour sexes us all in the arse. I know dear friend of art. i know. :nod: :lmao:

great fine motor skills.,

barstard...I MEAN!!..>_>....


congrats a a brilliant peice of art.

i'll be watching you :evileye:

Stamarex Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2003
Nice job! Looks kinda like a Salvador Dali. Amazing that that is pencil, I will have to check out these Prismacolors. The perspective is off a bit especially in the trike but I like that the background is scetchy it puts more focus on the things in front.
toez Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2003
thats freeking awsiome +fav!
bule Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2003   Photographer
Great abstract art. (It is abstract, right?) The shading and pencilwork is great. You probably put gajillions of man-hours into this one. Super job!
melocopter Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2003  Professional Traditional Artist
this is very cool: more imaginative than the crushed can (which is very nicely rendered by the way)
mercurial Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2003
Really nice. I love the ripples from the orange-ish bottle of paint especially, very lifelike and I'll be damned if you don't have a better imagination than I do (as well as the skill with the colored pencil, can't forget that.)

I would encourage you to go back to this piece and spend some time on a more detailed background, as it stands now the picture is deserving of all the much more attention you can give to it.
deathscythe02 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2003
wow! Worship
damn you for being so good with pencil crayons! LOL
smokebox Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2003   Interface Designer
prismacolors are great and this is nice, i do, however wish you had finished the background up completely coloring it in, but its still interesting as is

I did this [link] in prismacolor you might find it interesting, just a suggestion tho! :D (Big Grin)
camelel Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2003
this is a great work, i really like your drawing style, very coloured, very detailed, good work! Worship Clap
bluecanary Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2003
This looks like some kerazy performance art or something. Cool Clap
iamnophotographer Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
omfg i Love that one! awsome work on it :) (Smile) just mindblowing. it looks friggin great :) (Smile) +fav breathtaking work. and how imaginative :) (Smile)
ZirTuan Featured By Owner May 29, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
Child's play, the works of colors and abstract thoughts where they can never be full fill completely because the understanding for the objects, of its purposes are not being known since the mind of a child is still at its early stage of development. The kind of things a child sees are anew, fresh, interesting where most adults finds it dull.

I like the abstract images you have here with the flexible movement of certainty. Good work.
desertpenguin Featured By Owner May 27, 2003
Buahaha! This is awesome. I love it..the paint looks realistic and the colors appeal to me. Specially the red.
5xenigma Featured By Owner May 16, 2003
My tricycle! You stole it! I want this picture though, put it next to my tricycle poems.

So ironic...I don't even think you know about those three poems. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a tricycle on my devwatch...very very weird...deja vu like...

but I love the goregous with all the wonderful colors. I can tell you rushed the background though. Hey, you can always go back. I'm jealous too because my colored pencils always suck...

:) (Smile) Love :) (Smile)
starblind Featured By Owner May 14, 2003
Dude! That is indescribably weird yet beautiful. Vibrant colours, bizarre visuals--that reminds me of that LSD that I... uhh, once heard about someone using.
dtrudo Featured By Owner May 14, 2003
Surrealism... yum :D (Big Grin)
randomcasualty Featured By Owner May 14, 2003
Nicely done, although the Tricycle is a little off, but the rest is good, especially like the flow of the inks.
cybergenics Featured By Owner May 14, 2003
very cool
enoc Featured By Owner May 14, 2003
wow that looks very nice i love your style, the paint looks very cool

check out my site [link] :) (Smile)
surfinbuddy Featured By Owner May 14, 2003
Wow very creative i love it..all those nice colours :) (Smile)
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