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The Seven is Luckier

I wish this pic didn't get raped by my camera, but it did. I would use my scanner, but i've started to draw pictures that just manage to not quite fit and it's a pain in the ass to stitch them together. Just a normal pencil sketch.
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Nicely done! I really like the shading in this!!!!
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Wonderfully done. dA isn't letting me fullview stuff tonight, but even from the thumb I can see that this is great. I also like that it's a seven and not an eight or thirteen. Sevens being what they are in so many places.
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That really is quite remarkable
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Wow! That's some nice work there. I love the reflextions:)
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Damn, that's beautiful... very Escher-esque! Quality stuff all around. You get a +FAV!
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it looks really nice mate :) love the reflection effect :) dope
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very nice. i :love: those sketches that you do :hug:
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I know what you mean :(

On the other hand, this is great. Really nice work.

Its got great shade work :nod:

I cant resist
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Nice drawing. I like the shades. Lucky ball.
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WOW! AMAZING! This is beautiful!
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