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As a writer, I am always playing around with story ideas, and often have no clue where they will end up. This is one of the grander story lines that I have been working on for some time and believe that it would make an awesome Comic Book/Graphic novel, and would love to talk to an artist that could embrace this world that I have created. This is one of the storylines that takes place along The Ridge. While it started off as a specific arc, the ideas keep growing into something much larger in scale. There are so many possibilities that exist within this strange area. Between historic accounts of UFOs, Bigfoot, strange creatures, and ghost stories, the fictional world of Summit View and The Ridge could provide many different an ongoing saga for the unexplained.

In my mind, I see a combination of shows such as Twin Peaks, Kolchak the Night Stalker, X-Files, and Twilight Zone mixed together to form a complete world. If any artist that views this or if anyone knows an artist that could be interested, have them drop me a note. 

Here is one of the story treatments ideas that exist inside this world.

Genre: Horror/Thriller/Mystery

When an artistic couple stumbles upon an abandoned monastery, they believe they found the perfect location for a photo shoot. Little did they know that their world would be turned upside-down by an unknown specter that would destroy everything they loved?

Narrative Arc: 

ACT I:      

Briefly describe your story's set-up: The initial opening will be a flashback to two campers being murdered by an abandoned building in the woods in 1989. Modern day, local Summit View photographers Malachi (main protagonist) and his friend Alex are searching for a place for a photo shoot. While searching a backwoods area off the National Pike, they discover an abandoned monastery off a dirt road that will be perfect for their vision.

Briefly describe the inciting incident: While exploring the abandoned monastery, Malachi and Alex stumble upon an ornate black Madonna statue and other religious icons, and take them home. While leaving the monastery, black shadows are seen following them.

ACT II:      

Briefly describe the conflict of your story: Malachi and Alex must figure out why everyone around them is coming up dead and why their lives are falling apart. The unseen cult that is the “Man of Cloth” is the antagonist is responsible for these actions against Malachi and Alex, but remains out of sight to them for most of the film.

—List at least three plot points:

Obstacle One: Malachi and Alex discover that their friends Michael and Britney were decapitated on the National Pike (route 40) while heading to check out the monastery.

Obstacle Two: While their lives appear fine, Malachi and Alex must overcome the strange occurrences that have plagued them inside and outside their house since discovering the monastery.

Obstacle Three: Malachi and Alex must figure out the secret of the monastery and the strange icons that they discovered (and took home), as they realize that these items sit at the center of their troubles.

ACT III:      

—Briefly describe your story’s climax: Malachi and Alex, with the help of their friend Renee and her boyfriend Oliver (the antique store owner), determine that the statue they brought home is cursed and they must return it to the monastery. However, what they discover when they arrive is that they made a tremendous mistake, and the statue was the only thing protecting them from the Man of Cloth, who they finally meet before falling victim to his blade. 

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