Ode to Poe - Annabel (NaPoWriMo - Day 23)

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There are some days – a dark moment,
Where forgotten dreams rise, and condemn ones sanity;
In the distance, faint echoes silence the torment,
Vast stolen memories of loves past overtake ones vanity.
Within the abyss, whispers cry out,
Minds and bodies combine, dissecting dark prose for absolution,
Yet, through the dismay, only emptiness answers the confusion;
A lake of fire forms inside the devout,
Whose silent cries rise to a shout.
You are right; the angels speak volumes with sacred verse,
Only words for some, but salvation for the weak;
For the enlightened few who blindly follow, this scripture a curse
Removing their tongues, their damnation is bleak.
Edgar reaches out with one final sway,
The cliffs are steep, the tomb is deep, and Annabel wants you to stay.
© 2015 - 2020 mmihalko13
So, this weeks challenge NaPoWriMo is to write a sonnet. While one of my favorite poems by Edgar Allan Poe, Silence, does sit outside the textbook definition having 15 instead of 14 lines, it definitely captures the traditional sonnet feel. Yesterday, I spent some time with Milton, and for today, I channeled the influence of my favorite poet in this entry. I hope you enjoy.
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Within the abyss indeed:)
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Very cool.  
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mmihalko13Hobbyist Writer
Thank you!