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September 18, 2021
Celestial Anger by MMGrace
Featured by Astralseed
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Edit: 2021.09.11 Original: 2021.05

I added some changes, and I have a small story about her.

As you see, my head canon towards Celestia, like Luna, she can read your thoughts without you telling, which it brought her troubles.

When Tia was 100 years old and became the ruler of the Equestria, being young and inexperienced, she didn't really know how to run her world, she worked quite hard for her people. Exhausting, eh? Not easy to running a world. 

One day, she took a walk among her people, surprised to find that not everyone of them were satisfied with her work, some even didn't want Tia to rule the Equestria. She couldn't stand either, that's what you got when you try hard but not satisfied by everyone, she didn't kill them. Instead, she ran away, she ran away from her people, her country, her own world. 

But don't worry, she came back in the end, now Celestia is over 2000 years old, mature than she used to be. 

I add white flower petals to her crown, shows and necklace, emm, so far so good. By the way, Tia and Luna are ancient Equine horse, which they are different from normal Equine, Tia is mixture with lion, unicorn, pegasus and dragon, Luna is mixed with Seraphim, unicorn, pegasus and dragon. Tia represents Grace and Mercy, Luna represents Justice and Nemesis. I will write more head canon for them in the future. 
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Wait, if she run away from her kingdom, will that mean Luna become the leader and the whole Nightmare Moon shenanigan will not happen?

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No, Luna will leave with Celestia, at that time, Luna didn’t become Nightmare Moon. After Celestia ran away, Daybreaker took over the kingdom, you know what consequences if Daybreaker rules the world. By the way, Daybreaker design can be seen in my gallery, though I only drew headshot.

Grimm254123's avatar

yeah, I have seen it, you've done a very fine job in describing a ruthless tyrant she is, let along a mutated abomination

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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!

PencilframeArt's avatar

Poor Celestia, good job by the way, you deserved the DD.

LindArtz's avatar

Strikingly gorgeous work!!! :love: Congrats on your DD!!! :clap:

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Sparklefan1234's avatar

Congratulations on the Daily Deviation, My Friend! Princess Celestia looks INCREDIBLE! 😃

Ozzymodan's avatar

This looks so good! c:

NaokoElric2250's avatar

I just adore the extra details and embellishment of her jewellery and crown.

Kaydn-Fox's avatar

its so pretty!!! OwO

Kapariface's avatar

Congratz, these colors are simply amazing, great work!

Dymirth's avatar

Sincere congrats on geting the daily deviaton :)

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Congratulations on getting featured 😊

cajobif's avatar

Now Twilight had to experience the same fate when she became the new ruler of Equestria. Even more so since Celestia ruled for so many centuries that their history, veneration and culture made her a goddess of the ponies. Poor Twilight had incredible huge horseshoes to fill.

Pretty sure things became harmonious after a couple of years if not ten. Who said that she didn't attempted to connect with the former deities for having news and asking for some advice? Only G5 will only tell us more, if there will be any.

Awesome artwork.

valeriaaa0's avatar

how is your hand??and it is so much pretty! good job!^^

MoccaBliss's avatar
CobraFreek's avatar

This is BY FAR the BEST version of Celestia I have EVER, EVER, EVER seen! This is...... STUNNING!!! Celestia love

Themisto97's avatar

Congratulations on the daily deviations feature. Great that two great mlp works were today chosen. Your picture of Celestia is preety awesome. Also nice head canon. <3


Darthsylar12's avatar

Waits patiently to hear more about this epic saga of Head Cannon you have in mind for the Princesses? (Including Twilight and Cadance???) Sounds so cool!

MMGrace's avatar

I have them in my mind, but maybe some days later! :)

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