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Cryolophosaurus (Frozen Crested Lizard)
A dinosaur discovery on the Antarctic continent. And one of the wildest head adornments on any theropod. It makes you wonder what else is under all that ice?
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Winter-Alpha-WolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Incredible do you take trades?
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Word-of-the-WarriorHobbyist General Artist
I always like to imagine this guy with small layers of skin on his crest that he could flush with blood to create dazzling colours for mating, food rights or territory scraps. Gorgeous picture by the way! I'm a dino enthusiast myself!
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HUBLERDONHobbyist General Artist
Who knows?.....Post-K/T nonavian dinosaurs?......

Awesome work, though he really should have intugement, considering he lived near the South Pole. It would've been at least a temperate environment.....
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TheMightySaurusHobbyist General Artist
I wonder which cryo was true, the bulky abelisaurian version like this one or the dilophosaurian alternate like in Dinosaur Revolution
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TheMightySaurusHobbyist General Artist
I just love how this looks!
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Well, I guess I just have to add this one to my favourites! (check out my Avatar picture to see why). This is really beautifully done, the subtly of your tonal transitions is just gorgeous. I really admire the way you have used a bright colour scheme while still making the animal look natural (and not toy-like). He really looks alive!
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dinoboy1201Student Artist
I like it so much i save it to pictures
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JonaGold2000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Really Good Drawing !!
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mmfrankford you are really of the best dinosaurs photos that i have ever see.yeah.
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HellraptorStudiosHobbyist Traditional Artist

can i use this for reference ?

Regards Hellraptor
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TheMeekWarriorHobbyist General Artist
This is beautiful! :wow: I love that you bothered with the scaley texture, and I really like the colors. Great work! :D
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I was looking at fossils picture of it´s skull, it´s eyes were really so on the side that i doubt it had binocular vision. I wonder was it just a scavanger.
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I love this guy. Great drawing.
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I appreciate how you depict lot of these less familiar dinos.
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TheMorlockStudent General Artist
Cool! :)
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KilldeerCheerStudent General Artist
Hey this is pretty good.
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mmfrankfordProfessional Digital Artist
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I like the angle at which the dinosaur is being viewed, not a portrait or plain side view. Also, love the scales and the coloring. Keep up the good work!
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