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Alien Lifeform Concept

A concept I made for a non humanoid alien lifeform. Bipedal with turreted eyes for a full 180 view of the landscape. The fore arms are atrophied, it uses a flexible and retractable "tongue" for grasping and manipulation. The "tongue" has simple eyes for sensing the lights of bioluminescent prey. Excuse the simple description, writing is not one of my strong points. :P
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Fantastic artwork and creature design, kinda remindes me of something out of h.p. lovecraft.
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Fascinating concept!
buried-legacy's avatar
Indeed the artist really has quite the imagination 
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Какая прелесть. :) (Smile)  Clap 
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Fantastic, I love it!
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The (main) eyes remind me of a Cygnostik, at least Barlowe's depiction thereof. The rest of it... well, it's an incredible combination.
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Cool and unique concept art.
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This creature looks very unique and creative and did you do some of the artwork from StarWars
buried-legacy's avatar
I think he took it from h.p lovescraft more then anything else
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Great design concept. I love the idea of a prehensile tongue and vestigial arms :)
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Surely you mean 360 degree view of the landscape? An excellent design either way!
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LOL yeah 360 degree. Thanks for the comment and correction.
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No problem. I really like the design, it'd be interesting to see more different ones.
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I know this may be a stupid question, but how does it talk or communicate? That tongue seems like it would be a challenge to make sounds with. It's still awesome though!
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I love this!
It has a really cool Men in Black look to it.
the detailing on the "tongue" looks really cool and disgusting.
I also like that little ring-thing that you have going on there. haha
But yeah, I really love this!
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Thanks. I love the MIB designs for aliens. Fun stuff there.
BrooksLeibee's avatar
very, cant wait for three to come out. :iconwoohplz:
Kero360's avatar
I dont know....but this kind of desing reminds me a little bit to Man in Black life forms....a pretty work you just finished!!! COngrats!!!
Gothic-Lycan's avatar
It looks a little like something I threw together in SPORE once ^^
The "lip-ring" is a nice touch.
mmfrankford's avatar
Thank you. Your comment makes me think I need to revisit my SPORE creature creator and dabble in it.
Gothic-Lycan's avatar
If you haven't got it already, get your hands on the Creepy & Cute Parts-Pack. It's got a whole bunch of new animations, colours and parts.
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