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PMD/Xeditor - Rigging Tutorial

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:iconreactionplz: Another tutorial.

:iconrinlaughplz: ABOUT RIGGING.


Probably not THAT amazing. But hopefully it'll help in some way. ;A; I'll update it when I'm a bit better at until then its probably best if you look at ~MMDFakewings18's Rigging Chart/Guide because I really just suck at rigging percentages.

So yar. Enjoy.

I'll answer my messages sometime. I've been working on this ever since I posted my Bones Tutorial. So I want me time. I'm also uploading this quickly because its late and I have to come off soon >.<;; please enjoy the tutorial!

Animasa Rin Base - Animasa and ~MiKolorful
Hair - 3DCG from ~MMDFakewings18
Outfit - 3DCG (NJXA) from ~amiamy111

:star: More Tutorials can be found in my gallery here :star:
Including a tutorial for Physics and Joints, Reading Gibberish read me files, an installation guide for MMD, MMM, MME, PMD and PMX and more
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what if a piece of clothing has bones? i tired this and the bones of the dress didn't move with base and dress >.<

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to be honest, this is pretty helpful, especially for those who sucked at fitting clothes like me :P

now let's watch Rin suffer bone fractures instead of len keeps on dying

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RadioPieActiveStudent Digital Artist
This is really helpful!! thank you!
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MidnightInk-ChanHobbyist Artist
Super helpful thanks !
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123ceylin123Student Filmographer
I wonder if this course is valid in shoes ?? I'm sorry I have a bad english...
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NekoSelenaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
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can i copy the rigg made in one bone and pass to another bone?
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took me a bit because i actually have an english version of pmx editor and this was mainly for pmd editor, but i got the hang of it!
Thank you for the tutorial!
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X-X-1-X-XHobbyist Digital Artist
so i know how to rig hair to a head bone, but how do i rig the bones and physics. whenever i attach hair it gets rid of its existing bones and physics and just stays still! what can i do?
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KylemAlexHobbyist General Artist
Make a bone for the hair, name it head in the Japanese part. have it rigged to the hair, then save it. Open your model and inport your hair. find the head bone of the model then rename it to head in the Japanese part. Go onto edit and then bone and then "merge bones with same name". it should has a window that's pops up and says "found (number) of bones with same name. merge?" or something like that, then click okay. Viola, your hair should be attached to the head of your models! It's wont have physics though.
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X-X-1-X-XHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you ^^
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KylemAlexHobbyist General Artist
I think that only works for hair. If not, then crap I forgot haha but you're welcome
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KinoKeyHobbyist Digital Artist
For some reason when I rig a bone, rather than adding to, it overwrites other rigging.
For example: I create a bone to move the entire model (center bone) and another bone to move an individual part (Left bone) but when I go to weight said left bone, those same vertices are no longer weighted to the center bone. (I'm not sure if I explained this very well.)
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sujufreakStudent Digital Artist
im wondering how you would you rig an object to a model, for example a flower to a dress or hair?
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MarinKoiStudent General Artist
Sorry it's late but, try rigging it with the same bone that area is rigged and copy the way the hair/dress is rigged, like, you could imagine the flower is just a part of that dress/hair that you forgot to rig, even if it's another object it should follow the bone once it's rigged.
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sujufreakStudent Digital Artist
Ahh thank you ill try that!!
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kaitlynnb101bStudent Digital Artist
My dress is just floating in mid air now :,) Help,
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BunneheverywhareHobbyist Digital Artist
I've tried rigging to the shoulder and arm bones, but I can't seem to rig a type of tank-top sleeve/strap. 
Any ideas on how to fix this?
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MartukkiCheeseHobbyist Digital Artist
How i delete riggs? I have 1 skirt and its rigged with the legs .-.
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Cutie-PHobbyist General Artist
You go in the rigg panel, then click on "W4" button (the 3st button from left to right, in PmxE, i don't know if PmdE have this button too) then just "paint" the part you want to delete the rig.(If you do it right, the points will be black! ;u; )

I hope this can help! ^3^
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*-* half selection ... never know there was an option like this ç_ç so much time wasted, thanks a lot (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
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I have a problem , the program does not function with me because that 's my Windows 10 and it Windows 8 program or the like , and the program of the parties does not function properly with me also , what can I do ?  
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Have you already tried setting your pc on Japanese locale? It won't set your pc on Japanese language or anything, I set it myself to make a few Japanese programs working and often it does the trick..  Win10 is garbage with a lot of programs :( 
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you right, win10 is garbage with a lot of programs Cry forever Angry Demo 
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