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[MMD] Tda HatsuneMiku Kimono [DL] [Fix]

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Update Model : 6 Aug 2016 13:51 GMT+7
Tda初音ミク着物 Long Hair
Model : Tda / Ikirui / SEGA / prichama / YYB / cjpaoshen / HarukaSakurai /
/ ReggieAndCheese / likeabaka / MMDVocaloidThailand

Tda初音ミク着物 ver Twintails
Model : Tda / Ikirui / SEGA / prichama / YYB / cjpaoshen / MMDVocaloidThailand
Pose : Baka-chanLove
Video Test :


rule : Edit is Yes but please credit MMDVocaloidThailand

if you come from japan DM to Mochimatcha_TH
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how o dl?! there is no video or description

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Hi, your model is beautiful, but I can't download it ;-;

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Can i use it in vrchat ?

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Your models are really beautiful and gorgeous!! >^< Thank you so much!
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Is it OK if I take parts? I would still credit of course. Did you make the dress. Love the model btw!
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I can't see PV, either.
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Hello, I used in this picture.
Very thank you for sharing beautiful Miku model!
Happy New Year Everyone!!  Tda HatsuneMiku Kimono by ny0g4n
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how you downloaded?

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Love the cute hairtie, love the pretty dress, love the sexy shoes & feet, love it, the only fail here is not blue finger & toe nails and ability to take stuff off if its the case.
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This model is beautiful!!! I want use this model in VR Chat..! Can I use this model in VR Chat..?
TaekoSenpaiYamadaMMD's avatar
TDA does not allow his models to be used outside MMD. Therefore, it could not be used in vrchat too.
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where did u get her dress from?
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she's so pretty!! <3 downloaded
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DL'd! beautiful!
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DL'd! beautiful!
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I want to watch the youtube but it tell me that I cannot enter,because I am not in Japan!
oh,what can Ido to get it dl link(º﹃º )
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