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I will be away for some days

/thinking about life and stuff/
I will be away for some days because of reasons. Don't worry, I will be fine!
See you later, guys!
~Have a nice day!
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
+[F2U] Art Trade: open+ by Hunibi +[F2U] Commission: open+ by Hunibi +[F2U] Requests: open+ by Hunibi

mmd pride badge/stamp by Tehrainbowllama

Current Obsession: How about not being bored to death? No? Okay then. Korean. Learning the language.

USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design KoreaLanguage Level stamp2 by Faeth-design

When was the last time I updated this? Jesus Christ, it's more cancerous than a walking tumor. Get it away from me, ew.
Simply for the fact that I love making my future-self cringe when I read what I wrote in the past, I'm not going to change a thing about below profile. Read it if wished, but you've been warned. The cringe is real.

My Childhood Anime Crushes:

(Use to)
2. Usui - Maid Sama
3. Zoro - A Soul Eater OC - Not played by me (I'M NOT THAT DESPERATE)
4. Shizu - My sister's OC
5. \(Tied)/ - Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack, BEN - I don't know what wrong with me.
6. Eyeless Jack - I still don't know what's wrong with me
(NOW) 7. Jack - My own OC... - I'm that desperate.


My FanFiction Profile:…


My birthday badge

Not needed info:

Started watching anime porn at the age of 9... So I'ma sick bastard!

Urgh... Is this thing even on?.... oh, yes, it is!

MMDing Videos: MMD is a 3D anime animation program

BULLSH!T Cop on Make A Gif
make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

Flag Counter

LearnMMD Stamp by LearnMMD

USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design KoreaLanguage Level stamp2 by Faeth-design

I support Kasane Teto by SheikHexulen Kasane Teto Stamp by Winyumi STAMP Kasane Teto by The-Last-Fallen-Ange Teto Teto Stamp by aristodemelugix Fukkireta Stamp by Kow-Chan stamp teto neru yowane by crazysistahs Teto stamp + PLZ accounts by Shioku990 Teto Kasane stamp by HystericDesigns UTAU + VOCALOID are DIFFERENT by DisastrousBunny Stamp Teto Kasane II by Ine-ko Teto Kasane Stamp by Maggy-Neworld

Vocaloid Stamp by maxari4 (TETO ISN'T A VOCALOID)

Hatsune Miku by RintheHitler (I don't hate her, she's just overrated)

annoying by zilla774 FAIL As A Girl Stamp by JiiHaku My type of girl - stamp by OfficiallyAbi Barbie Stamp by Kiza-San
Tomboyish Stamp by xSweetSlayerx

Bee Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Cat Cleans Stamp by TwilightProwler Undetered Kitten Stamp by TwilightProwler Sleepy Kitten Stamp by TwilightProwler Lovecat by L3xil3in So Cute I could Eat You Up Stamp by TwilightProwler Cupcake stamp by Mel-Rosey Art makes me ... Stamp by Mel-Rosey Believe in Pink stamp by Mel-Rosey Sugar and spice Stamp by Mel-Rosey Pretty Fan Stamp by Mel-Rosey Dream stamp by Mel-Rosey Stamp: Everyone Needs Encouragement by starfire-wolf Purple Fantasy stamp by Mel-Rosey The Fairytale Stamp by Mel-Rosey The Adventure Stamp by Mel-Rosey Dance stamp by Mel-Rosey Be Enchanted stamp by Mel-Rosey sparkle stamp by Mel-Rosey Inspiration Stamp by Mel-Rosey Taking a chance stamp by Mel-Rosey Christopher Robin Stamp by Mel-Rosey Love imagination stamp by Mel-Rosey Heart Stamp by Mel-Rosey Pleasing Everyone Stamp by Mel-Rosey Strawberry Stamp by Mel-Rosey Inspire Stamp by Mel-Rosey Starry Stamp by Mel-Rosey

:thumb300896216: Anti 1D Stamp by MintyStamps


PewDiePie Stamp by TwilightProwler PewDiePie - Here Comes The Brofist Stamp by TwilightProwler PewDiePie Stamp by VAL0VE Fahking BARREL by VAL0VE I Dont Know How But by VAL0VE Bro Day Everyday Stamp by Chibbur He Denied My Dolphin-ness by VAL0VE I Speak Chopnese by VAL0VE Son of a Barrel. by VAL0VE Pewdiepie Hater Reaction Stamp by Jade-Spade :thumb351657948: PewDiePie Wave and Brofist Stamp by TwilightProwler

Pegasister Stamp by SunnStamp My Little Pony FiM Virus Stamp by Toxic-Mario MLP:FIM Stamp by Krazy-Chibi MLP Stamp by Toonfreak MLP Fluttershy Stamp by Kevfin Pinkie Pie Stamp by Kevfin MLP Derpy Hooves Stamp by Kevfin Sparkle Rarity Stamp by Mel-Rosey Pinkie Pie Stamp by Mel-Rosey Fluttershy Stamp by Mel-Rosey Twilight Sparkle Stamp by Mel-Rosey Rainbow Dash Stamp by Mel-Rosey Applejack Stamp by Mel-Rosey Rarity Stamp by Mel-Rosey Pegasister Stamp by Mel-Rosey Party Pinkie Stamp by Mel-Rosey
  • Listening to: Dope by BTS
  • Reading: Lucifer by SHINee
  • Watching: Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang
  • Playing: Dope by BTS
  • Eating: Dope by BTS
  • Drinking: Dope by BTS
Lol, I am still here, I just don't do shiz.

I was tagged by :iconhatsunation:

Personal quantitative section

1. First thing's first. What's your name? - Opal (Lol, like I'm actually going to give you my name. Just know it starts with an O)

2. How about your age? - 14 and still growing.

3. Gender? - Female (I think, lemme check.)

4. Birthday? - October 12th (The best day to man)

5. Birthplace? - I don't even know... America?

6. Height? - 5'3.5 (That 1/2 matters.)


8. Zodiac sign? - Libra (and proud)

9. Birthstone? - Opal (Get it? My nickname is Opal. Birthmonth is October. Name starts with O. OOO like the KKK but better)

10. Heritage? - 100% African
Personal qualitative section.

1. Eye colour? - Dark brown and I like to think nearly black

2. Hair colour/style. Is it your natural hair? - Black hair (Diamond: No, just a really really really really really dark shade of brown). Straightened (although no permed) and usually help up in a bun or ponytail. And yes, it is all natural.

3. Current fitness? - *COUGH COUGH WHEEZE* Dance?

4. Skin tone? - Imagine a milk chocolate river. Then imagine me. Nice thought, isn't it?
Romance Section.

1. What's your sexuality? - Heterosexual (I think.)

2. Current relationship status? - Single and ready to mingle. (Haha, just kidding.)

3. How many relationships have you been in? And could you give a brief description of them? - *Cry* 0

4. What is your favourite feature of your preferred gender? - Personality above all. If I can't help around them while watching a freakin' movie, then I don't think I'd like them to be in any part of my life.

5. Are you a virgin? - VIRGIN AND PROUD.

6. How often do you go on dates with your partner? (If you currently have one). Perhaps tell where you went for your favourite date? - *Cry because has no partner and hasn't had one*

7. If you aren't already, do you hope to marry the person you are with? - *Cry because has no partner and probably will be a lonely duck for a long time*

8. If you aren't in a relationship then do you have a crush on someone? - I've lusted for someone, sure. But an actually crush? 1 of them. So scary. I've gotten over it tho!

9. Where is your favourite spot to be kissed? - Forehead. For some reason, I think it signifies trust.

10. How old were you when you had your first kiss? - Does my mom count?


Seven Deadly Sins Section.

1. Would you be considered a glutton? - *Cri* Nomnomnoming is what I love to do best.

2. A sloth? - Very very lazy.

3. Lustful? - One could say that.

4. Envious? - I can be very envious but never take action because I am lazy!

5. Wrathful? - I can get angry, but never too angry.

6. Greedy? - Nope. I share my poptarts... Sometimes.

7. Prideful? - Nnnnnnnnnnope. If I am prideful, it will just be burned out with my envious spirit.


"Naughty" Section.

1. Ever done crack? - Crack is whack, yo. Nope.

2. Smoked weed? - Weed's for needs, yo. Nada

3. Done meth? - Meth is the best- Nahhh. Nopie

4. How about tried speed? - Speed... No rhyme for this. Shizzle sticks. No.

5. Heroine? - Heroines for heroines! Haha, not funny? Okay. No.

6. Shrooms? - Shrooms aren't Mushrooms. Still not funny? Okay. Nopppppe.

7. Do you often drink? - The most I ever do is...
1. Open the fridge looking for something to drink.
2. See some strawberry flavored wine.
3. Take a small sip because delish c:
4. Put it back.

8. Do you watch any form of pornography? - I used to. It's boring now.

9. Ever stolen something? - Candy from Market Basket. Sorry.

10. Ever abused or bullied someone? - Nope. Not that I know of.

11. Ever been arrested? - I hope not. Lordy.

12. Ever cheated on someone? - *Cri because has no partner and hasn't had one in the past*

13. Have you ever gotten alcohol poisoning? - I take tiny sips of alcohol for the taste, what do you think?... Yes? OF COURSE NOT!

14. Have you ever abused the use of over the counter drugs? - Not that I know of.


Education Section.

1. Are you still in school? - Yeeeep.

2. If so, then what grade? - 8th grade and going to a highschool soon. I just want summer vacation, to be honest.

3. Your best subject in school? - Science, because it's always fun!

4. Worst subject in school? - History because duck that shizzle!

5. Did you drop out of school? - I'm still in it, I think...

6. If you are in college, then what is your major? - Not in college, not gunna think about that stuff now, tbh.


Family Section.

1. Describe your relationship with your parents. - Love both me mum and me dad.

2. Relationship with your siblings? - My older brother is shiz (All he does is stay in his room all day and comes out every blue moon). Older sister is the shiz, best shiz ever! Little sister is mah bestie. Can't beat her! I have older sibling that I have never met.

3. With your family in general? - Yee. Cousins are koo'

4. Ever experienced the death of someone close to you? - Nnnope. Not yet.


Life Section.

1. Do you have a lot of friends? - *Cry because no*

2. Would you consider yourself a loner? - I don't like being alone, I just can't make friends~

3. Describe your style of clothing. - Anything comfortable. If it's tight. Out. It's it's itchy. Out. If it's too big. Out.

4. Briefly describe your childhood. - Being a loner at school and a weeaboo on the internet!

5. Best memory. - My favorite memory is a very blurry and brief one of me running to my mother in the kitchen with a bottle of milk.

6. Worst memory. - Ummm. Don't remember.

7. Best aspect of life right now? - ....

8. Worst aspect? - I'm not interesting enough~ I have a low self-estime~

"Life Sucks" Section:

1. Do you have any allergies? - Not that I know of.

2. Addictions? - Sleeping.

3. Health problems(physical) - Glasses are cool (if only I hadn't lost them...)

4. Permanent injuries/scars? - Nnnope. The only scar I have is the one on my left hand. It is a small burn but even that is starting to fade.


Favourites Section.

1. Colour? - EXACTLY #FF003C! Or as I like to call it Opal-Pink.

2. Style of music? - KPop and Jazzy Jazz Jazz


4. Drink? - Hot Chocolate or water

5. Outfit? - My favorite comfortable pants (I have too many) and my brown, striped longsleeved shirt. It's very nice.


7. Plant? - Bleeding Heart Flower. It is very pretty.

8. Book? - Ew.

9. Movie? - Ummm. D'Jango?

10. Song? - *Looks through playlist* Too many songs to choose from.

11. Album? - What is an album?

12. Band/musical artist? - SHINee, BTS, EXO, Zitao, Nujabes

13. Actor/actress? - I don't know? *Shrug* Shia Labeouf?

14. Hobby? - Drawing, MMDing, Dancing, Writing, Roleplaying, Learning Korean-(Because I'm bored most of the time)

15. School subject? - Science because it comes easy.

16. Sport? - Er....................... Sport?

17. TV show? - I don't watch T.V. so I'm just gunna say Family Fued.

18. Pass-time? - Learning Korean~

19. Candy? - To be honest, you can't make a man choose a favorite candy. But Baby Ruth

20. Pizza toppings? - The pepper and the oni making a demon who shoots peppers!


22. Fruit? - Idk. Kiwi or grapefruit


24. Flavour of ice cream? - Cookie Dough~ Vanilla.

25. Weather? - Warm but not hot.

26. Time of day? - Sleep time.

27. Word? - Onamonapia?

28. Smell? - The smell of kindergarten, aka the slight smell of cheetos or doritos in the air.

29. Sound? - Crickets are the shiz, mang.

30. Vacation spot? - DISNEYLAND! I'VE NEVER BEEN!

1. Live in the city or country? - Suburbs - but City

2. Travel by plane or by boat? - That's like asking if I'd rather die in air or die in water. Let's see... Plane, I suppose, would be frightening as fudge, but a quick death. Boat would be very scary too! Except you drown slowly! So I guess plane.

3. Be deaf or blind? - Deaf. I'd rather write than be read to. I can live without music.

4. Wear hardcore gothic clothing or dress in all pink? - ALL PINK! But it has to be #FF003C or piggy pink.

5. Stay human or be an animal? (If animal then what animal and why?) - Human, because why be an animal when human is the greatest one of them all?

6. Be surrounded by rowdy teenage guys or preppy teenage girls? - I'd feel super uncomfortable with both, but I have an older brother so rowdy teen guys.

7. Stay at home or go out and party? - Home because parties are overrated. *Nap*

8. Have a pet dog or a pet cat? - *Cri because doesn't have a pet.* A pet cat!

9. Only be allowed to eat candy or only be allowed to eat raw fruits and vegetables? - Candy can always get boring but there are so many fruits and vegetables that you can't get bored of them. Raw Fruits and vegges.

10. Play video games or exercise? - VIDEO GAMES! EXERCISE? HA!

11. Read or watch TV? - Watch T.V. Why read when you can write?

12. Draw or paint? - Sketch because I suck at coloring. Draw.

13. Only be able to yell to speak, or be mute? - I think I'd rather be mute. I don't have much to say anyway~

14. Continue this meme or go do something more interesting? - Do something more interest- just kidding. LETTUCE CONTINUE.

Personal Opinion Section.

1. Opinion of your appearance. - Mum... Dad... You could've done better.

2. Opinion of your personality. - I am a berry boring person~

3. Opinion of your family. - Couldn't be any better <3

4. Opinion of your friends. - HA? Friends? They're koo'

7. Opinion of school/work. - FUDGE THAT SHIZ!

8. Opinion of modern society. - ... Donnald Trumpet?

9. Opinion of today's politics. - ... Donnald Trumpet?

What was the last…

1. Movie you saw? - I dunno. I don't want movies as much as I used to.

2. Book you read? - The Other Wes Moore (Read it at school)

3. TV show you watched? - Family Feud

4. Thing you ate? - Rice and tomato stew.

5. Thing you drank? - Watur.

6. Piece of art/literature/poetry you did? - Writing a bad story that I don't even like anymore.

7. Person you kissed. - Diamond while she slept.

8. Person you texted/Instant messaged/emailed? - A friend named Lele

9. Time you exercised? - ... A week ago? I danced.

10. Dream you had? - I don't even remember. If you don't review your dreams right after you have them, you forget them.

11. Thing you favourited on deviantART? - Dunno~

12. Animal you saw? - The golden retrevier I always walk by when I walk home from mah bus stop.

13. Time you cried? - Ummmm. Two days ago maybe?

14. Time you laughed? - Today.

15. Time you were furious? - Today.

Have you ever…

1. Punched someone? - Nnnope.

2. Kissed, or done more with, someone of the same gender? - Yes.

3. Thrown up on someone? - HAHA! Probably when I was a baby, but not that I remember.

4. Been thrown up on? - Nnnnnope!

5. Been to a rave? - ... What is a rave?

6. Danced on a table? - ... Ummm.. The tables at my house would brake. Why would I?

7. Had a hangover? - I don't get drunk.

8. Flashed someone? - What's flashed?

9. Sneezed more than 3 times in a row? - Last week when I was sick. So yee!

10. Found a large(ish) amount of money on the ground? - I never find anything like that...

11. Gambled? - I don't even.

12. Won a bet? - I don't make bets.

13. Lost a bet? - I still haven't made a bet since I answered the last question.

14. Hugged a zebra? - I only wish

15. Been terrified by a street mime? - I haven't seen a street mime before.

16. Found a clown under your bed? - I HOPE NOT. JEZZ

17. Seen a ghost? - I think I've heard one before.

18. Talked to an inanimate object? - Who hasn't?

19. Yelled at an inanimate object? - ... Guilty.

20. Punched an inanimate object because you were mad at it? - Of course!

21. Been caught doing something "naughty" by your parents? - Ummmmmmmmmmmm... Yee c: But on the computer.

22. Ever sang in the rain? - I don't play in the rain.

23. Danced in the rain? - It's still not raining and I still don't go out in the rain.

24. Eaten sugary junk food until you threw up then ate some more? - Ummmmmmmm... Maybe?

25. Managed to burn water? - B-Burn water? What?

Final Section

1. Did you like this meme? - Yeeee!

2. Would you do others that are similar? - Yeeeeeeeeee!

3. Are you glad this meme is over? - Nah. I wish it was longer.



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