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I started a project to allow automatic and fast pre-fragmentation of any pmx model in Blender to destroy stuff within MMD. Though I almost finished the part within Blender, I still need a standalone script to generate the rigid bodies necessary, as they cannot be created within Blender. I already defined the precise workflow of the script, down to each elementary operation, but as I do not know how to create a pmxe script nor do I know how to access and manipulate pmx 3D data outside blender, I would like to entrust writing that script to someone who have experience in that field. Do you think I could find in this group someone to help me in my project? Maybe I would have better chances in another group? I don't know, there are so many...
MMD: Big Project WIP preview by HCShannon
I'm look for someone who can help me make models for video project, note or comment me for specific instructions.
Is anyone here open for commission?
Hi :) (Smile)

I'm looking for a male straitjacket. One with the arms locked and one with the arms free. With physics if possible. The sleeves are longer and hide the hands (and therefore must have physics) when they are detached. I can pay a commission if someone can create it :)

I like this one : 
S-l300 by vickymichaelis   Unnamed (1) by vickymichaelis  
I seek to hire an MMD Modeler to create a Taiyang Xiao Long MMD Model for RWBY Animations, and I hope to hire somebody here.
Is this group even active anymore?
What are you talking about?