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MMD - FF7 Remake - Zack Fair



well this boys hair has been a pain in my butt but its way better than when I first converted him on my other account…

I'm going to keep working on his hair as I think i can still get it better just tweek a few layers

But other than that I think hes looking pretty good had to edit his textures though as he did not look right when I converted him very flat adn scaly (only way I can think to describe him at the time)

he will be rigged up to the standard I have with 70+ facials and all but that'll take time.

I do plan on doing the other models but I'm planning so i don't just work on the models I want, I'll be doing a male - female model editing so first would be Zack then I would pick a female model and work on them and then so on and so forth. 

The zack model is from ProGamer000900 (thank you so much for uploading FF7 remake models)

I'm glad to be back on this DA as Ive missed doing final fantasy models :)

Crisis core, FF7 custom models, and dirge of cerberus models will be getting reuploaded periodically if I feel they need an update I will update them and then upload them.

I'll be uploading Sephiroth Crisis core first so you'll see him soon enough.

After Zack is finished what female character would yous like me to rig next that is available on DA.
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Do you know how to edit his hair model so that it looks like the hairstyle he had as 2nd Class?