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:bulletred: You Can use any of these items up here!!
:bulletorange: You are allowed to Distribute A model you make using these parts!
:bulletyellow: Please Credit me when you use my parts on a model so others can use them too! You're not crediting me, your just telling people where you got the stuff.
:bulletgreen: You are NOT to sell anything from here! This includes real/digital curreny (dA Points). :C
:bulletblue: All of these 3D Parts are from 3DCG unless otherwise noted. So most were not made by myself.
:bulletpurple: use as many pieces you want!
:bulletpink: Edit them however you want!

:star:As the distributor and provider of these items, I expect you to follow and respect my Terms for using these items! ='D Thank you! I hope you have fun!


How Do I/ Where Do I, Download this item??
:bulletred: On the right of the picture, near the spot where you 'Request A Print'.
Can you make a model for me??
:bulletorange: nope, sorry that is what this stuff is here for. I'm busy sadly OTL
Where do you get MMD? Gimme links! >:C
:bulletyellow: Geez you guys, its called google! xD alright here is where I Got it.->…
Where did you get PMDeditor!?
:bulletgreen: PMX Editor and PMDeditor PMDe.0139 works with the skirt plugin.…
Where do you get your 3DCG heavy saves!?
:bulletblue:People give them to me, and I Surf the web for them. you can download my collection here………………
:Metaseq.… (Metaseq LE)

Import .PMD into metaseq.…
:star:PLEASE NOTE some modelers do NOT allow their model to be converted into any other format aside from .PMD please follow the read-me files before putting any MMD Model into Metaseq.

:iconrainbowplz::iconrainbowplz::iconrainbowplz:Tutorial List!:iconrainbowplz::iconrainbowplz::iconrainbowplz:

:star:I suggest starting with the :star:'d one. this may help even experienced editors.

:star:The basics of model making: ________________
Basic editing. mis-colored item:…
Adding outline To a model:…
Moving Items:…
Shrinking and resizing models/Acc.:
Deleting Items/bones and Cleaning a model:
Re-coloring and textures:…
Taking Accessories from models:…
Adding parts:…
Adding Texture/Eye Texture:…
Fixing white/ or wrong textured items:…
"I added an Item, but its white!":…
Adding Facials:…
Adding .Spa's and .Sph's:…
Attaching a floating piece:…
Adding Bones:…
Adding Physics:…
Making an Item: ________________
Making A Stage: ________________
(MMDHelp)Saving/Loading Motion Pose:…
(MMDHelp)About MMD…
:star:Mirroring object tutorial-
:star: Deleting invisible Verts.-…
:star:Rigging tutorial-
:star:Rigging guide:
:star: Adding Bones:

Sorry, I do not take model requests... D:

Favourite genre of music: OST's
Favourite style of art: 3D/Japanese anime/cartoons
Operating System: Dell
Favourite cartoon character: To many
Personal Quote: Just a helpful user...

Favourite Writers
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Favourite Games
Star Ocean: TLH
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Metaseq. PSCS5, MMD, PMDE


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 HEY! I'm 90% dead on this account hahaaa. sorry about that guys :Y I've got school and I've moved on to other things. I'm spending more time working on my art than MMD in fact I haven't touched the program in like a year. ;O AO/ All my stuff is still up here for every one to use and download though! And it will stay until everyone starts doing bad things like selling models or something. BUT YOU'RE ALL COOL. *thumbs-up* Anyway, Just thought I'd let you all know i'm not dead,... (though I might be a zombie.) *cough* And I'm going to keep working on my art work. Notes won't be answered, comments probably won't be replied to, But all m
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I'm still here

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I didn't drop off the face of the earth, I'm just really really REALLY Lazy. College won't make me busy! I said. It'll be easy! I said. I was wrong. I do have spare time, but I'm usually hanging out with my friends and family instead of MMDing when I have it. |D Or im playing video games. Like Jak and Daxter or Sly cooper and junk. I should make some time yup yup. I just feel really lame, disapearing on you guys all the time like some creepy hooded cousin in a dark alley. Anyway, Keep being awesome peeps. BTW You CAN sell parts you made for MMD. so long as its %100 original. and not an edit, OR a copyrighted Character. That means parts a
Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In I think this needs to be spread, the message just really rings with me. I hope it moves you as much as it did me, this is a great commercial I just saw on TV, and I literally wanted to stand up and applaud. Thank you, whoever made this for bringing this to peoples attention. Gender stereotypes can hurt. Lets just all be people and do what we love. :la: Let's break the box together, all of us.
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Have you ever put this stuff in second life

Thanks a lot for sharing. I really like your page.

this is in the top list
I remember this guy , he really helped out alot when he was active. Hope to see him again someday ! 
hehe, dante hair xd (i mean MMD- Dante v..2 -DOWNLOAD by MMDFakewings18 )