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MMD - MechaGodzilla 2021 (PUBGM) +DL+ +FBX+

Finally, after decades of constant messages and people bashing my head into the wall to get this model uploaded, here it is, a much reasonable low-poly version for everyone to fully enjoy using: MechaGodzilla! The design seen from the 2021 movie Godzilla VS Kong, from the game PUBG Mobile.
(Image and pose based HEAVILY off of official MechaGodzilla 2021 Concept Art.)

Here's previews of the models without effects:

Model: MechaGodzilla from PUBG Mobile. Model ripped and rigged by tetTris11, re-rigged slightly and ported over to MMD by myself, improved emission maps for MMD by me.
Stage: Silverspoon City
Pose: Image and pose based HEAVILY off of official MechaGodzilla 2021 Concept Art.
Effects: ray_MMD, BeamMan's Smoke Bomb effect (x3), AutoLuminous, NightFog, ikBokeh, PostPointLight, and FireAlpaca for other after-effects.
Model Rules: READ!… READ!!!!
Download: Directly under the image.
FBX file: (WARNING! SLIGHTLY UNOPTIMIZED! I apologize in advance.)
Known Errors: As far as I know, none. Please, hesitate to ask about any errors, I most likely won't fix them due to how much stress I've felt from this model and my community.
Special thanks to JJJ/Caseys42 for making this image and allowing me to post it.

That's all, enjoy~
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I liked how they pulled a Kiryu by using Ghidorah's remains for Mecha G

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that... cool

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I made an animation and then moved all my files and now when i try to open it it crashes how can i fix it?

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That's happened to me, you broke the animation file by moving all your files. Moving them back MIGHT fix it, but it might not also, and you sadly might have to restart the entire animation if the animation file is completely broken

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thats a bruh moment

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can you make godzilla ulima also known as godzilla singular point

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We originally were going to make Godzilla Ultima, but now JJJ would rather be commissioned to make a Godzilla Ultima

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I saw that the other day, FilmCore did an amazing job on that video~

Though if you're sending that to me to ask about some of the models in the video, FilmCore doesn't give out his models freely

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on the FBX version, are there any ik rigs? I f so, i cant see any.

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Sorry for the very late reply, no there aren't any IK on the FBX version, sorry.

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could you do Singular Point Godzilla next after your comissions? i will be very happy if you do.

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JJJ and I definitely plan to do that

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Why are you asking me? That's not my model, and I can't help you if you're using Blender either way, sorry.

yooo i used to play fortnite with u in like season 5 my name was mightytigerhero or u might be someone else

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I've never played Fortnite, I'm not really a fan of that game, sorry

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sorry t interrupt u um i am hoping godzilla vs kong is coming soon!

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Sadly no, I have a lot of more important things to work on first before those models.

godzillafan520's avatar

oh so is the gvk model not coming?

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