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.:Model DL:. LAT Style HORIZON Miku

Thank you for 20+ 45+ watchers! I'm very grateful about it ^^

This is HORIZON Miku from the PV HORIZON which is directed by Wakamura and Composed by Prince#8

Check it out here!…

:bulletred: No commercial use.
:bulletyellow: Edititing,Recoloring and Resizing is allowed
:bulletorange: Do not claim it as your own
:bulletgreen: Credit me when used.

Download to the :ddrrightarrowplz::ddrrightarrowplz::ddrrightarrowplz:

Collar by LAT (Taken from LAT White Miku)
Shirt by LAT (Taken from LAT Winter sailor Miku)
Tie by LAT (Taken from LAT Neru V3)
Skirt by LAT (Taken from LAT Winter sailor Miku) and the non-pleated by *SuminoChan
Boots by LAT (Taken from LAT White Miku)
Buttons by LAT and ULA (Taken from LAT Teto)
Base by LAT (Used LAT Winter sailor Miku for base)
Textures by LAT, ~Kerocchi( Eye Texture) and ~MMDAnimatio357
Logo by WakamuraP (Screenshot from the PV)
Pose by ~ElleDays
Skirt Rigging by ~caio4856
© 2013 - 2021 MMDAnimatio357
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KuronekoKatsuNya's avatar
I love her outfit OwO
MMDAnimatio357's avatar
Me tio! And thanks!
KuronekoKatsuNya's avatar
You are very welcome :D
jrikkocabatasedit's avatar
Can I make this into a Mamama-P version of this model? :3
XXSefa's avatar
My Favorite Model Love  
And I see Edit Allowed :)
MMDAnimatio357's avatar
Thanks! Oh yes, it's editable, I've seen your model edit, well done!
AceYoen's avatar
CooL, I love you <3 ,,//DL
MMDAnimatio357's avatar
I love you too! XD btw, thanks for downloading!
SparkySama's avatar
Wow! How do you not have more watchers?? You deserve way more than 45!
MMDAnimatio357's avatar
Its ok!~ 45 is alot too! ^^
SparkySama's avatar
I know but your models are so good! XD I have like 70 watchers, but all my models arent very good! XD
MMDAnimatio357's avatar
Haha! It's okay! Many people didn't really like LAT anyway
SparkySama's avatar
Really? I thought lots of people did! :?
MMDAnimatio357's avatar
Yes, they used to.. But seeing many people uses lat for making poor edits and the fact that its not shader compatible makes them dislike LAT, but they still like the cute faces though, although I guarantee they will get sick of it too in the future..
SparkySama's avatar
Oh, thats true! Didnt think of that! Everyone seems to be obsessed with TDA now! DX
MMDAnimatio357's avatar
Hahaha... I will still love LAT though, and animasa too..
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