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.:Model DL:. LAT Paper Plane/Prisoner Models

UPDATE: Fixed the transparency error of rin's hat

First RINLENMANIA7 Model Pack Download:

 .:Model DL:. LAT PV-Style [drop pop candy] Models by MMDAnimatio357

DL is up!~

Distributing these Lat edits based on the popular "Prisoner" song series by 囚人P, I present you, *drumroll*Lat Paper Plane Rin and Lat Prisoner Len! I really love how these models and preview picture turned out XD Sorry for not giving a sneak peak to Len's model becauseHe's all glitchy that time that MMD crashes and also,I wanna surprise you guys! So with this, I have made 2 male model edits in my whole life so far. Also don't mind of how weird Rin's hat is in this Preview pict, they become like that when you turn off the edgeline :P.

These models are created for KagaBooty's big collaboration:
CLOSED ! Calling all MMD modelers, we need you ! by KagaBooty

Ok, let's stop wasting time and skip to the rules and credits shall we? 

...I forgot to say this, Rin has a "Longer Skirt" slider! Chiyo Flustered Icon

Download to the right! >>>

This download includes 4 models + 1 base in total!~
   >>Len's folder Includes 2 models and a base:
        -Lat式「囚人」 鏡音レンVer1.0Ver1.0AS
        -Lat式「囚人」 鏡音レンVer1.0Ver1.0Normal
   >>Rin's folder Includes 2 models:
        -Lat式「紙飛行機」 鏡音リンVer1.0AS
        -Lat式「紙飛行機」 鏡音リンVer1.0Normal

-Editing is allowed.
-Re-distributing is allowed.
-Do not claim it as your own.
-Commercial use without permission is prohibited.
-OPTIONAL: Show me your work when you use him/her/them.
-Credit MMDAnimatio357, ulaP(うらP) and Lat(ラト) (Optional: everytime) when you use him/her/them.

and Have fun!~ Mikoto Talking Icon 

    Rin Model:
   -Body and Dress by Lat(ラト) and piron
-Face and Hair by ulaP(うらP) and Lat(ラト)
-Chain by amiamy111
-The Pill Shaped Thing(?) by MMDAnimatio357 and Tehrainbowllama for the flower
-Base Hat by MMDFakewings18
-Back Ribbon (The part with physics only) by 3DCG, G123u and 9844

Sash by Kaki
Cape by 2234083174
A9G Spa by 2234083174

    Len Model:
-Body by SuminoChan and Lat(ラト) ,Height edited by MMDAnimatio357
-Face by ulaP(うらP) and Lat(ラト), edited by MMDAnimatio357
-Bangs by MMDAnimatio357 and Lat(ラト)
-Ponytail by MMDCousins and Lat(ラト)
-Ahoge by MMDFakewings18
-Jacket by MMDAnimatio357 and Lat(ラト)
-Shirt by MMDAnimatio357 and Lat(ラト)
-Pants by Lat(ラト)

Character Design: まどろみ
Textures by Lat(ラト) and MMDAnimatio357
Effects (SimpleSoftShadow) by そぼろ
Paper Plane Accessory Model by RJMMD Paper Airplane by RJMMD
Grass and Sky are by all respective people who provided those (Found in Google)
Fence is drawn by MMDAnimatio357
Poses by MMDAnimatio357
© 2015 - 2021 MMDAnimatio357
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Stage pleaseee???
MMDAnimatio357's avatar
Uh.. sorry.. I don't use a stage for this. I edited this picture in GIMP :')
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MMDAnimatio357's avatar
thank you for downloading!
Kitsu289's avatar
Annnnd my feels return ;w; 
KuronekoKatsuNya's avatar
A lovely desing for a sad saga...I love them
Orangeraccoon's avatar
Can you give me link to the simpleSoftShadow? I can´t find the download from anywhere ;; plz
Orangeraccoon's avatar
yeah, i got it c: thanks <3
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RJMMD's avatar
I never thought that something as simple as a paper plane would be as popular as it's proven to be xD

Nice job on the models btw, 
They look like a clean editing job which isn't as common as you'd think :D
MMDAnimatio357's avatar
Aha~ Thank you!
Me too, I never thought something as simple as paper plane would be popular.. but trust me, the novel's storyline is very interesting and made me shed my tears.

Thanks again~
I don't think it's uncommon. All the messy edits are made by newbie editors (which I did before XD) there are cleaner and more beautiful edits out there.
RJMMD's avatar
is it actually like a legit novel? (if so why have I never read it?)
I only figured out it's popularity after making it xD
To think I was thinking of attempting Origami instead.

(I try not to think of my first attempts at combining model parts and not simply recoloring/reshaping what was already on a model xD)
As the years have gone by I have seen fewer and fewer messy edits.

Honestly the way I see it, if you don't fail a good handful of times with anything MMD related you'll never learn what you did wrong in the first place nor how to avoid it the next time.

Animating in MMD
anything in PMDe
3D modeling
Making an utau voicebank
using Utau in and of itself
Texturing a model

All of it, you can't do without a few failed attempts.

Now do people need to see/know about said failures? It's not exactly required, you just have to make them to get better xD
MMDAnimatio357's avatar
Yep. There is~

True. Even a pro MMD modeller has ever failer alot of times. Failing helps us to gain more experience and knowledge :P. But at the same time. I wish I can just do everything perfectly because the glitches that I encounter... they're always the same and the one I can't solve...
RJMMD's avatar
What issues are they?
I've run into just about every issue I think at least once if not more than that.

(any I've not run into I've clearly not been messing with MMD stuff nearly enough)
RJMMD's avatar
Saying these are edits...
I'm gonna guess loose or incorrectly connected physics?
Loose are like physics that are found near the feet of a model but somehow maintain looking like a crushed version of the full body physics (most times, when they aren't cleaned)
and Incorrectly connected are like loose but they are the Dynamic ones (move on their own, used for hair, skirts and hanging objects in general) but they are connected to like the Iris, Foot, random arm bone, etc.

(Those are just the most common issues I've come across without doing my own physics from ground up)
MMDAnimatio357's avatar
Ah for me it's definitely the collision problem, skirt keeps getting through the legs. But this is not because of the grouping, because of rigid bodies itself.
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Thank you for downloading!
Aurion84's avatar
Can I take the second dress for my model?
MMDAnimatio357's avatar
which one cuz' I need to tell you the parts i use. and of course you can!
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