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.:Model DL:. LAT PD-Style Rolling Girl Miku

EDIT: There's no zip pass now!

Upgraded her to Ver3.0! I added some bones from the "SemiStandard" Plugin, Fixed Some Glitches and make her look MORE LIKE the PV.

NEW!!:See this model in action:…

Downloads :
Old Ver. (For those who can't support PMX file):…
New Ver. (PMX file):
Pass for DL: fish

Downloads so far :
Old Ver: 21 + 205 + 439 + 1649 = 1924
New Ver: 0
*NEW!: Module Pose is included.

Please comment when you download her!

This download includes 4 models:
-Lat式「Rolling Girl」ミクVer2.3N
-Lat式「Rolling Girl」ミクVer2.3OFF
-Lat式「Rolling Girl」ミク Ponytail Ver2.3N
-Lat式「Rolling Girl」ミクPonytail Ver2.3OFF

-Editing is allowed.
-Re-distributing is not allowed. Just link back if they want her.
-Re-distributing edited models is allowed (Except recolors).
-Do not claim it as your own.
-Commercial use without permission is prohibited.
-OPTIONAL: Show me your work when you use her .
-Credit MMDAnimatio357 and LAT everytime when you use her.

Hair, Skirt, Shirt, Shoes, Socks by LAT(ラト)
回転少女(Kaiten Shoujo)Module by Nanpo Kenkyuujou(南方研究所)
Jacket by LAT(ラト) and MMDAnimatio357
Ponytail Version Only: Ribbon and Hair by Ochame(sm12468538) and LAT(ラト)
Eyepatch by MMDFakewings18
Facials by SirKnightThomas, LAT(ラト) and MMDAnimatio357
Textures by LAT(ラト) and MMDAnimatio357
Leg Bandage by ReyUzuki and LAT(ラト), Edited by MMDAnimatio357 and Edited again by SirKnightThomas
Band Aids by MMDShyLamb486 and amiamy111 

Effect by Beaman (SimpleSoftShadow)

Special Thanks to Trackdancer for the model marketing tutorial~


Lat式初音ミクVer. Updates:

Ver2.3 (27th October 2013):
Distribution Begin

Ver3.0 (28th September 2014):
-Updated Clothes, Toons, Textures and Shortened Hair.
-Added Groove Bone, Dummy Bone, Waist Bone and "Thumb0" Bone
-Converted into PMX.
-Fixed Clipping of Ribbon in Ponytail Version.
-Added Pose Data.
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© 2013 - 2021 MMDAnimatio357
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Can we take parts? Sorry, the answer is probably no, but I just want to check! It's not clear to me. Lovely model!
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(that pass makes me want to eat sushi lol)
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thanks for downloading!
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Thanks for downloading!
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i love this model!
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thanks for downloading~
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thanks for downloading!
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You are welcome
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Thanks for downloading~
Downloaded, thanks a lot!
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Thanks for downloading! and you're welcome!
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Ahh... What is the password?
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it's in the readme
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The password deosn't work... I have download the old version. (and sorry if my English is bad... I'm French)
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