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MMD Tutorial Transparent everything

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Since Deviantart doesn't like the long version of the name "MMD Tutorial transparent stages and transparent models" and the original size.

Panel 1 - I followed both of the tutorials and it didn't 100% fix it.
"This part is a bit tricky but I will show you how to fix it."

Panel 2 - "First step upload the same stage."
But it didn't fix a thing. It just made the water bluer. 
"Don't worry its part of the tutorial."

Panel 3 - Now go to  the upper bar were it says "File(F)" "Bone(E)" ect. Now scroll to "Background(B)" Click that and go to "Model Draw Order(O)"

Panel 4 - Now click on the new stage that you have posted, and move that stage to the top.

Panel 5 - Well...Fixed my first problem but the body is missing.
"Yeah that will be fixed"

Panel 6 - You mush have downloaded and installed MME / MikuMikuEffect to get this to work. You can just DA search for a tutorial to find and install MME.

 Panel 7 - A new menu should pop up.

Panel 8 - Now click on the stage on top and hit "Subset-Extract"

Panel 9 - Now the layers of that model should appear go to the later with the transparent texture and un-check it.

Panel 10 - The only downside is that the transparent parts of the model will ignore the transparent parts of the stage. Like in this case the hair ignores the water.
But at least it doesn't ignore the whole stage.

-Warning before doing this make sure that the stage isn't high poly, since it may cause your MMD to slow down or even crash.-

Model - Ginshi
Stage - MMD Stage 26
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