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I been mostly "hiding" out in a friends discord.
Sharing art work, wips, game rips and helping each other out.
Even helping with making discord exclusive models with my friend jay
Phos hair Physics by Jay-Jay-Edits
phos is pretty much done! by Jay-Jay-Edits
{MMD} Diamond Anti Gravity by Jay-Jay-Edits (Ver.2 will be coming out soon since we kind of forgot some small details) 

Here's the link to the discord -

Now only way to get in is by reading the rules and contacting a admin, once you are in put your contacts in the deviants.
At the end of the month we do clear out people who haven't gotten in because they have failed to contact an admin about joining and those who haven't given any contact info.
But once your in feel free to chat to everyone, share your work and have a good time, just don't break any of the rules. 'v'b

Some examples of my art work  -
League of legends - Rakan and Xayah by SkullySamm Jinx - League of legends by SkullySamm Gaia online Gaia-tan by SkullySamm Gaia online Commission its mini - 8 by SkullySamm Gaia online Commission its mini -1 by SkullySamm DA:I Solas by SkullySamm DA:I Sera by SkullySamm


New rule -
I don't allow my converts to be used outside of MMD/MikuMikuDance or 3D Custom Girl/3DCG (if you want to convert it back to 3DCG???)
Which means don't convert the rips to XNALara, Custom Maid 3D 2/Custom Order Maid, ComiPo, Skyrim, Yandere Simulator, Unity, VRChat and so on.
They must stay in MMD/MikuMikuDance or 3D Custom Girl/3DCG.

This also means i'm not giving permission to anyone to convert the parts/stages, so even if you do ask me the answer will be no.


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MMD3DCGParts Featured By Owner Edited Jun 29, 2018
Updating the rules.
If you wish to comment on my page please reply to this post.

Q - Can I use this part/stage/whatever for a video/picture/model/ect?
A - Yes you are 100% allows but please credit TechArts3D / 3DCG, you can credit me as only the person that converted the part and crediting me isn't 100% needed.

Q - Do you take request / commissions / can I have this model?
A - Sorry but no.

Q - Am I allowed to edit?
A - Yes you are, just as long as you follow the rules.

Q - Can I convert the part/stages into another format other than .pmd .pmx?
A - No. 

Q - Am I allowed to use your parts for commissions or contest or a game or a anime?

A - No to commissions, game and anime.
Contest on the other hand are fine as long it's MMD only.

Also guys, this does include for pictures. So if you use a stage/part I converted and do a commission picture (this also counts for patreon/anything like patreon only pictures/videos) it isn't allowed.

Also using the part as a placeholder is again no if it's for a game or anything outside of MMD.

Q - Are you really MMDMiko/MMDMiki, and if so can you put up this part?
A - Yeah, I needed to take a break from a bunch of shit so I disappeared for...a year(?) and now i'm back and lazy as ever. Sorry but I don't have any parts from back then, the only thing I took with me is my weapon packs which are already up for download.

Q - Can I have the mod or heavy save?
A - Again sorry but no. 1 I deleted the mods once i'm done converting and 2 I can't make heavy saves even if I wanted to. Since I don't have the game for my own reasons.

Q - PMD or PMX format?
A - I try my best to keep it PMD format, if it's PMX I will say it's PMX.

Q - What is 3DCG?
A - 3DCG is short for 3D custom girl, it's a 3D dress up game that involves 18+ material.
They also made the programs to convert 3DCG to MMD.

Q - Do any of these parts you put up work in 3DCG?
A - No, all I do is convert 3DCG mods to MMD.

 Q - Wait if you don't have the game then why can you rip from it?
A - You see the people that made 3DCG made the program to convert to MMD. 

Q - You stole this from "Insert person here"
A - No I didn't steal the part from anyone. I just so happen to find the mod, which is free to get and easy to convert into .pmd format. So before you go off running around saying this is by "Person here" remind your self that anyone can convert from 3DCG and alot of mods are very easy to get. 

Q - Can you send me a link to download 3DCG?
A - Ah, No. I don't want to get myself or the person I gave the game to in trouble for giving a person a 18+ game, and the chance of giving a person a virus from downloading the game.. True story I got a virus from the game, nor do I have the game my self so I can't tell you how to install mods or make heavy saves.

Q - Can you tell me what I did wrong to my model and can you fix it for me?
A - Look for a tutorial here… it's were you can find most of your answers, and sorry but no I won't fix your model. It's better to learn from your mistakes and fixing them your self. Then just throwing your problems at someone else, no matter how many times you fail you will succeed one of these days, and become a better editor ever time
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