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Gameboy Original - MMD AND OBJ by Erdrpika
Cautery Sword (Dragon Quest) - MMD by Erdrpika
MMD AND OBJ - ZanGlass Sword (Donbrothers) by Erdrpika
MMD AND OBJ - Uzi (Weapon) by Erdrpika
Concert and Dance
Milk Bar [MMD] DL by JuleHyrule
Stage - Galactic War Arena by castymaat
[DL] MMD Ballroom Stage by Maddoktor2
MMD| QR STAGE (X) -DL- by Yoshi-Akira
PV Based Stages
[STAGE FLOOD] World is mine HQ stage by amiamy111
Stages Based on _______
[MMD] Roblox 2010 Starter Place + DL! by allyirenejean
Disgaea Demon Castle Stage MMD by liloupeach
Metric System Machine MMD DL Accessory by liloupeach
Dr Peach Medical Office MMD DL Stage by liloupeach
Towns and Cities
Westopolis STAGE MMD DL by dopo2012
[Dl] European Street - Stage for MMD by Clyriss
Clocktower Boss [MMD] DL by JuleHyrule
[MMD Stage DL] Kukuns Town by Cole207
The Environment
Spring of Courage [MMD] DL by JuleHyrule
[MMD] ADPP Sybox for RayMMD #1 [DOWNLOAD] by dendewa
Romani Ranch [MMD] DL by JuleHyrule
Mountain Village [MMD] DL by JuleHyrule
Forests and Woods
[ Stage ] Hut BGLW NightView  ( - Movie - ) by misodengaku
MMD Stage - Under The Moon by Sy-Jei-Vee
[DL]  Flowered Forest - Stage MMD by Clyriss
WIP 12-13-2018-05-48 by dendewa
Water Related Stages
MMD   Kraken Sub   DL by liloupeach
Dolphin Sub MMD DL by liloupeach
Boat Miku Expo 2020 MMD DL by liloupeach
Egypt Giza pyramids Stage MMD DL by liloupeach
Plains and Wastelands
Sunflower Field [MMD DL] by ketokeas
Tulip stage(bicoloured) by ketokeas
Tulip field stage [MMD DL] by ketokeas
MMD| Garden Stage [DL] by Yoshi-Akira
Caves and Mountains
The Docks [MMD] DL by JuleHyrule
Pathways and Hidden Areas
Yiga Clan Hideout [MMD] DL by JuleHyrule
Public and Private Services
Hotel: Stock Pot Inn [MMD] DL by JuleHyrule
Temples and Shrines
[KI:U MMD] Palutena's Temple (Boss Arena) {DL} by EilaKasai
Educational Buildings
[YS - (UPDATED)] Mega Stage pack [+DL] by ShoyuRamen
Shops Malls and Supermarkets
Pop/Stars Laundry Shop Stage [MMD] DL by JuleHyrule
Cafe and Restaurants
[MMD] Persona 5 - Beef Bowl Shop - DOWNLOAD by NanaCookie
Palaces and Castles
[KI:U MMD] Dark Lord Gaol's Castle Stages {DL} by EilaKasai
Houses and Apartments
MMD Stage - GTA IV Yusuf Amir Flat by Mr-Mecha-Man
Interiors Bedrooms
[3D] SciFi Crew Quarters stage DOWNLOAD by Riveda1972
Interiors Kitchens
MMD Kitchen dl by nekovampire95
Interiors Living Rooms
[MMD]NNB - Renchon's House (Livingroom) [DOWNLOAD] by SakuraMIZ
Interiors Bathrooms
[DL] MMD Japanese-style Toilet by Maddoktor2
Interiors Transport
[MMD XPS OBJ] Anubis Command Bridge DOWNLOAD by Riveda1972
Interiors Corridors and Landings
[MMD] Space Station Interiors - Stage Download by Riveda1972
Interiors - Castles and Palaces
MMD Palladio Stage Ver 1.0 by Trackdancer
Interiors Misc
MMD Stage - Cafe by Mr-Mecha-Man
Cells and Prisons
[MMD] KSM Interrogation Room by Riveda1972
Science and Laboratories
Observatory Ark MMD Download Stage by dopo2012
finalegg complete stage DL by dopo2012
Music Stage DL by SakuraSuzie
Science Fiction
[MMD] SciFi Buildings 03 Comm. Center - Stage DL by Riveda1972
Medieval and Fantasy
Tangled - Rapunzels Room DOWNLOAD by NanaCookie
[MMD] Bloodrayne 2 - Throneroom - DOWNLOAD by NanaCookie
Radical Train Stage Download by dopo2012
Magical Stages
MMD Stage 7 by MMD3DCGParts
Mythical and Mystical
Stage - Wall of Lametations by castymaat
Festival Stages
[Stage Flood JP Stages] Japanese Festival by amiamy111
Food Stages
MMD Stage - School Cafeteria by Mr-Mecha-Man
Miscellaneous stages
[ Stage ] GhSTDA by misodengaku
[MMD DL] Outer Space Skydome by Cole207
Props and Accessories
[MMD] Coffin (Poseable) - DOWNLOAD by NanaCookie
Swimming Pools and Spas
MMD Open Air bath by amiamy111
Time and Clocks
MMD Clockwork stages by mbarnesMMD
Sky Stages
[KI:U MMD] Temple Ruins Platforms stage {DL} by EilaKasai
Tavern and Bars
[DL] MMD Alleyway Stage by Maddoktor2
Holiday Themed Stages
MMD ROTTEN ROOTS stage by IgnisDraconi
Toybox Stages
MMD Kindergarten stage by amiamy111
Cute Stages
MMD | Cute Stage DL by Yoshi-Akira
Dojos and Training Stages
Guards' Chamber [MMD] DL by JuleHyrule
Mature Related Stuff

Mature Content

MMD Miku's Love Love Hotel Stage Set by Trackdancer
Stage wips
HOW TO | Sims Package to PMX by Yoshi-Akira


This collection does not have any deviations yet!


Welcome to MMD-Stages

Hello and welcome to MMD-Stages the place where you can find stages for MMD much more easily than having to sometimes crawl through unrelated deviations just to find a particular stage.

You are welcome to join at any time; you do not need to be a member to browse or use these stages.

If you have a suggestion for a folder then please feel free to request it and we will see what we can do. If there is a problem with folders then please report it to us so that we can fix it as soon as possible.

Please follow the submission guidelines when submitting stages to the group.

Thank you for visiting today. :)

Stage Used in our current icon is by: Danthrox

Submission Guidelines

> Only submit stages here. Skydomes and some props are acceptable here.


> Submit to the right folders. You can view a detailed list of what should go in each folder here.

> If you are unsure of where your stage should go, submit it to sorting and I will place it into the right folder for you.

> Make sure that there is a working download before you submit it.

> Please make sure that the stage is the main part of the download and preview image. Models may be posed on the stage, but may not be included as part of the main download.

> There is currently NO submission limit. Just don't go nuts and if you do go least make sure the stages are in the right places ^^; .

> Submissions are *CURRENTLY* automatically approved.

Folder Details

Please click here to see Information for Folders e.g. what you can submit to folder A, B, M and G ect.

Although when I am done setting things up, you should just be able to click a folder and find out about it from its side bar :) .
Welcome new members and watchers of the group! We hope that this group is of use to you and will continue to be. Don’t forget if you have any suggestions for the group then please do not hesitate to tell us!

I added some more folders to the gallery! If there are any problems with permission issues then please do not hesitate to tell me :)

If you also are unsure of which folder your stage belongs in then feel free to ask. I won't bite. :) (I also won't bit if you submit the stage wrong, just say something and I'll fix it :D )

> Cute Stages
> Toybox Stages*
> Holiday Themed Stages
> Magical Stages

*Toybox Stages are stages that have to do with Children’s play areas and other cute stages like that. I didn’t want to call them “Child Themed Stages” because it sounds a bit weird… D: So Toybox stages it is.

I will update the Journal Entry which outlines all the folders….though it might be easier to submit it as a deviation to featured for easier access.  

Also, do not worry if you see a stage you submitted go into another folder as well as the one it is currently in – some stages can fit into two or more folders/categories , so don’t think that you submitted to the wrong folder or anything; it’s me being OTT organisational.  

Remember there is no submission limit in place, so you can submit as many stages as you want, just do it moderately (so don't submit a 100 stages at once x'D) .

Anyway, that’s all for today!

We hope that you enjoy the rest of the week!
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A MMD Group that focuses on stages to make your life easier when looking for the perfect stage for your video or picture.
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