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I've been an admin in this group for a few years, but I'm leaving it today :crying:.

Why? Because I'm tired of some people (and you will know who you are) purposely submitting wherever they want, instead of bothering to read the folders description to learn where their work should go.

I know, everyone makes a mistake sometimes, but really? Do you take me for a fool? Do you think that after ten or more times having to relocate your art I haven't yet memorized who you are? Well, then you are sorrily mistaken (again). The problem here is that you're not a single person, and I certainly don't want to ban a bunch of you all together because after all, this group doesn't belong to me.

So, here it is. A goodbye. My best wishes for :iconconstantlybuzzing: and :iconshironyanko: from now on.
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Gummi-Candy Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2019
Sorry for the trouble, but I accidentally uploaded my picture to featured, and I don't know how to withdraw it ^^;  Do you think one of you guys can remove it so I can submit it to the correct folder? Thanks. 
leontinees Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2019
Don't worry, I already took care of it and relocated. It's in "Artworks" folder now :D
Gummi-Candy Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2019
Thank you ^^ 
CosmicRay25 Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for accepting me~
leontinees Featured By Owner May 20, 2018
You are welcome, both senses! :D
WolfenMallows Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If there's anyone alive here who could help me with putting together my  OC model that could note me, I'd really appreciate it!!
My laptop's been lagging too much for me to do anything recently.
leontinees Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017
We are pretty much alive here! :D However, your request would be better in the "Help" folder, my friend.
Cartoondude135 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016
Why can't I edit certain models? Like, what don't I understand about that part here?

And............ yes. There are hardly or no MMD models of things I just came across bran new to me or the DL Link got shut down/closed ages ago for 1 reason or another. All the Rinto and Lenka models I found are not as attractive as I thought, so I decided to make my own "Project Diva F-style" Rinto and Lenka. Because different models have different "themes". Such as PDAFT, PD, PDF, TDA, etc. All I have to do is delete Lens's hair and add Rin's short hair for Rinto and put on Lens hair with a custom ponytail (…) to get Lenka. Plus, MapleStory 2 is still yet to be released. So by editing the eye color, hairstyle, etc, it will help keep my mind off the game. 

So, what is bad about changing the model's colors or changing it's physical appearance? Like, there are many other people that distribute the exact same model. So they won't be able to tell the difference on who owns this particular model. Heres an example:… and… look exactly the same, so nobody will be able to tell the difference on who they downloaded it from. MMD will be my own personal "Teenage-style" MapleStory 2 as the PDF Rin and Len models can be made into just about any character with the correct editing skills. Also, looking at the characters playing in my MMD, the gender ratio is out of balance. There are more females than males, so I decided to make my own MMD versions of my MapleStory Male character classes I currently have. Plus, who wants to see a "humanized" version of Conker the Squirrel and Berri the Chipmunk? Ooh ooh! Or how bout a human Sly Cooper or a human Carmelita Fox?… and…. is another example of the same model from 2 different distributors. Or I could just rip the models from the games myself, rig them, and then export them as a .pmd or .pmx file for MMD. Or I could make my own 3d gun model from scratch and texture it exactly like one I've seen somewhere online or in a game. And yes, I'm still a bit of a noob at making humanoid models from scratch as one half of the body is a mirror of the other half. So I have to make a 3d version of a character with what I already have thats readily available for a quick edit here and there.

I'm also looking for Haine Lin and Ren models, but none of them are appealing enough. So by changing the clothing color, eye color, and hair color, I'll get a "Project Diva F-style" Haine Lin and Ren. Here's another example:….,……, So the only way I'll find a model good enough, is to change the eye, hair, and clothing color of what I already have available. Search up "Project Diva Haine Lin Ren" on google images and you should find the pics of the edited Rin and Len models. 

Plus, who wants to see a "Future Style" Haine Lin? Or any "Project Diva F-style" fanloid in this case?
leontinees Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2016
Please, refer your problem with a deviation in our help folder. Most likely somebody will be able to answer you there :D
Cartoondude135 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016
How do I copy the facials/morphs from this Rin model… and paste them into this Len model…? I have Pmx Editor and this model is missing some of those facials displayed on this Rin model.
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