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S-z by MMD-Nay-PMD

Please do not credit me for these motions, they are not mine. When you go to download there will be a name (for most) of the uploader, please credit them :) (Smile)

Also, you may notice that I do not answer some comments straight away, this is because I am searching for the motion data. I keep the message to remind me what I am looking for.

Am looking for some help gathering motion data that I do not have on the list! Please, if you come across any I do not have feel free to post links to the original download (or an alternative if you cannot find it). Even better if you could note me the links in the format that I have in the list~ That way I can simply copy and paste it in <3

If you do not see what you are looking for, leave a comment and I will see what I can find.

I'll be your huckleberry! = DEAD LINK/NO MOTION

To search index: CTRL+F and type name













Here are a list of frequently asked questions~ Please read before you comment as this may answer your question.

:bulletred: Help! I cannot find this motion data!
:bulletgreen: Hi! Please leave a comment with what you are trying to find and I will see what I can do.

:bulletred: I cannot find the Wav to....
:bulletgreen: If there is not a link next to the name of the motion, then try looking here: Link If you still cannot find it, please leave a comment.

:bulletred: You used my video! Please take it down! >o<
:bulletgreen: Ah! Sorry! I tend to use videos with low views to help them out, but if you don't want my to use yours then please comment and I will take it down straight away!

:bulletred: My motion data is corrupted / My motion data will not load! It comes up with an error!
:bulletgreen: To fix this simply rename the motion (It will most likely look like: âèâéâô.vmd) file into English. If that still does not help, you may need to rename the folder it is in also.

:bulletred: The file is missing the camera data! >.<
:bulletgreen:Try here: Link but if you are still stuck, comment on which camera data and I will try and find it.

:bulletred: Why do you pick the videos you have as the preview?
:bulletgreen: I try and pick videos that have low watches, with good quality and with all the parts credited in the description <3 This gets their videos more viewers and gets more people known.

:bulletred: My MMD/MMM keeps freezing and then not responding when I load the .......... motion! >0<
:bulletgreen: Don't worry! Some motions will do this, it is normal. If MMD freezes when you load a motion DO NOT TOUCH IT! It could make it crash. After a few seconds or even a minute MMD will start working normally again. This happens as there is a lot on the motion for MMD to process. If it stops responding, still try to wait a little while to see if it will load and respond again. If you get an error appear and then a crash, you may need to find another motion :(

:bulletred:I really need a Wav file now and cannot wait! What should I do?
:bulletgreen:Go to YouTube and find the song you want, copy the URL and paste it here: Link. Press convert, it will turn into a MP3. Download the MP3 then upload it here: Link and select convert to wav. Download that... done! :)

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Hello, Do you have the motion for simple dimple?