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Yo, what happened to the home page? It's been ages since I was last here and DA has been going downhill for a long while now, but seeing this is actually sad. Kinda looks like DA removed all traces of their old website template, and the group lost its Super Group status a second time now 😔


i just noticed the change too. I don't like how it looks now. it looks like a normal user profile. i guess i'll have to adjust

nothing happened to the group this is all DA

like seriously

its all DA

Is there a way to suggest removing models from this group? I just found an item that isn't available for download any more and since this is mostly a download based group I was curious

i know there are quite a few parts like that but there are so many if you find any, send me the deviation so i can

Okay, thanks! These are the two I know off the top of my head one in bases, the other in glasses

[DL] Heart Drip Sunglasses
[DL DOWN] MMD VRoid face edit 1
I have a question about the rules, and noticed there was no reply. has it been ammended that do you accept poses now? because there are premium poses under the premium section of the gallery.