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Hello, Hello, one and all, It is I, CelestCSilvari, and I have come out of the corner long enough for a couple of things.
First: I'm sorry for not posting this journal a lot sooner, like A LOT sooner, but those who watch me know why.
Second: I made a new folder. This folder is called Model Parts - RIPS(name subject to change). This folder is for you to share parts that are game rips. however these parts cannot be used for the MOTM and MOTQM contest.
The Winner of the MOTQM for April to June of 2023 is:
with their amazing entry:
.mmd x disney - `Chernabog` | MOTQM
you will receive a message from me asking what you want to be made
The Next Theme(and im sorry you dont have a lot of time on this) is:

Evil Characters as Good Characters/Good Characters as Evil Characters

Good luck everyone!
again sorry for the less time
it was supposed to start in july
but because of me, you have only a month and a half.
this is is for July to September
reminder the winner of MOTQM
gets their entry put in featured and an accessory or prop made by me(CelestCSilvari).
The theme for MOTM is:


reminder for motm winner is just your entry gets put into featured.
Also we have socials:
Helpful journals
Also please remember this is an mmd only group and also please submit to the right folders. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
also i will be asking for themes every poll
space invaders
Space Plants
movie/show character
Dress up games
Themed kemonomimi(EX: Scary or sad or of a specific kind like cat or mouse)
Sweet/precious characters
mascot/fairy type of creatures(magical girl stuff)
retro anime
mary sue
food mascots
Current Anime Season(i dont know anything about what animes are out now)
Character based on masterpiece art (for ex. model based on art "Young woman with unicorn" by Raphael); Planets; Humanization of folklore monsters
flash game memories
defunked stuff (games, doll lines, ect)
arg or lost media
past decade(can be expanded to a certain time period)
my culture/pride
REMINDER: THIS IS AN ALL MMD BASED GROUP THANK YOU NEW MEMBERS but please understand this is an MMD based group that goes without saying DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR ARTWORK TO THE GROUP if its non MMD related, please and thank you. also do not advertise your non mmd artwork in the comments section of the group thank you. Also i made a new folder for Journals that are important(and not necessarily tutorial based) please keep in mind that if i feel its not important it wont be accepted one rule about this: it has to be MMD related it some way if its not you journal wont be considered.
Also you know who you are whose comment i had to hide
if you make a part that is an edit of someone elses part read their rules and if they say dont redistribute the part unless its on a finished model DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE THAT EDIT! It is not a finished model, ask for permission first. also do not submit anything to the group unless it is a part/prop or a model pertaining to the current motm/motqm theme. Also this goes for everyone please submit to the right folders please, if you are unsure on where a part goes please do not hesitate to ask.
More Journal Entries

Countdown to Countdown till MotM Submission Ends!

Countdown ended
Thursday, August 31st @ 8:59pm

The poll will be up soon, good luck!


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Is there a way to suggest removing models from this group? I just found an item that isn't available for download any more and since this is mostly a download based group I was curious
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dynosuar Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2023
I have a question about the rules, and noticed there was no reply. has it been ammended that do you accept poses now? because there are premium poses under the premium section of the gallery.  
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