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Welcome to MMD-Madness!

Group rules:

Do not submit to the "featured" folder. If you feel as if your image does not fit it to any of the categories, submit it to the "miscellaneous photos" folder.

And an updated rules list (as of July 2017):

:bulletblue: We now allow game rips! The only requirements are that you're crediting properly, following original rules, and putting them in the right folder. We now have a folder specifically for game rip downloads.

:bulletblack: Please do not submit NSFW art to this group. That includes fetish art.

:bulletblue: If you're submitting model downloads, please don't submit recolors/retextures. The only exceptions to this are parody characters (such as Kagami Kawaiine or other recognizable Annoyloids) and recognizable Shion brothers (such as Akaito, Zeito, Taito, Nigaito, etc.)

:bulletblack: Please, no drama. This includes calling out tumblr blogs, whining about other users, telling people to go rip on someone, and screencaps of your conversation with someone else.

:bulletblue: Don't submit downloads with monetization links (i.e. Adfly). Unless you made it yourself, monetized items are not allowed.

:bulletblack: If you need help with anything, please note me directly (trashloid) so I can see it faster and can help you right away.

:bulletblue: Please put things in the correct folders.

:bulletblack: If you'd like to request a new folder, please leave a comment and a brief description of what the folder is for.

:bulletblue: Journal submissions are not allowed. Literature submissions are also not permitted.

:bulletblack: All posts need to have proper credits provided, especially downloads. There are no exceptions to this. You must credit effects and stages/accessories aswell.

:bulletblue: Please do not submit ship art in which one character is a minor and one character is an adult, regardless of the theme or context. If it's a difference like a 17-year-old with an 18-year-old, that's fine, but please don't submit ship art of vast age gaps if one or more character(s) isn't of legal age.

submissions are usually accepted each saturday.




If you are new, please refer to this journal before submitting:…

So, school's made me kind of busy lately, and I've decided that as of now, I'm deleting submission requests made to the "featured" folder, and featured will now be used for pictures of outstanding quality. If you have a question as to where something goes, please reply here or ask me about it. I have a folder called "Miscellaneous Photos" to where you can submit if you feel like your image doesn't fit in to any other photo. Please use your brain if possible.

I am not looking for new mods.

On the topic of crediting, please, please, please include full credits, this includes if you use effects. Don't just put "MME" in your description. This also goes for stages and accessories.

Your picture will no longer be accepted if you do not include proper credits.

Thank you for reading.
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AyuNaka Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2016
thanks for letting me in xD
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xAnimeCookie Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I totally forgot about your game rip rule, I'm really sorry ;A;
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