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- 25 Years of Pokegirls -

Full title: 25 Years of Pokegirls! (sans Rosa and the inferior Johto protag)"
Okay so you're probably saying 
"Luna, where's Rosa? I thought you really liked her!"
Right after I added in Selene, I realized I hadn't added Rosa. I really wanted to add Rosa, but there really wasn't enough room for another character aside from Gloria. I genuinely feel bad about not including Rosa, as she's one of my favorite player character designs ever (and she's also my icon at the time of posting this). You may also notice that Kris isn't here. She wasn't included for the same reasons as Rosa, except I chose from the beginning not to include her in favor of Lyra, as in this house we appreciate Lyra. Kris is cool, but we can't beat Lyra's epic hat. Also Lyra's outfit is kind of like Mario's and I LOVE Mario games.

So yeah
this was originally just me testing out Serena's model, and then I decided that it'd be fun to make a pic starring (almost) all the female protagonists! The only ones not in this pic are Rosa and Kris, and again I'm sad about Rosa 'cause I love her, but Hilda represents Gen 5 a bit more because she was the OG protagonist. I'll make something with Rosa, I promise. I love her okay.

I love using the Masters models. They're really fun to use, and it's great seeing all my favorites from the older games in 3D! Just waiting for Lucas,
And yes, I plan on making a render with all the male protagonists, though since Lucas isn't in Masters yet I can't make it just yet. Once he's in, I'll make it. Victor isn't in the game, either, but I could use his SWSH model instead.

rip my core membership, as without it I can't include image thumbnails in descriptions. Only links... why the heck are thumbnails a core only feature though??? Only being able to use links is so,,, ugly??? whose idea was this? I mean, subfolders I can kind of understand being core only (and even then they really should be free for groups) but image thumbnails? We can have thumbnails in journals and comments without core, so why not in image descriptions?

Rant aside, credits time:

All models are from Pokemon Masters, and were rigged by :iconmikumikuknight:, and were ripped and converted by :iconnew3dssuchti:

Effects are:

on DeviantArt:

DropShadow Hearts, by me, original by BeamMan…
Fireflies Advanced Spectrum, by Chestnutscoop, original by beamman and was also edited by ZaziTheAngel…


Adjuster by Elle…
g_rimlight and g_edgelight by Goseki
Fixed Hair Lighting and HAToon by MFakane…
o_vignette by o_tamon
WorkingFloorX by Harigane…

background drawn by me
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I have to say, this was very well done:+fav:. I have collected these girls too, and I must say that if I had to choose my favs, from l-r it would be as follows: Selene, Serena, Hilda, Dawn, and May.

Judging by the lineup, these are the game protagonists, if my memory serves me.

Selene (Moon)

Serena (X and Y)

Hilda (Black and White)

Dawn (Diamond Peral and Platinum)

May (Emerald Ruby Sapphire Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire)

Hope I got those right, as they are my favs.

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i respect your opinion, but Kris best girl... not to mention she's the reason all the other pokegirls exist, because Green (Blue) was cut from gen 1.
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Yeah, that’s fair! I like Kris, I just prefer Lyra due to personal reasons. I think Lyra’s design is cuter than Kris’, and I typically prefer cuter designs. Not that Kris has a bad design, it’s just not what I’m into.