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Hi everyone, recently I had to get a new hard drive and lost all of my old MMD files, including my copy of PMD editor that I had for years. Since it seems people generally say PMX is better I figured I would just stick with that one, even if it's a bit awkward for me right now.
Anyway what I'm trying to do is to select multiple bones in the transform view (I want to bring the feet together) since when you move a bone in transform view it moves everything attached to it which is handy. I'm using box select right now but whenever I highlight another bone it will only select the newest bone (if that makes sense). If it's not possible for me to select more than one bone in this view, is there a way for me to see precisely how much I am moving or rotating a bone or object in PMX Transform view (and PMX itself if that's possible) like how you can see how something is moved or rotated in MMD itself.
If anyone has any advise or needs clarification please comment. Thanks!
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tetsuwanatom Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2022
There is someone who can help fixing a mmd model?
luzmarca23 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Hi, ¿can anyone help me to pass a model from sfm to mmd? pleaseSweating a little... 
She-Is-bulimic Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2021
Hi there! I am running a raffle with my friends and I was wondering if any of you are interested in entering? Have a nice day! :)
So far we have no entries so there is a high chance you will win ❤️- Brad…
SCP-2979ALT Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi so I have a question that may or may not make me sound like a maniac. Is there a way to remove the arms from a model in a way that makes the final product look rather natural/the stumps where the arms were aren't just a mess of vertices? I've been thinking about how cool a vigilante character without arms would be, along with a different character that isn't human at all but neither of them would have arms. I haven't seen any tutorials or examples of models like this, but I was curious if anyone could give me tips. I don't have any model type in mind right now, so if anyone has a "one size fits all" sort of tutorial that would be really appreciated!
friedfish2 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2021
Model issue by friedfish2  
Hello, this is the issue I've been having with all of my models whenever I load in raycast :( I recently tried to figure out how to use toon shader, but I ended up breaking something and now I'm stuck with this. I tried deleting raycast and reinstalling it, but that didn't work. I tried deleting one of the models and reinstalling that as well, but still nothing. I have main.fx on this model, and ray.x is loaded into accessory manipulation. Anyone know how to fix this?
arieljerseyjr24 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2021
I really need help with my problem. I just want to add chest physics on the model I have downloaded on niconicojp. The work I have done so far isn't working properly. The chest is just morphing and twitching.
L0llipopKitty Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2021
Hey! Could you please give me more information and give screenshots? I'd love to help you if I can!
arieljerseyjr24 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2021
I already solved it but thanks for replying.
BlueAquaWaters Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2021
I don't need help with a model, I need help finding some clothes. I asked this on another mmd area, but I doubt it will be answered. I'm looking for some Sherlock Holmes clothes. Not the BBC one. The classic one. If there aren't any, then could someone direct me to a tutorial on how to make clothes and hats?
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