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[MMD] Vaenjoldyo by Junairo
Gokuraku Jodo + Video prev by Freya-Vhal
[MikuMikuDance|MMD] Asuka [Honkai Impact 3rd] by AngelinaSchmidt
Flying in Wyndon by MMD-kyu
Models DL Females
League of Legends Default Skin Diana by Yaratuvchi
League of Legends:Wild Rift Arcade Miss Fortune by Yaratuvchi
[MMD] Orianna WildRift -DOWNLOAD- by Jerememez
(MMD Model) Pyran (Swimsuit) Download by SAB64
Models DL Males
Cally3D - The full ass Tricky Mod Pack (+MMD DL) by DiMickFoxed65
MMD Choji Shippuden + DL by NaraShadows
Chopper (Kimono) MMD DL by Adun175
Sanji (Kimono) MMD DL by Adun175
Models DL Mixed
[MMD] Phasmophobia Ghosts and Truck -- DL by MrWhitefolks
[MMD] Geth Model Pack Download by Glitch--Gamer
||DIGIMON REBIRTH SERIES||| - Tankdramon DL by GuilTronPrime
(MMD Model) Kenshiro Download by SAB64
DL Bases and Nude models
[MMD] Code Vein Male Base Update Reupload by just-jeanne
[MMD] Code Vein Female Base Update Reupload by just-jeanne

Mature Content

MMD Base Bikini NJXA 2nd DL by Spartan-743
Female base by CrystalGlacies v1.1 by CrystalGlacies
RAW Models DL
Bob and Bobby 3D Models Download by VEXIKKU
Battle Stages DL
[MMD] Phasmophobia PS1 Styled -- DL by MrWhitefolks
[HI3] MMD: Dark lord's castle by VelionaVollerei
[MMD] Shinobi City Stage Download by Desperative
MMD Stage Brandenburg Gate Berlin by DonDeloro
DL Stage Accessories
Warehouse 3D Stage pack by Daiger1975
Genshin impact qiuqiuren mmd by horanzu01
MMD Pumpkin Kaiden Stage v1.00 by artimiss1238
[MMD] Persona 5 Crowd Props -- DL by MrWhitefolks
DL Combat Accessories
MMD Resident Evil 8 - Wolfsbane Magnum -DOWNLOAD- by Mr-Mecha-Man
MMD Areadbhar (Download) by IkaMusumeFan06
[MMD] ACNH Arcade Cabinet -- DL by MrWhitefolks
Battle Vehicles DL
[MMD]- Xg-1 [DL] by jsdf1015
[MMD]- Dreadnought-class heavy cruiser [DL] by jsdf1015
Fortnite - ATK (Golf Cart) by DonDeloro
IVECO Stralis by DonDeloro
DL Battle Outfits
[MMD] Stealth Mask for C6V3 (Download) by Riveda1972
Models DL Monsters and animals
(MMD Model) Zam Download by SAB64
DL Non-Combat accessories
[MMD] Phasmophobia Equipment -- DL by MrWhitefolks
Motion Data DL

Mature Content

MMD Head Stomp 1 [Motion DL] by Hotaru7MMD
Pose Data DL

Mature Content

MMD Pose Trample 2 [DL] by Hotaru7MMD
DL SelfMade parts
in honor of me getting Diluc here's some hair by MissAbb
Various resources DL
Art of War
Cynthia and Yang by UnknownDevil999
Art of Hand-to-Hand

Mature Content

[WF2020] F I V E - S T A R by MrWhitefolks
Art of Portraits
Mitsuki Torikawa by RaikuHoshigami
Art of OTHER...
LOL : Team Charm by ShoulderRideLife
Dura lex sed lex
MMD and BLENDER Resources
Helcurt - Shadowbringer[DL] by PrasBlacker
Battlestage Comicx
DoA : Giant Powerbomb by ShoulderRideLife
WIPS MMD Battlestage
Aura test 4 Freeza by ultimate44
DL FNAF themed Downloads
DL SCI-FI themed Downloads
MMD Godzilla - Jet Jaguar Singular Point +DL+ by MMDCharizard
Explicitly R18 Artworks
Reina de corazones by jaimerosales
MMD Battlestage logo by Greatgroot











Group Info

This group is focused on using MMD to produce fights/battle/action related artworks. MMD is a free amatorial animation/posing 3D software ( ). We mostly share useful downloadable contents (models, stages, accessories, motion data and so on) but also finished artworks. This is not an "all purposes" MMD group.

:bulletgreen: Submit MMD contents (DLCs, artworks, resources, tutorials, etc) only!
:bulletgreen: Submits MUST concern fights/combat/battles/action in MMD
:bulletgreen: Post artworks and DLCs in the proper folders
:bulletyellow: Password sharing: allowed under conditions (see README)
:bulletyellow: 3rd party's links: allowed under conditions (see README)
:bulletyellow: R18/NSFW contents: : allowed under conditions (see README)
:bulletred: DLCs for a fee (including DA points) are forbidden
:bulletred: "url shrinkers" links can be removed (see README)

Have fun and action with MMD! :D
Founded 5 Years ago
Feb 18, 2016


Group Focus
Resources & Tutorials

Media Type
Digital Media

3,494 Members
3,633 Watchers
888,918 Pageviews

Rules & Infos: READ ME FIRST!

This group has been founded to collect and share DownLoadable Contents (DLCs) and artworks, made for use in MMD or made using MMD/MMM, dealing with fights, combat, battles, action, sport and so on.
Our main goal is to share how MMD (and MMM too, if used as alternate program) can be used to make pictures and animations having fights (or action in general) as focus.
Artworks and DLCs hosted and submitted here should deal with these purposes.

This is not an "all purposes" group, where to post any kind of MMD artworks and downloadable contents.
We use some flexibility while deciding on the submitted contents, but as a general rule, don't submit here artworks and/or DLCs having really nothing to deal with the group's focus.

The Prime Directive: PLEASE, NO DRAMA
Keep your dramas, raging rants and insults out of here. MMD is supposed to be fun. Keep civil, pleasant and polite behaviors. Criticisms and discussions are welcome. Drama/rants/insults are forbidden. Users confusing "discussion" and "insulting people" can be banned without previous warnings.
Also rants, attacks and attacks directed against specific users or "blacklists" will be removed immediately. We do not host private wars, nor crusades against specific users (i.e. what can be defined as a form of cyberbullying).

:bulletblue: Artworks MUST be made using MMD or MMD contents
:bulletblue: DLCs MUST be in valid MMD formats (.pmx, .pmd, .x)
:bulletblue: Tutorials MUST concern MMD related matters
:bulletblue: Submits MUST concern fights/combat/action in any form
:bulletblue: You MUST submit stuffs in the proper folders
:bulletblue: The Featured folder is managed by admins
:bulletblue: Be sure you have given proper credits to copyright owners
:bulletgreen: Bowlroll/NicoNico third party's links: allowed
:bulletgreen: Game "rips" are OK since distributed under fair use terms
:bulletyellow: Password sharing: allowed under conditions (see below)
:bulletyellow: Explicit/R18 contents: allowed only in the dedicated folder
:bulletyellow: S&M/fetish/Femdom/etc artworks MUST be posted in the explicit/R18 folder
:bulletred: The group won't host any rant/attack/blacklist against specific users
:bulletred: "url shrinkers" links can be removed if pointing on porn/malware/ad-invasive sites
:bulletred: DLCs distributed for a fee are not allowed
:bulletred: DLCs distributed with password protection are not allowed
:bulletred: DLCs distributed "locked" (corrupted PMX format) are not allowed
:bulletred: Private downloads (ex. "note me for DL") are not allowed

One of our goals is to help people finding useful contents, regardless of where they come from.
You can post here also 3rd party's artworks and DLCs (typically published on Bowlroll or NicoNico, but not only) respecting 3 conditions:
1) You're not reuploading the DLC without authorization
2) You MUST clearly credit the original authors
3) Don't use AD-based url shrinkers to share the links ( is ok)

Password sharing is allowed under precise conditions:
1) The password must have been clearly hinted or printed, so that you are just helping people to save time
2) The author must have not explicitly prohibited the password reprint
Example of a "valid" password sharing: "The password is the number of the image sample". You can publish the number, as guessing it is just a matter of looking at a URL address and get a number.
Example of an "invalid" password sharing: "The password is the birthday of this anime character". You CANNOT publish the answer, as guessing it is a matter to match the author's favourite anime, as the author probably wanted the DLC is downloaded by that anime's fans only. What you could do is eventually helping people to find the answer.
The difference is quite simple, but in case you have doubts, ASK before submitting here a shared password

The very first condition you MUST respect is crediting any author's work you have used.
Credits are needed not only in order to thank the work made by the original author, but also because they are a formal acknowledgement about the intellectual property of the authors, unless the work has been released under CC-Zero (Public domain) license. Also in this case, crediting and linking back the original work is a good idea, to help other MMD users in finding contents of their interest.

All galleries marked as "DL" (DL = download) are for downloadable contents. We just share freely downloadable contents. No place, here, for contents distributed for a fee, using Patreon's accounts to force people paying, or DLC published under the request of a private note before download.
DLCs must be posted in the proper gallery, by topic, not in the first gallery you find listed when you click on "submit artwork". Admins normally approve submits even if they have been sumitted in the wrong gallery, then move them to the proper one, BUT please don't force us to work twice a lot of times. Insisting in wrong submissions will cause we reject your submissions.

All galleries marked as "ART OF [something]" are for pictures and videos. Post your artworks here, respecting the gallery focus. Insisting in wrong submissions will cause we reject your posts. "Art of other" gallery is a multipurpose gallery, but still artworks submitted here MUST concern the group's focus (i.e. this is not a free place where to submit romance pictures with Meiko hugging Kaito); also, "Art of other" gallery is not the place where to submit R18 and/or fetish/S&M/femdom works.

Actually "ripped" is not the right word. The right word should be "extracted and converted". Since this kind of DLCs are distributed for free (including no url shrinkers ad-campaigns), under the Fair Use specifications and with proper credits given, they are allowed.
Consider, however, that not all countries allow "fair use" shared contents, so BE CAREFUL when sharing this kind of contents.
Same rules and suggestions apply to models/parts/stages converted from any other format by third party's contents.

Fight is Fight. Not domination, not loop-ballbusting and even more, not a S&M voluntary submission fantasy game or consensual practice. You can publish here artworks and contents having S&M/femdom/fetish "atmospheres" and feelings, but keep in mind the group's focus. This kind of artworks should however deal with any kind of combat/fight. Rape related pictures and/or videos are absolutely forbidden: Keep that shit out of here, please.

Going deeper...
We'll publish deeper considerations about the previous matters and issues using the group's journal.
We don't require that all your submissions are unique. We allow you to post multiple images about the same subject or similar subjects, and I don't want to add another (the umpteenth) rule about this: I'd prefer you use your common sense and you don't submit floods of the same subject portrayed under 10 different camera angles, or 10 pictures of substantially identical subjects. For example, if you have a fetish about bananas, no problem, it's your own business and we won't judge you for that. You can even post your bananas here, until your pictures are someway related to action, combat, sports, and so on (and MMD, of course).
But please don't flood the group with 10 pictures-a-day of your favorite fruit. At least leave a few days to pass, before posting again another banana.
Please just use your common sense, I don't want to add a specific rule to preserve our members and watchers from floods of repetitive artworks, but I'll do it, if forced to.
As clearly explained in the rules this is not an "all purpose" MMD group. We have a folder, the "Art of Other" one, where you can post images and videos that aren't specifically related to any other existing topic with its own dedicated folder. But still artworks should at least concern action, sports, if not explicitly combat/fighting. As said we have a broad tolerance for that gallery, but this doesn't turn the "Art of other" folder into a kind of trashcan where to submit any damn off-topic sh*t. If you haven't read them before, please read the submission guidelines and make sure you've understood the topic of this group
Thanks a lot for your cooperation :D
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