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MMBN Chrono X

This totals about 4-6 hours of playtime. Yes, the first two chapters. Enjoy!…

MegaMan Battle Network Chrono X is a freeware fan-game by MegaDudes Productions that aims to replicate the experience of Battle Network to perfection to deliver a theoretical Battle Network "7". The story will continue from the adventures of Lan and will connect in some way to the Distant Finale as seen in Battle Network 6. It is currently the most progressive Battle Network fan-game on the Internet. This project started in 2009 and has made enormous amounts of progress since.

Group Info

This is the official DA group of the MMBN Chrono X fangame!
Get involved in the project! Spread the word about us on your favorite sites!
Show support with viri/chips ideas as well as with fanarts!
Link to website:
4th demo's release video:
4th demo's old trailer:
Facebook Fanpage:…
Official YT Channel:

This game is not affiliated with Capcom in any way.
All non-original Mega Man Battle Network / Rockman EXE materials including but not limited to characters,
images, music, ideas and specific expressions thereof are (c) Capcom Co., Ltd.
The usage of such materials in this game is transformative, for noncommercial purposes only,
and will not have a significant effect upon the market for or value of the materials,
and is thus exempted from liability under the Fair Use Doctrine.
This game is distributed as is, with no express or implied warranties or guarantees.
2009-2013: Game created by MD(MegaDudes) Productions.
If you want to upload LP (Let's Play) video of this game, ask MaxRock or any other person from the MD (MegaDudes) Team for permission.
This game is 100% FREE! We are making it only for fun, NOT for money!!
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Jul 7, 2010


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Hiya~ MaxRock's here.
I still can't believe our little V5 trailer got over 80,000 views...and it's still growing! That's the kind of attention we were hoping to get, and it makes us even more excited to deliver our game.

Our testers were very helpful in telling us of small improvements we could make, but we didn't get to make every tweak that we wanted. I'll explain our future plans in a second, but if you can't wait anymore...

=====MMBN Chrono X DEMO 5.0.0========
Download Link

If you have any questions on setting up the multiplayer, please read the enclosed guide. If you want to submit a bug, you can use our Discord or our Forum, but please try to give a lot of details about it so I can address it~

So now, when first build of Demo 5 landed, what's next? Well, let me tell you about...

Demo 5.1, it's planned features and Android Verion port of 5.0.x!

-We want to add something similar to Online Matchmaking in 5.1 to help streamline the connection process. Our biggest advantage is not needing Hamachi, and we want to fully exploit that.

-Official Chrono X tournaments is something you can expect, as well. Perhaps you'll even get chip rewards from the devs? Time will tell.

-A very vocal group has asked us to implement a "Cut-in" feature for PvP called TFC, where you can interrupt a person's dimming chip with your own. Implementing it before 5.0 would have taken quite the time,  so it was pushed into 5.1~

-Chip Balancing! We wanted to redo quite a few of our old BattleChips now that the Chip Library has been mostly ironed out. Chips like HydroPump, BackStrike, MaelStorm and Hangar will be getting very interesting changes for 5.1

-General System Tweaks,  if you notice some small things are smoother in 5.1, that's why~

-More HelpBBS quests. We need to add about 7 more, which didn't make the cut, unfortunately. They have good rewards, so maybe it'll change the meta just slightly enough to keep it interesting.

-RiffMan SP! He'll be in 5.1 after I add the Records menu I didn't have time with all the other things I had to do for 5.0 release, haha

-Quick Me.M.E.N.T.O. will be getting a nice buff! Quick Me.M.E.N.T.O. was made in the old days when we didn't have much, so it's current state isn't as powerful as we would like.

-Better drops! There are a lot more chips to get, but we'll be improving the Green Mystery Datas a little bit more in this well as some super rare items.

-Demo 5.1 will come after I have had a nice little vacation. Perhaps in Fall, perhaps in late Summer. There are a lot of little changes we wanted to do that aren't stated here, but they're minor enough that they'll add up to a much better experience~

Android Version:

Android Version will be coming after you all had some fun with Windows's 5.0.x. There are still few design decisions we need to set in stone before we release it.
Keep your eyes on our social medias in the next month or two for a date it's being released~

Well, that's all for today! Have fun playing!!~

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DMANxTHExSAVAGE Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Anyone know whats going on with Higure san he hasnt been on da it a longtime im worried
Kari-MaxRock Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Not really, haven't heard anything from him since december 2017 :(
He prolly got busy with real-life stuff.
DMANxTHExSAVAGE Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
K i just figured id ask you guys 
mega100 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 30, 2018
Do you guys planning to putting  a female villan type like  raven  Pirate man and crash man that follows pixel into the game
ick25 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 23, 2018
Hi, I just watched your demo video on Youtube, and I wanted to tell you that you did a very amazing job, its like seeing a real BN game.

But I have to be honest, I am not liking the designs for the viruses and all the new characters, both Navis and people. They just seem more fitting in the Megaman Star Force Universe than Battle Network, and even though both games are related, remember that both games are set years apart from eachother so the fashion styles (and some designs) are diferent. And some of the Navis dont really feel like Navis.

I know youre all proud of your work, but as a BN fan I thought I should let you know. It is a fangame afterall and I respect that. 
Kari-MaxRock Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, the game is still in a WIP stage, so the designs are a subject to change, haha. Saying that, we are always in need of spriters/artists, so any help in that field would be welcomed~
Cloe-Luana-Luna Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I watched the video on youtube. It looks like it will be a very interesting gamewhen it's done. :happybounce: 
JaneValentine007 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I saw the video of this thing you guys were working on, and I didn't even know this was happening! It's awesome! 

I'll make fanarts for ya, all of you are super amazing!

(Off-topic, but I still wanna say this. Hehe. Maybe in the far future... we have hope for a REAL and awesome crossover of SF and BN. I never even heard of that Operation Shooting Star, I was very disappointed once I looked into it...)
Kari-MaxRock Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, glad you like our work so far!~ Thanks for you support, fanarts are always welcome ! ; u ;
JaneValentine007 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Phew, my AP Classes has been loving to kick my butt lately... Anyways!! Where do I submit my fan Navis? I would love to submit my fan Navi concept arts and even my OCs so you guys get to use them or even take some inspiration from them! Anything to help! ^w^
Some fan Navis like this....

(and if some names are the same as others, that was just a coincidence, after all, I did just give them names I thought of on the top of my head..) MotorMan (MegaMan Battle Network) Concept Navi! by JaneValentine007   1514765695658 by JaneValentine007   
Here's two up there, feel free to see some more of them on my own profile, or, in the folders of this group if I submit them! ^w^
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